How to Add Social Media Accounts on Your Studiorific Dashboard
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How to Add Social Media Accounts on Your Studiorific Dashboard

As a digital marketer, you have to manage multiple social media accounts and schedule posts on numerous networks. This means keeping several tabs open on your browser and remembering different usernames and passwords. Not to mention that you have to memorize the workflow of each platform for scheduling posts on social media on it.

As a result, the work of social media marketers can get not only messy but frankly overwhelming… unless they have access to the right management tools.

The social media scheduler available on Studiorific is one of those must-have tools which automates, facilitates, and accelerates the day-to-day activities of digital marketers related to posting on social media. This leaves them with all the time and energy which they need to focus on optimizing their social media strategy rather than spending hours on scheduling posts every single day.

Most importantly, Studiorific allows you post to several different social media accounts on various networks and schedule posts on them from a single platform.

In this article we will show you how to add social media accounts to your dashboard.

Log Into Your Social Media Accounts

To assure that you are able to connect your social media profiles to your Studiorific account, you need to be signed into them. This will make the process of adding your accounts seamless, quick, and efficient.

Go to Your Account Manager

The second step which a user should take in order to start adding social media accounts is to visit his/her Account Manager after logging into our platform. The Account Manager tab is located in the left-hand side menu.

Choose a Network

The next step is choosing the platform for which you want to add an account. On Studiorific, you can connect accounts from the following social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. For Facebook, you can add a Facebook profile, a Facebook page, or a Facebook account.

Before we show you how to add your social media accounts on each one of these network to your Studiorific dashboard. I’s important to highlight that you can add and use multiple accounts on several platforms on your dashboard. The exact number of accounts which you can connect depends on your subscription plan. Following is the precise breakdown:

  • Basic plan: You can connect up to 12 social media accounts to your Studiorific profile.
  • Standard plan: You can connect up to 30 social media accounts to your Studiorific profile.
  • Premium plan: You can connect up to 77 social media accounts to your Studiorific profile.

To check out the other differences between these three plans, click here.

Adding your accounts on different social media networks to Studiorific is relatively similar, but there are some small differences. That’s why we’ll have a look at each one separately.

1. How to Add Facebook Accounts

We’ll start with Facebook as this is by far the largest and most popular social media website, with the largest number of users. In Q1 2020 Facebook had over 2.6 billion active monthly users. This means that scheduling social media posts on Facebook can give your business exposure to about a third of the world population.

In order to connect your Facebook page account, click on the “Add Facebook page” button. Continue with the Facebook account into which you are already signed, or log into another account. Your pages should already be listed, but if that’s not the case, you can search for them. Select the ones you want to connect to your dashboard from the list. As soon as you have selected all accounts that you want to connect, click on “Add profile”. Once you’ve seen the “Success” message, you will be taken to your Account Manager. You can see your accounts in the Facebook pages tab.

To add a Facebook group to Studiorific, you first have to go to your group on Facebook and choose Edit Page Settings. Click on Add Apps and find Studiorific. Click on Add. Then go to your Studiorific Account manager page. Click on “Add Facebook group”, after which you can search for the groups that you are a member of if they are not already displayed and select which ones to add. Then click on “Add profile” and wait for the “Success” message. Your accounts are displayed in the Facebook groups tab on the Account Manager page.

2. How to Add Instagram Accounts

If your social media strategy includes visual content such as images and videos, you should definitely make use of the opportunities which Instagram offers to digital marketers. Connecting your personal or business Instagram social media accounts to Studiorific follows basically the same sequence as adding your Facebook accounts.

From the Account Manager page, click on the “Add Instagram profile” button. On the new page, enter your Instagram username as well as your Instagram password. For security reasons, you might be sent a 6-digit verification code to the phone number or email address which you have associated with your Instagram account. Once you enter this code into the relevant field, you will receive a “Success” message and be taken to your Account Manager. You will now be able to see your newly connected Instagram accounts in the Instagram profile tab.

3. How to Add Twitter Accounts

Scheduling social media posts on Twitter is yet another crucially important component of a comprehensive social media marketing strategy. Here is how you can connect your Twitter accounts to your Studiorific dashboard.

The first step is to click on the “Add Twitter profile” button on your Account Manager page. You will be redirected to a page where you need to enter your Twitter username or email and password. Once you’ve entered this information, click on “Authorize app”. This will take you back to your Studiorific account, where you can select which Twitter account(s) you want added. After that, just click on “Add profile”. After the “Success” message, you will be automatically taken to your Account Manager page, where the new account will be available in the Twitter profiles tab.

4. How to Add YouTube Accounts

With more than 2 billion active monthly users, YouTube is the absolute leader among video sharing platforms. If you create video content for your digital marketing strategy, you have to post it on YouTube to maximize outreach and optimize lead generation. Following are the steps you need to take in order to connect your YouTube channel(s) to the Studiorific platform.

From the Account Manager page, click on the “Add YouTube channel” option. You will be taken to a page where you need to choose which email account your YouTube channel is associated with. On the next page you can choose a personal or business YouTube social media account to add to your dashboard. After allowing Studiorific to access your YouTube account, you will be taken back to our platform where you can select the YouTube channel(s) to be added to your account. Click on “Add profile”. As soon as you see the “Success” message, you will be taken to your Account Manager and be able to see the recently added YouTube social media accounts in the YouTube profiles tab.

If you have never used a social media scheduler tool in your digital marketing experience, be ready for your world to be revolutionized. Once you have connected your social media accounts to your Studiorific dashboard, you can schedule posts on a few of them simultaneously ahead of time.

No need for managing multiple browser tabs and remembering numerous usernames and passwords.

It is important to mention that the profiles which you connect to your Studiorific account are not set in stone. You can always go back to the Account Manager page to delete social media accounts or add new ones.

To turn scheduling posts into no more than 10-20 minutes of work per day, add your social media accounts to your Studiorific Account Manager now and start sharing your digital content right away.

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