Studiorific Campaign - What Our Email Marketing Software Can Do for Your Business
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Studiorific Campaign: What Our Email Marketing Software Can Do for Your Business

Email marketing is an indispensable part of the digital marketing strategy of any business, regardless of how small or big it is. Email campaigns provide enterprise with the opportunity to both retain their current customers and convert leads into new customers. However, sending the same messages to multiple contacts day after day can turn into a complete waste of time which you could use more productively elsewhere. The way to avoid this unnecessary waste of your precious time as an entrepreneur or digital marketer is to automate email marketing. To this end, we are offering you the best email marketing software which gathers under one roof all the tools and features that you need to grow your business at an unprecedented pace: Studiorific Campaign.

In this article we will take a look at the aspects of email marketing which you can fully automate with the help of Studiorific Campaign as well as provide you with tips on how to optimize your experience with our email marketing software platform.

Create and Schedule an Email Marketing Campaign

The first and foremost thing that you want to be able to do with any email marketing tools is to prepare professionally looking campaigns which get sent to numerous contacts at the optimal time for the highest engagement from contacts. That’s something that Studiorific Campaign has made particularly easy and trouble-free even if you have no previous experience in this type of digital marketing.

With our email marketing software you can set up an entire campaign from start to finish within just a few minutes. The first step is to decide whether you want to send out a regular email with HTML email content such as images or links or a plain text email. The next step is to choose the list or segment of contacts to whom you want to send the email marketing campaign. You can either use an existing list or segment or create a new one explicitly for the purposes of this campaign.

The third step is to add a name for your campaign (that only you will be able to see to differentiate this email campaign from others) and a subject line for your email. Some other basic information that you have to fill in includes the name from which you want to send the email (which should be something that your target audience will easily recognize) as well as the send from and reply to email addresses (which can be the same or different).

During the setup of your campaign on the Studiriofic Campaign email marketing software, you need to decide if you want to track email opens and link clicks, if you want to add a DKIM signature (which will make the email look as if coming from your own domain rather than from a hosting application), and if you want to use a custom domain tracking (which will override all links in your email as if coming from your own domain).

Email Marketing Software Templates
Studiorific Campaign: Email Marketing Templates

The next step in creating a campaign on our email marketing platform is to set up the email template. You can build a  template from one of the available layouts, customize one of the ready templates, or upload a new template that you have from another source in ZIP format. If you go for creating a new custom template, you can choose one of the multiple layouts (1 column, 1:2 column, 1:2:1 column, 1:3 column, 1:3:1 column, 1:3:2 column, 2 column, 2:1 column, 2:1:1 column, or 3:1:3 column). Once you’ve chosen the layout, you can proceed with designing your email template with our Pro Builder or Classic Builder. You will have at your disposal all the possible content blocks that you might want to include in a top-performing email marketing campaign such as a header, text, images, videos, dividers, buttons, a footer, and others. You can easily drag and drop as well as rearrange the content blocks to create the best template to highlight your products or services to your customers and leads. 

With Studiorific Campaign, you can send an attachment with your email to hundreds or even thousands of contacts without the need to upload the attached documents with each individual email. That’s just one of the benefits of email marketing automation.

Once you have the email template ready, you get to set up the date and time when you want your campaign to be sent out to your contacts. On our email marketing software platform you can schedule campaigns ahead of time without the need to be online 24/7 to catch the best time for reaching out to your customers or leads around the globe.

The final step in creating an email marketing campaign is to review all the information that you have entered and send a test email to yourself as well as your team to make sure that everything looks fine and all links are working properly. Before doing that, you can preview the email template to see how it will look on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. It’s important to highlight that our tools provide a responsive design for your email marketing templates to assure that they look equally well and professionally on all types of devices regardless of the size and the operating system.

And in 7 easy steps you have created your first campaign on Studiorific Campaign. After all, you expect nothing less from the top email marketing automation platform on the market and the best Mailchimp alternative.

To start creating and sending email campaigns in an effortless manner, sign up for a free trial of Studiorific Campaign now.

Set Up an Email Marketing Automation

Creating and scheduling one-time email campaigns is crucially important for announcing promotional campaigns, marking holidays, and honoring other special events. However, this is not enough to grow your business in a sustainable manner.

Automating recurring email campaigns is equally important for your email marketing strategy. Some of the most popular examples of email marketing automation include welcome campaigns, onboarding campaigns, subscription renewal emails, and payment reminder emails. Instead of having to manually send out an email to each new customer to say how excited you are to have him/her on board and to explain to him/her how to use your product or service, you can quickly and easily set up automated emails just once and have them be sent each time a specific trigger is set out.

Email Marketing Software Automations
Studiorific Campaign: Email Marketing Automation

To create an email marketing automation on Studiorific Campaign, you need a trigger, which is simply an event or condition that causes the automation to start. Some of the most widely used triggers include a new contact joining a list, a contact leaving a list, a contact’s birthday, a specific date, a particular day of the week, or a preset date of the month.

The next step in setting up an automation on our email marketing software is to choose what you want to happen after a trigger is activated. You can either wait for a certain amount of time or send an email right away. You can also add further conditions such as whether a contact has read a previous email or has clicked on a link in a previous campaign. You can add as many steps to your automation as you need in order to reach its goal, whether it’s to onboard a customer or to convert a lead.

Collect and Organize Contacts for Your Email Marketing Strategy

One thing that you definitely need for the success of your email marketing efforts is to have an audience to which to send your emails. After all, your email marketing statistics will be only as good as your contacts are relevant.

Studiorific Campaign helps you grow your email audience like never before. You can use embedded sign-up forms or your own hosted sign-up forms to collect email addresses as well as any other necessary information from your website visitors. Through the easy integration with our platform, your email lists will start getting populated with contacts who are genuinely interested in learning more about your business and your products or services.

Email Marketing Software Lists
Studiorific Campaign: Email Marketing Contact Lists

Importantly, you can organize your contacts into as many lists and segments as needed in order to have the exact audiences to which to want to send your various email marketing campaigns.

The Studiorific Campaign email marketing software has made collecting and organizing your contacts easier than ever before, and that’s just one of the reasons why we are the top HubSpot competitor on the market.

Authenticate the User Experience

Your customers are well aware of the multiple email marketing tools out there which help business owners and digital marketers facilitate their work. After all, chances are these are tools which they themselves use in their work. That’s why customers appreciate it when businesses take the extra effort required to make their email look as authentic and genuine as possible.

Email Marketing Software Sending Domain
Studiorific Campaign: Email Marketing Sending Domain

We at Studiorific Campaign appreciate this reality, so we’ve built features which allow you to send email campaigns looking as if coming from your own domain and not from a hosting application. Through a very simple integration with the help of DKIM and SPF technologies you can digitally sign and verify your emails to provide the ultimate user experience.

Similarly, you can use a custom domain tracking which means that all links included in your email campaigns will be overridden to look like they were sent from your domain.

The combined effect is that your campaigns sent through our email marketing software will pass spam checks, look authentic, and track link clicks.

Track Email Marketing Statistics

Just like any other aspect of running a business, email marketing has to be based on solid and reliable data and analytics rather than on guesswork. The Studiorific Campaign email marketing tools provide you with all the numbers and statistics that you need in order to evaluate which aspects of your strategy are working best and which worst and how to optimize the performance of your current and future campaigns.

Email Marketing Software Statistics
Studiorific Campaign: Email Marketing Statistics

You can track opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and other significant email marketing statistics for each individual campaign as well as across your entire strategy. The data will be presented to you in numerical forms in addition to in easy-to-read visualizations.

These are the various aspects of email marketing which you can optimize and automate with Studiorific Campaign. What matters is that automation will help you save time and efforts which you can spend on other parts of your digital marketing strategy or growing your business. That’s why you need an email marketing software platform like Studiorific Campaign. To see how easy implementing your email marketing strategy will be with the help of our tools, sign up for a free trial now!

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