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9 Best Social Media Automation Tools for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Digital Marketers

Social media automation is the leading trend in this competitive industry as all professionals strive towards innovation and efficiency. While many websites claim to be an all-in-one social media management platform, Studiorific features all tools which entrepreneurs, small business owners, and digital marketers need to fully automate their social media marketing processes.

Here’s a list of the 9 best social media automation tools which you should use to get yourself and your brand ahead of the competition – and remain there.

#1: Social Media Scheduler

The first and foremost tool in the arsenal of every modern social media marketer is the social media scheduler. This tool automates scheduling posts on social media by bringing all must-have networks under the same roof.

Studiorific Social offers a social media scheduler with which you can schedule posts on different accounts on multiple networks at the same time.

Best Social Media Automation Tools: Social Media Scheduler
Social Media Scheduler

We cover the best social media sites with the largest and most diverse audiences including:

  • Facebook business pages and Facebook groups (where you have admin access)
  • Instagram personal accounts and Instagram business accounts
  • Twitter accounts
  • Tumblr blogs
  • Reddit profiles
  • LinkedIn personal profiles and LinkedIn business profiles
  • YouTube channels

With the social media manager tool available on our all-inclusive social media management software, you can schedule posts comprised of media files (photos and/or videos), links, and plain text.

Moreover, you can schedule social media posts for a few days, weeks, or even months in advance, all at once, which allows you to streamline your social media processes across different platforms.

Furthermore, the opportunity for scheduling posts on social media channels beforehand allows you to catch the best time to post for your target audiences without having to stay online throughout the day.

To get started with Studiorific Social, you can read:

#2: Social Media Post Previewer

The Studiorific social media scheduler comes together with another important tool for social media marketing optimization. Namely, the social media post previewer.

After you have prepared your post, you can preview it right from the social media scheduler tool page to see how exactly it will look on all social media platforms where you plan to publish it.

This means that you will never risk publishing floppy posts which is a key requirement for building trust within your target audience and generating qualified leads.

#3: Social Media Reposter

Yet another tool critical for social media automation which is built within the scheduler is the social media reposter.

Every time when you schedule a post on one or more social media accounts, you can choose whether you want your post to be published just once or to be reposted a few times.

Best Social Media Automation Tools: Social Media Auto Reposter
Social Media Auto Reposter

If you’d like to repost your evergreen content or posts promoting your recently released product, all you have to do is to choose the frequency with which you want to repost it and the final date for doing this.

Our social media manager will take care of the rest, regardless of whether you want your content automatically reposted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, or any combination of these social media networks.

#4: RSS Feed Reader and Poster

High-level of social media marketing automation is not feasible if you continue to plan and prepare every single post which gets published on your accounts.

Sharing content from RSS feeds, on the other hand, brings automation within the social media marketing industry to a whole new level.

Best Social Media Automation Tools: RSS Feed Reader and Auto Poster
RSS Feed Reader and Auto Poster

On Studiorific Social, you can set up an RSS feed from your own blog or from any other website which enables this feature. Our RSS feed reader and auto poster will pull the newly published content from your selected sources and post it on your social media accounts with the settings chosen by you.

In this way you will manage to automate not only the sharing of content created by your own team but also content from other authoritative sources in the field.

#5: Social Media Schedule

No list of the best social media automation tools is complete without a good calendar.

The social media schedule available on Studiorific Social allows you to access an easy-to-read visualization of your scheduled posts, published posts, and failed posts. The latter are accompanied by an explanation of the reason for the failure as well as an explanation of how to fix the problem.

The social media calendar is the most straightforward way to get a visualization of your marketing strategy across different channels. This helps you rest assured that you are sharing the right amount of content, at the right networks, and at the time best to post on social media. It also helps you make sure that the topics and formats of your social media posts are well-diversified while covering all the main aspects of your business.

#6: Watermark Tool

Branding is an important process in social media marketing. Your future customers need to know your company and your brand before they decide to purchase your product or service.

However, branding each piece of social media content manually is a tedious process which takes too much of your precious time as an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a digital marketer.

That’s why we at Studiorific Social have developed a tool which allows social media automation with regards to this particular aspect as well.

The Watermark tool available on our all-in-one social media management tools allows you to automate the adding of your brand’s logo on all photos and images scheduled through Studiorific.

All you need to do is to set up a universal logo for all your social media accounts or a different logo for each account. Our social media automation tools will take care of the rest and assure that your logo gets added to every single post.

#7: Image Editor

When talking about automating social media marketing, every little aspect helps.

With the tools available on Studiorific Social, you can edit image files right on our platform with the built-in image editor.

You can crop, flip, and rotate images as well as change their color schemes to fit the requirements and best practices of the social media platforms where you are posting them.

There’s no need to edit the photo offline and reupload it to our File Manager again.

#8: Infographics Maker

Infographics are an important part of any digital marketing strategy in general and social media strategy in specific.

Infographics constitute an efficient way to deliver a large amount of data and information in an organized, easy-to-comprehend manner. That’s why so many entrepreneurs, small businesses, and digital marketers choose to use them regularly.

Best Social Media Automation Tools: Infographics Maker
Infographics Maker

We at Studiorific Social understand this, so we’ve added an infographics maker to our social media automation tools.

In this way, you can easily create and edit infographics right from our one-stop social media management website.

#9: Caption Tool

The 9th of the best social media automation tools available on the Studiorific Social platform is the Caption tool.

This feature allows you to automate the recycling of frequently used social media captions.

You can save captions that you use regularly, including hashtags. Then you can just add them to your new social media posts with a few clicks of the mouse.

If you’d like to give our social media management tools a try, sign up now for just $15/month.

These are the 9 best social media automation tools which you can find on Studiorific Social. Our tools help you completely streamline your social media marketing processes across all must-have platforms.

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