Studiorific Manager - Find Out What Our Business Management Software Can Do for You
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Studiorific Manager: Find Out What Our Business Management Software Can Do for You

With the new reality slowly taking place, more and more entrepreneurs and small business owners are looking for creative ways to run their business from home, in a time- and cost-efficient manner. Creating a paperless office has turned into a must-have component of any adapting business which wants to optimize its efficiency and get ahead of the competition in the digital era.

If you are looking for a top business management software platform which can meet all the administrative needs of your company, you’ve come to the right place. Studiorific Manager offers a one-stop business management solution for any company, regardless of the industry, the size, and the location.

In this article we will show you all the amazing things that you can do – quickly and easily – with the Studiorific Manager tools.

In brief, here is a list of what you can achieve with our comprehensive business management software platform:

  • Project management
  • Human resource management
  • Customer management
  • Product management
  • Financial management
  • Communication management
  • Report management

Project Management Software

The backbone of business process management (BPM) is having your projects well-defined, carefully planned and prepared, and precisely executed. The ultimate goal of any company is to complete its projects with the quality expected from customers and within the set deadlines in order to achieve high customer satisfaction, which – in turn – leads to repeat business.

To get to that level, you have to set yourself and your team up for success. The first step is to plan projects according to the specific needs and requirements of your clients. The second step is to break projects down into manageable tasks which get assigned to the most qualified staff members.

This is something that you can do with Studiorific Manager. In the Work section of our business management software, you can enter your ongoing and upcoming projects including all imperative details such as the client, the team members responsible for this particular project, the deadline, and the current status. Afterwards, you can dynamically organize your projects into tasks with a specified level of priority as well as specific deadlines that you assign to full-time employees or freelancers before starting to track progress. The Task Board and the Task Calendar offer you a visual representation of the work that your team is currently doing to assure that you always complete not only small tasks but also big projects on time, ahead of the deadline agreed upon with clients.

Business Management Software: Project Management
Studiorific Manager: Task Board

Human Resources Management Information System

One of the most important elements of a successful business is its human resources. However, simply hiring the most qualified experts and the most experienced professionals does not suffice to stay ahead of the competition. Organizing your HR based on skills, roles, designations, and departments and assigning projects and tasks to the most relevant team is equally important. That’s where the HR management tools available on the Studiorific Manager platform come into play.

In the HR section of our business management software, you can add all your full-time employees as well as contractors, organize them into departments, allocate them roles (admin vs. employee), and designate them projects and tasks. For each of your team members, you can track progress on the allocated tasks as well as employee attendance and the hours logged.

That’s not even all that Studiorific Manager can do for your enterprise with regards to human resource management. In addition, you can receive requests for sick or annual leaves from your team so that you are always aware of attendance. With the best business management platform out there, you don’t need a separate HR management system to be in charge of your team.

Customer Management Software

A third crucially important factor for the success of your business is how well you organize and manage your users and customers. That’s why Studiorific Manager incorporates customer management tools. With our business management software, you can take care of both client management and lead management from a single platform.

With a few clicks of a button, you can add all your clients with the most significant information about them such as their name, company, contact information, status (active vs. inactive), and of course current projects. You can also store financial information about your clients, like their VAT number, invoices, and payments. Having all this information at your fingertips at all times will assure that you are always able to design new projects with the needs of your clients in mind and meet their expectations. Knowing your customers well and building solid relationships with them determines whether they will come back to you next time or look elsewhere.

Our customer management software helps you not only retain existing customers but also turn leads into customers. Similarly, you can add your leads with all relevant information about them and assign lead agents from your team. You can keep track of when you have to follow up with leads and send them proposals. Streamlining your lead management processes is a must for enhancing your conversion rate and growing your business at an unprecedented pace.

Business Management Software - Customer Management
Studiorific Manager: Leads

Furthermore, as part of our customer relationship management (CRM) platform, you can create tickets for issues raised by clients and assign them to agents. You can easily organize tickets by type (question, problem, incident, or feature request), priority (low, medium, high, or urgent), channel (email, phone, Twitter, or Facebook), and status (open, pending, resolved, or closed). Acknowledging any issues with your product or service, assuring clients that you are working on meeting their needs, and actually resolving tickets in a timely manner is the key to high customer satisfaction and positive brand building.

Product Management Tools

Another major component of the best business management software which Studiorific Manager features is product management. With the help of our tools, you can add all the products and services which your company sells in a single platform. Each product comes with a name, a price, a description, and a tax.

After all, each respectful company should keep an up-to-date inventory of its products for the convenience of its customers.

Financial Management and Accounting Software

Needless to say, keeping your finances in order – financial resources both coming in and going out – is the only way to assure that you end each month with positive cash flow. We at Studiorific Manager know how important tracking revenue and expenses is for any business, regardless of its size, so our business management tools incorporate a financial management software as well.

As soon as you start working on a new project, you can calculate estimates of the expected cost and share it with your client. During project implementation, you can create time log invoices and send them to the relevant customer. Similarly, you can add payments per project. Meanwhile, you can input all your project-related expenses. Our accounting management software tools make it easy to keep track of money going in and out of your account to ensure high profitability month after month.

Business Management Software - Financial Management
Studiorific Manager: Invoices

Communication Management Platform

Communication is a multifaceted process in business management. To run an efficient and profitable business, you have to be in constant contact with your human resources (managers, administration, and employees) as well as with your clients and leads. Effective communication management is the link connecting project management, HR management, customer management, and financial management into comprehensive business management and administration.

With the tools available on the Studiorific Manager platform, the communication processes among all business parties has been streamlined and automated. For example, your clients get automatic notifications every time when you send them an invoice just like you get a notification when an employee requests a leave.

Meanwhile, the Notice Board is a tool which we have built to take care of the vast majority of other communication which you need to carry on with your employees and customers. You can send notices to your entire team or to a certain department to update them on a project or tell them about an upcoming holiday, for instance. In the same way, you can notify your clients of exciting changes in your company or that you will be closed on a certain date.

Last but not least, the Messages section of the Studiorific business management software functions like a live chat where you can send instant messages to employees and customers as well as to receive messages from them.

Business Management Software - Communication Management
Studiorific Manager: Messages

Report Management

Getting your projects done on time and with the expected level of quality is half the work in business management. The other half is properly reporting your endeavors. With Studiorific Manager, you can quickly and easily generate reports on tasks, time logs, finances, and income vs. expenses. The boring task of reporting has never been so easy to handle. With a few clicks of a button, you can have clear visualizations of the progress you’ve achieved towards completing tasks and projects, how many hours you and your team have worked, how much earnings you’ve collected, and where your cash flow stands.

Business Management Software - Report Management
Studiorific Manager: Task Report

Reporting automation is an indispensable part of business management optimization to grow your business – and profit – in a sustainable manner.

We at Studiorific Manager have the required business management experience to know what every entrepreneur and company owner needs to run an efficient and effective business. We’ve put our practical experience into action to create the ultimate business management software which helps you streamline all business processes from a single platform at an affordable price.

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