Get Inspired to Create the Ultimate Holiday Social Media Marketing Campaign - 9 Tips
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Get Inspired to Create the Ultimate Holiday Social Media Marketing Campaign: 9 Tips

While for most people the holiday season is the time to relax and enjoy time with family, for businesses this is the time to up their digital marketing efforts to end the old year strong and start the new year even stronger. Social media marketing is an indispensable part of any digital marketing strategy. This holiday season enterprises have to put even more efforts into their holiday social media marketing campaign as ecommerce is expected to reach unheard of levels as the majority of people will choose to shop from the comfort of their home. However, preparing your holiday social media posts and scheduling them on various platforms should not be stressful. We’ve put together this guide with the top 9 tips on how to build the best social media strategy this holiday season while keeping your sanity for 2021.

Tip #1: Focus on Seasonal Visuals

Regardless of the time of the year, visual content is at the heart of any social media marketing plan. With the thousands of new social media posts which an average user sees per day, your visuals have to really stand out to catch the attention of target users when scrolling down their newsfeed to stop and click on your post.

When it comes to your holiday social media marketing campaign, you have to put some extra thought into what visuals exactly will make your target audience stop and have a close look. While you want your visuals to stand out from the crowd, they have to still be related to the winter season and the holidays. After all, you want your content to look timely and relevant.

Holiday Social Media Visuals
Seasonal Visuals

The best approach is to create your own seasonal visuals related to your industry, products, and brand rather than to use stock images like the majority of your competitors would do. For example, you can hire a graphic designer to design your unique Christmas tree in the same color as your logo. In this way your visual content can be both seasonal and different from the rest.

Tip #2: Use Videos in Your Holiday Social Media Posts

Speaking of visual content, it is an absolute must to incorporate videos into your social media marketing strategy this holiday season. Videos are no longer reserved for YouTube marketing only. To the contrary, 2020 has witnessed an unprecedented serge in the use of marketing videos across all social media sites.

For your holiday social media posts it’s best to use rather short videos – of a few minutes each – which have a seasonal theme while also featuring your product. Depending on your expertise and skills, you can choose whether to hire a professional video maker or create videos on your own. In either case, just keep in mind that making a professionally looking video might take a few days.

Tip #3: Offer Useful and Fun Content That’s Not Related to Your Business

When putting together your social media marketing plan for this holiday season, you should make sure that it’s not all about your business and your products or services. After all, this is the holiday season, and your target users are thinking about many different things, not only about whether to purchase your product or not.

You should include digital content which is fun and which offers value to people at this time of the year. For instance, you can diversify your holiday social media marketing campaign with some funny Christmas or New Year animated GIFs. They take zero time to find and post but can give a really good laugh to your target customers and grab their attention.

Similarly, you can incorporate social media posts with Christmas gift ideas for spouses, children, parents, grandparents, friends, pets, or anyone else whom your target demographic might be shopping for. Again, this is something that you can prepare within an hour based on online research but which will show your leads that you really care about the holiday season and about things not directly related to your business.

Tip #4: Run Seasonal Promotional Campaigns

Going back to your own brand, the holiday season is the perfect time to run some promo and discount campaigns. Actually, consumers have got so used to being offered crazy discounts around holidays that you can’t beat the competition without these.

Prepare special discount codes and promo coupons which are related to the holiday spirit as these will unconsciously prompt your users to make use of them. Some classic examples include XMAS20, JOLLY30, FESTIVE40, NY50, and many others.

Moreover, when scheduling posts on social media platforms with your holiday promotional campaigns, make sure to create a sense of urgency. Mention that this is a limited-time offer as well as the final date on which it is valid. On the last day of the campaign, schedule a social media blast with LAST CHANCE in the title of your posts. This is a simple tactic which will convert customers at a much higher rate than the rest of your campaign.

Tip #5: Start Early

Your holiday social media marketing campaign should not start at the beginning of the holiday season, it should rather start right away. The truth of the matter is that most people will have bought the holiday gifts for their family and friends – and for themselves – by the end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

That’s why you should begin posting holiday-related content on your social media accounts as soon as possible. Even if your products are not good for holiday gifts, you should take advantage of the general shopping spree into which the Thanksgiving weekend turns. You should really up your social media marketing efforts this year when people will spend more time than ever in front of their computers and phones looking for the best online deals.

If you need some extra help to get started, refer to our guide on how to create the ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing promotion strategy for making bank in 2020.

Tip #6: Lay Out a Holiday Social Media Calendar

The last thing you want is to get lost in your digital marketing plan this holiday season. That’s why you need to build a social media schedule where you include the exact content which you want to post, the social media apps where you want to post it, and the dates and times when you want your posts to go live.

The more detailed and more specific your social media calendar is, the easier it will be to follow it and make sure that your users get access to all the content that’s needed to convert them into customers. As soon as you start implementing your holiday social media marketing campaign, make sure to clearly mark on your calendar the posts that have already been published.

Tip #7: Show Your Good Side

The holiday season is not only the time to celebrate and to shop (or sell if you are a business) but also the time to do some good. This is especially important towards the end of this year marked by uncertainty and fear. Whether you decide to support a global cause or a local charity, you should use the holidays to do some good work. First of all, this will make you and your employees feel good about the help you are offering. It can also build a sense of community and belonging within your company. Second, it will show potential customers that you care about more than just making money and growing your business.

Needless to say, you should include your charity work in your holiday social media posts as this will help in building your brand. However, make sure that it’s done in a modest manner and doesn’t come out as showing off.

Tip #8: Reinforce Your Social Media Efforts with an Email Marketing Campaign

While a holiday social media marketing campaign is a must, it does not suffice to beat the competition. You need to support your social media marketing efforts with some email marketing best practices too. Believe it or not, your subscribed users are expecting to receive email campaigns from you around this time of the year.

One thing that you should definitely share via email is the promotional campaigns that your business is running. Let customers know what discounts you are offering as they might be waiting for your holiday promo codes to give your product a go. In addition, you can also email them the other types of fun and useful content mentioned above that you prepare for your social media marketing campaigns.

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Tip #9: Optimize Efficiency with Social Media Management Tools

Most importantly, you should not lose your sanity over implementing the perfect holiday social media marketing campaign. After all, you need some energy to enjoy the holiday season too. While you will have to be actively involved in the creation of the content for your digital marketing campaign as you know your business best, you don’t have to do all the manual work of scheduling posts on social media and keeping track of how far along you’ve got in your social media schedule.

There are plenty of social media management tools out there which can help you automate the scheduling of posts. For example, Studiorific Social is an all-in-one social media automation tool which allows you to schedule posts on multiple social media accounts on various networks at the same time, ahead of time, from a single network. With our social media scheduler you can forget about uploading the same visuals over and over again and typing the same content a dozen times. You don’t have to keep multiple tabs open on your internet browser to post content on each account individually. You can streamline your entire holiday social media marketing processes from Studiorific Social.

Holiday Social Media Management Tools
Studiorific Social Media Scheduler

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If you follow these 9 simple tips, you are guaranteed to build the ultimate holiday social media marketing campaign. Making bank during the holiday season has never been so easy as now.

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