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February 2021 Product Updates: Studiorific Social

This is our second installment this year of product updates for Studiorific Social. In case you’re not aware: Studiorific Social is a social media scheduler that allows you to curate and post content across your social media outlets. Use it to create your content once and have it schedule & publish many times over and to all of your social media outlets: Instagram (direct posting), Facebook (pages and groups), Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube.

I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to share the following improvements that we have released since our last update to Studiorific Social:

  • Speed boost for Schedules / Calendar view
  • Ability to clone any post (published, scheduled, unpublished)
  • Ability to open RSS post links from the RSS Feed Settings page
  • We’ve re-organized our customer support operation to better serve you
  • Bug fix: posting PNGs now works as expected in Instagram Carousels
  • Bug fix: Unicode characters (example: & #918 ; ) will no longer appear in posts

In the previous release from last month, we announced:

  • Email notifications for posts that fail to publish
  • Ability to clone & delete failed posts from Dashboard
  • Post statistics are always up to date now
  • No more delays for publishing scheduled posts
  • Instagram connectivity improvements
  • Speed improvements

A lot of these improvements came as a result of customers like you providing us with feedback regarding what enhancements they wanted to see or issues they wanted fixed. We invite you to share what other improvements you would like to see with us. Write us at

Speed boost for Schedules / Calendar view

We’ve re-engineered how our Calendar works and made it infinitely faster for you. Whether you’re a customer who posts a few thousand posts a day or less than ten posts a day, you will notice a solid improvement to the way our Calendar and posts within it load.

Over the next several weeks, we will be looking at ways to make the Calendar view more usable to you. Please help us shape the future of this area by sharing your thoughts on how we can improve it for you.

Ability to clone any post (published, scheduled, unpublished)

In the previous month, we made it possible for you to Clone a failed post from the Dashboard. Today, we are announcing that we have extended this functionality to all posts available to you within your Schedules / Calendar view.

This feature is made to help you avoid duplicate work and provide for a shortcut to clone a post to adapt it and schedule a similar one out. If you are finding other uses to this feature, we’d be more than happy to learn from you. Share your thoughts with us by sending us an email at We’ll write about it in a blog post and give you credit 🙂

To access the Clone feature, go to your Schedules, find the post that you wish to clone and click on the three dotted menu to open it as shown below:

clone a social media post to re-schedule it as another

Ability to open RSS post links from the RSS Feed Settings page

If you are using our RSS feature to automatically publish posts, you’ll now be able to click on the RSS posts within the Feed’s Settings page to access the associated webpage with the post. See the screenshot below. Clicking on the title of each RSS post would help you jump to that webpage.

schedule social media posts automatically from an RSS feed

We’ve re-organized our customer support operation to better serve you

We’ve made major changes to our customer support structure to better service your needs and requests. Please tell us how you have been served over the past two weeks. We’d love to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly so we can learn and improve.

Bug fix: posting PNGs now works as expected in Instagram Carousel

Some of you may have faced issues getting Instagram Carousel posts published when there are PNG images included. We’ve addressed that issue and you should no longer be facing it. You should be able to use PNGs as you see fit with Instagram Carousels.

Bug fix: Unicode characters (example: & #918 ; ) will no longer appear in posts

We’ve seen this happen with RSS feed posts as well as scheduled posts. You will no longer see those weird characters appearing on your posts. You will no longer need to go back to modify your posts to remove them. We’ve addressed that issue for you.

Have feedback to share? We would love to hear it

The Studiorific Social product updates that we make are driven by suggestions that our customers provide. We would love to hear how you think we can improve our product or support. Please email us your suggestions to

Haven’t tried Studiorific Social yet? Give us a try with our 7 day free trial

You can sign up for a free 7 day trial (no credit card required) and evaluate the full potential of our social media scheduler. To learn more about Studiorific Social and the amazing features that it offers, please go to this page.

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