Why Studiorific Is the #1 Growth Marketing Platform for Your Business
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Why Studiorific Is the #1 Growth Marketing Platform for Your Business

If you own a business or digitally market one, you should have heard about growth marketing. This is just a fancy term for a simple concept which refers to utilizing various experimental, non-conventional approaches to growing your business through different marketing channels, throughout every step of the sales funnel. As you can imagine, tackling numerous digital marketing channels – while being a must in the 21st century – can turn into a really complicated and disorganized endeavor. This doesn’t mean that you should get discouraged. Instead, you should look for the best way to streamline your growth marketing efforts, namely with the help of a digital marketing platform. In this article we will look at how Studiorific can help you organize and optimize your digital marketing processes on all must-have channels which makes us the #1 growth marketing platform for your business.

Before we dig in, here’s a quick overview of the digital marketing tools available on Studiorific which will help you take your business to the next level within a few short weeks:

  • Studiorific Social for social media marketing automation. You can sign up for a free trial of Stufiorific Social here.
  • Studiorific Campaign for email marketing automation. You can sign up for a free trial of Studiorific Campaign here.
  • Studiorific Analytics for website user behavior analytics. You can sign up for a free trial of Studiorific Analytics here.

What Is Growth Marketing?

In case you are still not 100% sure about the meaning of growth marketing, we will have a look at it. This term refers to the design and implementation of marketing experiments which aim to increase awareness about your business and drive traffic to your website. Growth marketing builds on the traditional marketing approach and considers all steps of the sales funnel. As this is a non-conventional, rather aggressive approach to growing traffic and revenue, it is also commonly referred to as growth hacking.

While growth marketing is a long-term digital marketing strategy, this doesn’t mean that it cannot bring impressive results in the short term as well. The key to success is to run a lot of different experiments on various channels – such as social media, email, etc. – without burning yourself out. After all, the last thing that your business needs is an exhausted digital marketer.

You should not despair. There’s an easy and straightforward way to run all the digital marketing experiments that you think your business needs while keeping your sanity – through the use of the best growth marketing platform – Studiorific.

Let’s look at how this can be done.

Enhancing Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The immense growth of social media channels in the last decade has turned social media marketing into a dispensable part of any digital marketing strategy. Scheduling posts on social media as well as interacting with followers is an effective – and cheap – way to showcase your products to the widest audience possible and to generate leads at an unprecedented speed. After all, regardless of how big and strong your website is, it will never be able to get as much traffic and exposure as the multitude of social media platforms.

All you need in order to streamline and automate your social media marketing processes as an integral part of your growth marketing strategy is to get access to Studiorific Social. We’ve built the ultimate social media management software which allows you to schedule social media posts on all must-have channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Tumblr, and Reddit from a single platform.

Growth Marketing Social Media Scheduler
Studiorific Social: Social Media Scheduler

To enhance your efficiency and productivity as a digital marketer, we have eliminated the need to log into multiple social media sites, upload the same images and videos, and type the same text over and over again. With Stufiorific Social, you can schedule the same post on multiple social media accounts on different channels simultaneously, ahead of time.

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And that’s not all. You can use the File Manager feature to store your visuals and edit them to fit the specific needs of your social media marketing plan. With the Watermark feature, you can quickly and easily automate the branding of the images you post on social media by inserting your company’s logo on all of them. Meanwhile, the Captions feature allows you to save the most commonly used captions in your posts, which makes it particularly great for saving hashtags.

In addition to a social media scheduler, Studiorific Social is also a social media calendar where you can review and evaluate the frequency and distribution of your posts across various networks.

If you are ready to take your social media marketing strategy to the next level as part of your growth marketing efforts, sign up for a free trial of Studiorific Social now.

Optimizing Your Email Marketing Performance

The second most important part of digital marketing in 2020 and beyond is email marketing. Sending regular, highly targeted email marketing campaigns to your contacts can help retain current customers as well as convert leads into new customers. And increasing the conversion rate while decreasing churn is the ultimate goal of every business owner and digital marketer.

Similar to social media marketing, email marketing should not turn into an unbearable commitment which drains all your energy and leaves no creativity for other aspects of your growth marketing strategy. Once again the key to success is making use of the best email marketing automation platform – Studiorific Campaign.

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With our email marketing platform, you can quickly and easily create one-time campaigns to inform your audiences about promotions, discounts, and major updates within your company. At the same time, you can set up recurring email marketing automations to welcome new users, onboard new customers, remind customers of upcoming charges, inform customers about recurring subscription fees, and many others. Once you’ve set up your campaigns and automations, you don’t need to worry about them any more. Studiorific Campaign will take care of sending them out as soon as the time set up by you comes or the triggers get activated.

Growth Marketing Email Marketing Automation
Studiorific Campaign: Email Marketing Automation

In addition to sending out emails, with our email marketing platform you can also help you build your contact lists like never before. We support both embedded sign-up forms and your own hosted sign-up forms with which you can collect all the information you need about new subscribers. Depending on the traffic to your website and your triggers, you can have a few thousand new email contacts within a few short weeks.

Furthermore, with Studiorific Campaign you can provide your contacts with the ultimate authentic experience which they expect from trustworthy brands like yours. With the help of DKIM and SPF technologies and with the option for custom domain tracking you can send email campaigns which look exactly as if sent from your own domain. Moreover, all links that you add will look completely authentic and will be accurately tracked.

Last but not least, any growth marketing activities should be based on solid and reliable data and analytics, and not on guessing. That’s why Studiorific Campaign gives you access to all the email marketing statistics such as open rate, click rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rate that you need in order to track the performance of your emails and optimize your email marketing results.

If you are ready to automate your email marketing processes as part of boosting your growth marketing strategy, sign up for a free trial of Studiorific Campaign now.

Boosting User Experience on Your Website

Providing your website visitors with the ultimate user experience once they’ve landed on your pages is as important as bringing them to your website. After all, no matter how many people come to your website as a result of your growth marketing activities, visitors will not convert into customers unless they thoroughly enjoy your website and get convinced of the value of your product or service.

Instead of going crazy trying to figure out which parts of your website are optimized for user experience and which are not, you can use reliable visitor behavior analytics to find out the answers to all your questions. All you need to do is to sign up for a user behavior analytics software like Studiorific Analytics.

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Our user behavior analytics tools let you track and analyze historical as well as real-time website visitor metrics such as pageviews, sessions, and visitors in addition to which webpages your users visit the most, what countries they come from, what devices and operating systems they use, and many other important statistics.

Growth Marketing User Behavior Analytics Software
Studiorific Analytics: User Behavior Analytics

Studiorific Analytics heatmaps provide business owners and digital marketers with a visual representation of the hottest (most clicked on) and coldest (least clicked on) areas of any page on their website. In this way you can build landing pages for your social media marketing and email marketing strategies as well as any other growth marketing hacks that bring the results that you expect.

Moreover, you can watch and replay actual visitor sessions to observe exactly how real users behave on your website, track the user journey, and find out any gaps that you still need to fill in this regard.

If you are ready to build the best user experience possible on your website to support your other growth marketing efforts, sign up for a free trial of Studiorific Analytics now.

In 2021 a simple digital marketing strategy will not suffice to keep you ahead of the competition and to let you grow your business in a sustainable manner. You will need to increasingly rely on growth marketing to achieve your business goals. In order to streamline your growth marketing efforts across different channels, you need access to a one-stop platform for all your digital marketing work. Sign up for Studiorific Suite now to beat the competition.

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