How to Get Free Instagram Likes Like a Pro in 2021
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How to Get Free Instagram Likes Like a Pro in 2021

You will hear many social media marketers say that Instagram likes don’t matter any more. But trust us – they are wrong! Getting likes on Instagram in 2021 is as important as ever. That’s the ultimate testimony that your Instagram posts are achieving their goal of not only attracting the attention of interested followers but also getting users to interact with your publications.

So, we decided to put together this guide on how to get triple-digit free Instagram likes within minutes after posting your photos and videos.

Create Breathtaking Photos and Videos

While visual content is important on all social media platforms, it is the bread and butter of Instagram marketing. The vast majority of Instagram users don’t even read the captions. They just scroll down through the hundreds of new photos and videos on their news feed since the last time they logged in.

If your images and videos succeed in catching their attention, they will hit the little heart button that all digital marketers long after.

If your visuals, on the other hand, are just about average, Instagram users will keep scrolling down without any engagement.

Use the Right Hashtags for Instagram

In order to get free Instagram likes from users, you first have to attract users who are interested in your content, in your brand, and in your product. The way to do that is to use – strategically – the optimal hashtags on Instagram.

Once again, hashtags are key when marketing on social media across all networks, but they are particularly essential in Instagram marketing as well as Twitter marketing.

Think about hashtags in social media marketing as keywords in content marketing. They are not what makes your readers or followers like your content, but they are what brings your audience to you.

So, make sure you use popular hashtags relevant to your industry or field in your profile bio, in your Instagram posts, and in your Instagram stories.

In addition to using general hashtags for Instagram, you should also come up with some of your own branded hashtags. These will help bring your existing followers back to your posts, over and over again.

Mark Your Location

Geotargeting is a very effective way to get tons of free Instagram likes. So, when scheduling a post on Instagram, make sure to geotag your location. This will increase immensely engagement from the local community.

Instagram is a very much community-based platform for social media marketing. Users like to feel that they belong to a community, whether united by their passion for fashion, their goal to eat healthy food, or their geographical location.

Take advantage of this trend by marking your location in your Instagram posts.

Ask Followers to Like Your Posts

You won’t believe how effective this strategy is. Just asking your Instagram followers to like your photo or video increases your chances of getting free Instagram likes by a lot.

One effective way to do that is to write the first comment under your Instagram post and ask other users to like your post if they enjoyed it. Sometimes all that people need is a small reminder that others would like to engage with them.

Engage with Other Users’ Instagram Posts

Like mentioned before, Instagram is a community, or rather an agglomeration of hundreds of thousands of communities. You will not generate free Instagram likes on your posts unless you do the same for others.

Social media engagement is chief in this regard.

So spend a few minutes every couple of hours to go through the posts of your followers as well as other users within your interest groups. But don’t just go through their content. Make sure to like their photos and videos and – even better – to comment on it. Set up a goal that every day you follow a certain number of new accounts, like a certain number of posts, and comment on a certain number of photos or videos.

Within a few short weeks, the free Instagram likes on your own posts will double or even triple.

Tag Other Instagram Users

Going back to the sense of community on the Instagram social media network, Instagram users really like being reminded that they are a part of a community. To do that, you should tag individuals and brands. You can even tag social media influencers.

However, be careful not to overdo it with the tagging of others. There’s a fine line between showing that you really value an Instagram user and appearing that you’re stalking them. Don’t cross this line. It will have the opposite effect and cause you to actually lose Instagram likes.

Post Consistently

While there is no magic number of how often you should schedule posts on Instagram, it should be often. Like – a few times a day. Consistency is also very important. Don’t post 20 photos or videos in one day and be gone for the rest of the week. Spread your posts out evenly and consistently.

Moreover, aim to choose the best time for your target audience, when they are most active on instagram. Instagram posts get the most engagement including both likes and comments immediately after publication.

Use an IG Post Scheduler

While all the above-listed tips are a must to maximize the number of free Instagram likes, they are not necessarily easy and quick to implement if you decide to apply them manually.

For example, it might be challenging to post at the optimal time for your followers if you target an audience in a different country or a different continent. This might mean that you need to stay online throughout the night.

Posting on Instagram every few hours can also turn into a challenge and distract you from other activities that you also need to do.

Not to mention that the Instagram platform does not allow you to post from your computer, so you have to use your mobile all the time.

All these obstacles – as well as many others – get resolved with the use of an Instagram post scheduler.

What is an IG post scheduler?

This is a social media management software tool that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time, from the comfort of your computer.

Wondering where you find the best Instagram scheduler for 2021?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

An IG post scheduler is one of the social media management tools available on the Studiorific Social platform. First and foremost, you can connect one or more personal and business Instagram accounts in a secure and safe manner. Once you’ve done that, you can schedule Instagram posts, stories, and even IGTV posts on one or several accounts simultaneously. You can choose whether to have your posts published right away or get them scheduled for a specified time in the future. You can even set your Instagram posts to get automatically reposted over and over again, at a frequency selected by you.

Free Instagram Likes: IG Post Scheduler
Studiorific’s IG Post Scheduler

And that’s not all. When scheduling posts on Instagram from Studiorific Social, you can use previously saved captions including the best hashtags for Instagram for your target audience. This means that you don’t need to type the same hashtags over and over again, every time you want to post.

You can even choose your location and write the first comment under your post.

Once you’ve scheduled your posts, you can check them out in a visual social media calendar. You can view not only your scheduled posts but also your already published ones.

In addition to being an Instagram post scheduler, Studiorific allows you to track the performance of your Instagram posts scheduled through the platform. You can use our platform to check whether your efforts are generating the expected number of free Instagram likes.

To boost engagement, you can even communicate with your followers right from our platform. You can send and receive Instagram direct messages while scheduling posts or checking Instagram analytics.

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Last but not least, Studiorific Social is not only an IG post scheduler but a comprehensive social media scheduler. This means that you can schedule posts on the 8 must-have social media platforms in 2021 to take your social media marketing strategy to a whole new level. These include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, Tumblr, and Reddit. You can even schedule posts on different social media platforms at the same time.

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Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific Social now to check for yourself that we are the IG post scheduler that you need in 2021.

While getting free Instagram likes in 2021 is not a given, it is definitely doable and achievable. Follow the tips provided above to maximize engagement from your followers.

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