Why Studiorific Is the Best Facebook Post Scheduler in 2020
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Why Studiorific Is the Best Facebook Post Scheduler in 2020

Deciding on the best social media networks to use in your digital marketing strategy is hard. Scheduling posts on different platforms serves different purposes and is ideal for different types of content to be presented to different types of audiences. However, there’s one social media site which is by all means the best for any social media strategy – Facebook. Any brand which wants to build its online presence and establish a solid reputation needs to create a Facebook account and use it on a regular basis. The Facebook post scheduler is a must-have tool for optimizing the social media marketing process of any big or small enterprise and achieving its strategic goals.

Why Should You Share on Facebook?

Beginner social media marketers might be underestimating the value which having a Facebook business account offers to companies. Most importantly, Facebook is the absolutely largest social media network with over 2.6 billion active users in Q1 2020. This means that this platform can give you the exposure and outreach that no other network can.

Moreover, unlike Instagram (which specializes in photo and video digital marketing) and YouTube (which focuses on video marketing exclusively), the Facebook platform allows the scheduling of social media posts of any format including text, blog articles, landing pages, short messages, photos, images, infographics, animated GIFs, and videos. Facebook is also different from Twitter, which allows posts with a maximum length of 280 characters only.

With Facebook, the sky is the limit in social media marketing. That’s why every social media influencer, marketer, and business should incorporate this site into its digital marketing strategy.

What Is a Facebook Post Scheduler?

Now that you appreciate the importance of publishing Facebook post content regularly, you might be wondering how to optimize your Facebook post schedule. This is a particularly challenging question for companies whose target audiences are located across the globe, so the best time to post on Facebook is at night.

No worries. You don’t need to be online day and night, every single day of the week in order to maximize your Facebook post engagement. All you have to do is to use a Facebook post scheduler.

Which brings us to the question: “What is a Facebook post scheduler?

This is one of the most important social media management tools which allows marketers to prepare and schedule posts to be published on Facebook ahead of time. It helps digital marketers turn all their Facebook post ideas into reality for achieving the maximum results with their social media strategy.

What Does Studiorific’s Facebook Post Scheduler Do for Social Media Marketers?

The best Facebook post manager should include a few important features, and Studiorific covers all of them. In brief, it should help content marketers schedule social media posts of various formats; edit images to the ideal Facebook post size; prepare posts for scheduling on multiple accounts and ahead of time; and visualize a strategy.

Now let’s take a detailed look at all the things which Studiorific’s social media scheduler can do:

  • Schedule Post for Facebook of Various Formats

First and foremost, our social media manager tool allows you to share content on Facebook in the form of an image, a video, a link, and text. This means that you can share just about anything and everything which is part of your digital marketing strategy. Whether you want to schedule blog posts, infographics, YouTube videos, or holiday greeting cards to be posted on this specific social media platform, Studiorific has you covered.

  • Upload Content from Different Sources

Additionally, you can upload content from several different sources to schedule post for Facebook. You can upload images from your device (whether a desktop or a mobile) or directly from Google Drive or another cloud storage. This saves you lots of time and energy as you don’t have to move files multiple times to get them onto your social media management tool. And as we all know, saving time and optimizing efficiency is of chief importance in social media marketing.

  • Edit Images

All digital marketers know that it is important not just to schedule posts on social media, it is equally important to schedule high-quality content of the right type and size. This holds true for Facebook marketing as well.

Studiorific’s Facebook post scheduler allows you to edit your photos and other visual materials to fit the exact requirements for Facebook post image size. Compliance with Facebook post dimensions expectations increases social media engagement as users are able to view all your posts correctly. Moreover, it shows leads that you care about the details related to your business, which makes them much more likely to convert into customers.

  • Schedule Posts on Multiple Accounts

While this feature is a must for freelance social media marketers managing the accounts of multiple clients, it is also very beneficial for businesses which have both a Facebook page and a Facebook group. Studiorific allows users to connect multiple Facebook accounts to a single dashboard from which to schedule post.

Can you imagine not having to remember numerous usernames and passwords for all Facebook social media accounts which you are responsible for? Even better, can you imagine scheduling all your social media posts from one single intuitive dashboard rather than having dozens of tabs open on your computer?

All this has become reality with Studiorific’s Facebook post scheduler.

And that’s not even the best part.

Unlike many other social media management tools, our Facebook post manager tool allows you to schedule the same post on some or all of your Facebook accounts – whether pages or groups – simultaneously. No more need to copy and paste the same content over and over again.

  • Schedule Post for Facebook in Advance

Moreover, the best Facebook post scheduler allows users to have their content scheduled for posting ahead of time. Every digital marketer knows that it’s best to have your social media schedule filled at least a month in advance. With the help of the right social media management tools such as the Facebook post scheduler, this is not only feasible and doable but also very easy.

  • Use Hashtags in Facebook

Yet another thing which you can freely do with our social media tool is to add as many hashtags to your Facebook posts as you deem necessary. Hashtags on Facebook are a great way to attract the highest possible number of users to your content in order to raise your brand’s awareness and start building an online reputation. On Studiorific, you can simply enter the best hashtags in Facebook for your industry in the post caption, and we will include them with your post when it gets published.

  • See Facebook Post Schedule

Being able to visualize your Facebook marketing strategy is important for success. In this way you can easily decide if you are posting too much or too little and whether your Facebook posts are well-balanced throughout the week and the month. That’s why Studiorific’s Facebook post scheduler also features a Facebook post calendar. There you can see all your successfully published posts and those scheduled for the upcoming weeks.

Amid the constant aspiration for innovation, automation, and efficiency among social media marketers, having the right tools has become a necessity. And one of those tools which help marketers execute their social media strategy problem- and stress-free is the Facebook post scheduler. Sign up for Studiorific now to get access to the best Facebook post manager.

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