When Is the Best Time to Post on Social Media?
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When Is the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

The success of a social media strategy is determined by two main factors: 1) the quality of the content and 2) the time of posting. Many social media marketers, influencers, and business owners focus on the former, while completely forgetting about the latter. They spend all their energy on creating the perfect social media post which they end up scheduling at the worst time possible. To prevent you from making a similar mistake, we’ve put together this guide on the best time to post on social media.

When Is the Best Time to Post on Social Media Platforms?

That’s the million-dollar question in social media marketing, right?

Well, there’s an obvious answer: When your target social media users are most active on their accounts.

This includes both the day of the week and the time of the day. Moreover, factors such as seasonality and holidays should also be taken into consideration.

However, this straightforward response is quite useless as it doesn’t tell you the exact best time to post on social media networks. Moreover, it is misleading as the optimal time depends on numerous factors.

First and foremost, the best time for scheduling posts on social media depends on the goal of your strategy. In other words, what exactly are you trying to achieve with your digital marketing strategy? To reach out to new potential customers? To get their engagement on social media platforms? To bring leads to your website? To get users to register for a free account? To have them buy your product? None of the above? All of the above?

Each social media channel has different metrics to measure the success of each of these marketing goals. Google Analytics also tracks many other indicators to help you evaluate the success of your digital marketing efforts. Here are some of the most popular social media metrics you should be taking into consideration to find the perfect time for social media posts scheduling:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Clicks
  • Engagement: reactions, likes, shares, comments, etc.
  • CTR
  • Sessions on your website
  • Registration rate on your website
  • E-commerce rate on your website

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So, the first step to figuring out the best time to post on social media is to decide what you want to achieve with your strategy: inform users about your product, boost social media engagement, or convert leads into customers right away.

Some Unexpected Truths about the Optimal Time for Scheduling Social Media Posts

Now that we’ve clarified what we mean by the best time for social media posts, let’s take a look at some truths and facts which might come as a surprise. Actually, the perfect time might be counterintuitive to what many social media marketers believe to know.

Here are a few important facts about the ideal time for scheduling posts on social media:

1. Varies from One Platform to Another

The first rule of social media marketing is that each network is its own species and should be treated separately from all others. This refers to the best time for user engagement too. There are thousands of studies conducted by a myriad of social media marketing agencies which search for the answer to this crucially important question. While they mostly fail to come to agreeing responses, they all conclude that each social media platform has its own best time for scheduling. The reason for this reality is that different social media sites attract different types of users because of their nature and functionalities.

In other words, the best time to post on Instagram is different from the best time to post on Facebook which is not the same as the best time to post on Twitter, and so on and so forth.

2. Differs by Target Group

Yet another fact about the best time to post on social media is that it depends on your target audience. Are you trying to get the attention of business owners and other professionals? Or are you looking for engagement from moms and dads?

This is mostly determined by the type of product or service which your company sells. Naturally, if your product enhances business productivity and performance, you want to reach out to people during working hours on weekdays. If you offer entertainment products and hobbies, then you should aim to catch users’ attention at night and over the weekend.

Although this sounds intuitive, you might be surprised how many digital marketers try to find the ultimate time for scheduling social media posts across all platforms, for all users, for all products and services.

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3. Changes by Type of Content

What kind of content you share with your social media users also affects the ideal time to get their attention. Once again, the content type and format – lengthy blog posts, short tweets, nice images, fact-stuffed infographics, funny animated GIFs, or tutorial videos – is determined by the nature of your business and the purpose of your social media strategy. With regards to timing, while it might be smart to post quick facts during business hours, long videos might be best left for the evening when your target users are out of work.

4. Depends on the Goal

As mentioned above, what you are trying to achieve with your social media strategy also plays an important role in finding out the best time to post on social media. While users on your social media accounts might be more willing to like and comment during business hours, they might be more prone to buy in the evening. So, when deciding on the right time for scheduling posts, you need to take this factor into consideration too.

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How to Find Out the Best Time for Scheduling Posts on Social Media

Determining the optimal time to schedule social media posts requires a few different steps and components.

1. Do Research

Before you start creating your social media marketing strategy, you should conduct a lot of online research on various topics including the best time to post on different social media platforms. Make sure to focus your efforts on established, trustworthy sources with a solid reputation in the industry, such as Neil Patel, for example. Although the times that work for most companies might not be ideal for you, it is still a good start, based on analytics and evidence.

2. Analyze Your Audience

Your social media schedule should be customized for the nature of your business and product and the needs and interests of your target audience. Take into consideration who your main target customers are and study their specific social media behavior. Are these people most likely to be active during the weekdays or over the weekend? Do they have more free time for social media during the day or at night?

3. Study Social Media Insights

All social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, and YouTube provide business account owners with analytical tools to track and analyze the performance of posts. Although the available data is not always broken down by time of the day, it can give beginner social media marketers a good idea of the days of the week when their potential customers engage the most with posts. This would be a great start to figuring out the best time for posting on each social media site.

4. Test and Track

Last but not least, there’s nothing wrong with trial and error in social media marketing. If you are just getting into the field, it is best to put together a simple social media strategy without wasting too much time on research and analysis. Find out the basics such as your target audience, what type of content you want to create and publish, and what could be the best days to get the attention of your users. Then start scheduling posts on social media and tracking their performance. As a matter of fact, this is truly the only way to find out the best time to post on social media for your specific users, content, and networks. As soon as you see what works and what doesn’t, make the necessary adjustments. Test and track again until you find when you should be posting on social media for maximum engagement and return.

Unfortunately there isn’t just one day and hour that is the best time to post on social media. You have to find out what works best for your business and users, but that’s part of the fun of being a social media marketer. Meanwhile, make sure to have all the social media management tools which you need to schedule posts and track their performance. Sign up for Studiorific Social now for access to our social media scheduler and social media calendar.

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