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Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Post Scheduler Like Studiorific Social

With more and more users and customers visiting a business’s Facebook page rather than website, it comes as no surprise that Facebook marketing has emerged as a key component of digital marketing.

While scheduling social media posts on Facebook is an effective way to generate leads and convert them into customers, frequently this activity takes too much of the already limited time of busy business owners and digital marketers.

With Studiorific Social Facebook post scheduler, you can plan and prepare your company’s social media calendar days, weeks, or even months in advance.

Save Time with Studiorific Facebook Post Scheduler

The first reason why every brand needs to get access to our post scheduler for Facebook is that it helps you optimize social media management to save time to focus on other equally important aspects of the business.

There are a number of ways in which we help you improve efficiency:

Scheduling Facebook Posts Ahead of Time

With our Facebook post manager, you can schedule enough posts to cover a few days or weeks of your social media calendar at once. This is a proven way used by the most successful social media marketers to use time efficiently.

This means that you can devote a couple of hours a week or a month to your Facebook marketing strategy, while you can focus your energy and efforts on other things the rest of the time.

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Posting Content on Several Facebook Pages and Groups at the Same Time

Our social media management software acts as both a Facebook page scheduler and a Facebook group scheduler. As per Facebook policies and regulations, you can use third-party service providers – like Studiorific Social – to schedule posts on Facebook pages and Facebook groups where you have admin access, while publishing content on Facebook personal profiles is not possible.

If your company has both a Facebook business page and a Facebook fan group – or a few of each – you can quickly and easily schedule the same post on as many of them as you’d like simultaneously.

Our Facebook post scheduler has eliminated the need to upload the same media file and type the same caption over and over again to cover all your social media accounts on Facebook. All you need to do is to select the Facebook accounts where you want to post media files, a link, or simple text during the scheduling process.

Saving Frequently User Social Media Captions

We help in yet another aspect of time management and optimization related to marketing your business on Facebook.

Namely, our Caption tool for social media automation allows you to save captions that you use regularly in your Facebook posts for future use.

This feature is particularly useful when it comes to hashtags as most companies use the same hashtags on Facebook over and over again.

Facebook Post Scheduler: Caption Tool
Caption Tool

With the Studiorific Social post scheduler for Facebook, you can select any of your previously saved social media captions to add it to new posts.

Branding Facebook Images

Building an online presence and establishing business reputation on social media networks is an important requirement for being able to sell your products or services on Facebook.

A quick and efficient way to start building a name for your business is branding the content that you share on Facebook.

One of the social media management tools available on our Facebook post scheduler helps you automate branding for Facebook marketing.

Facebook Post Scheduler: Watermark Tool
Watermark Tool

With the Watermark tool, you can set up the same logo for all your Facebook pages and Facebook groups or a different logo for each one of them so that we automatically add it to all photos and images which you schedule for publication through Studiorific Social.

Editing Images to Share on Facebook

Another important feature which our all-in-one post scheduler for Facebook has is an built-in image editor.

After you’ve uploaded an image on our File Manager, you can make different edits such as cropping, flipping, rotating, and changing colors to get the optimal Facebook post image size and other features.

There’s no need to make the edits offline and then reupload images to our Facebook post scheduler.

Automating the Reposting of Content on Facebook

One of the major ways in which you enhance time management with our scheduler post for Facebook is by automating the reposting of evergreen content

Evergreen content is at the core of social media marketing including Facebook marketing. It’s important to periodically reshare your product pages, tutorial videos, and other evergreen posts with your recurring and new customers.

Facebook Post Scheduler: Reposting Automation
Reposting Automation

With the social media automation tools available on Studiorific Social, you can easily schedule the frequency with which you want your post to be reshared on your Facebook page and/or Facebook group and the final date for reposting.

Automating Content Syndication for Facebook Marketing

Creating high-quality content takes lots of time and efforts, putting exceptional pressure on small businesses with limited human resources.

Meanwhile, this is a crucial part of both digital marketing in general and social media marketing in specific. After all, you need content to share with your social media audiences.

Our Facebook post scheduler helps start-ups as well as larger businesses address this challenge through the RSS Feed tool.

You can add an RSS feed from your website or any other website and automate the posting of content from it to your selected Facebook accounts.

Streamline Posting on Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms

The second reason why your business needs the Facebook post scheduler available on Studiorific is that we help you streamline your social media marketing processes not just on Facebook but on all other must-have social media sites as well.

Our social media scheduler allows you to publish content on:

  • Facebook pages
  • Facebook groups
  • Instagram personal accounts
  • Instagram business accounts
  • Twitter accounts
  • Tumblr blogs
  • Reddit accounts
  • LinkedIn personal profiles
  • LinkedIn business profiles
  • YouTube channels

While Facebook marketing is an integral part of the social media marketing plan of every brand, it’s not enough in order to achieve optimal business results. Scheduling posts on social media on other platforms is still a major source of lead generation and customer acquisition.

Our tool for social media scheduling goes beyond being a Facebook post scheduler. It is a universal social media scheduler which gives you access to publishing content on all must-have social media networks from a single platform.

Facebook Post Scheduler: Scheduling on Different Platforms
Scheduling Posts on Different Platforms

Importantly, you can schedule the same post on accounts on different social media platforms simultaneously. All you have to do is is to mark the social media accounts where you want your content to be posted.

Visualize Your Facebook Post Schedule

The final reason why your brand absolutely needs the post scheduler for Facebook on Studiorific Social is the ability to to visualize your social media calendar.

Facebook Post Scheduler: Schedules Tool
Schedules Tool

With the Schedules tool within our social media management tools, you get access to a Facebook post schedule where you can see your already published posts, your scheduled posts (Queue), and your posts which have failed publishing. For the latter, you will see a notification with the possible reason for this and how to fix the issue.

Having a visual social media schedule for Facebook is an effective way to evaluate your Facebook marketing strategy. You see not only whether you publish the right amount of posts on your Facebook business pages and Facebook groups but also if your posts are scheduled for the best time to post on Facebook, with the optimal frequency, and whether they cover all relevant topics. Moreover, you can evaluate if your mix of photos, videos, link posts, and text posts is right to achieve the digital marketing goals you have set up for your company.

Of course, you can continue sharing content on Facebook the traditional way – from the actual platform. But why would you do that if you can use a Facebook post scheduler to streamline your Facebook marketing processes from a single all-in-one platform. Take your business’s Facebook marketing strategy to the next level with the Studiorific Social post scheduler for Facebook.

Don’t take our word for granted. Start a 7-day free trial of Studiorific Social now.

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António Eduardo Marques September 10, 2020 at 3:07 PM

I’ve been using your tool for some weeks now. The Instagram scheduling is the most useful for me.
Scheduling for Facebook pages has the problem (big one, for me) that does not (yet) allows to tag other pages/brands.
Hopefully, you will implement this feature in the near future. Which, BTW, works very well on the Instagram posts!

Angie Donaldson October 17, 2020 at 3:24 PM

Hi, Antonio!
Thanks so much for your great feedback. I will forward your suggestion to our Dev team.
All the best,


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