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Hootsuite vs Later: Who’s the Leader Among Social Media Automation Tools?

The ultimate goal of every digital marketer is to find the best social media automation tools in order to streamline his/her brand’s social media marketing processes from a single platform. This will help save lots of time and energy which social media marketers can invest into more creative and productive tasks than manually scheduling posts and adding them to calendars.

A question which many marketers bump into while searching for the best social media management platform is: Hootsuite vs Later. This is only natural as these are two of the most popular tools in the arsenal of social media marketers.

To help you make the right decision when choosing the leader among social media automation tools, this article comprises a comprehensive and objective Hootsuite review and Later review as well as a side-by-side comparison of the features and options available on these two platforms.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the Later vs Hootsuite comparison in this easy-to-navigate-through table:

Tool or FeatureHootsuiteLater
Scheduling posts on Facebook business pagesYesNo
Publishing posts on Facebook groupsYesNo
Fully automated Instagram direct postingNoNo
Scheduling of social media posts on TwitterYesYes
LinkedIn marketing automationYesNo
Automating YouTube marketingYesNo
Social media integration with TumblrNoNo
Reddit marketing automationNoNo
Reposting automationNoNo
RSS feed integration and content syndicationNoNo
Automated branding of photos and imagesNoNo
All-in-one social media calendarYesNo
Integrated Instagram direct messagesYesNo
Tools and Features Available on Hootsuite vs Later

Based on your company’s specific social media marketing needs and requirements, are you able to discern if Hootsuite vs Later is the better alternative for you from the quick overview above?

In any case, let’s have a more detailed look at the tools, features, and functionalities coming with a subscription to each of these social media automation tools to decide which one is the ultimate leader in the field.

Facebook Post Scheduler

Regardless of the industry, nature, and size of your business, Facebook marketing must be an integral part of your social media marketing plan. Facebook is by far the most popular and the most important among all social media sites.

Thus, the top social media management tool must offer a Facebook post scheduler which allows for publishing on both Facebook business pages and Facebook groups where you have admin access (posting in Facebook groups where you have member access only from third-party platforms is against Facebook terms and policies).

So, who’s better with regards to Facebook marketing: Hootsuite vs Later? The definite response is Hootsuite as this social media automation platform allows you to publish content on both Facebook pages and groups, while the latter is not an option with Later.

Twitter Post Scheduler

Another must-have social media network is Twitter. Although it might look limited due to the restricted number of characters you can use in a single tweet, this social media network holds extreme power in 2020 and beyond.

As a result, every single decent social media management platform must offer integration for Twitter marketing. In this regard, both competitors in the Hootsuite vs Later pursuit perform equally well. You can use both tools to schedule Twitter posts including images, videos, and text.

Fully Automated Instagram Post Scheduler

While scheduling social media posts on Facebook and Twitter from a third-party tool is relatively straightforward and something that most social media management platforms offer, things get more complicated when it comes to Instagram direct posting.

To be honest, there’s no concrete answer whether Hootsuite vs Later scores higher in this category as both tools have major falldowns.

In specific, the Hootsuite alternative allows you to schedule posts directly on Instagram business accounts but not on Instagram personal accounts. If you want to publish content on your personal Instagram account, you will have to go through mobile push notifications.

Meanwhile, with the Later alternative you are able to publish directly single images and videos on Instagram. However, if you want to schedule Instagram carousels, you will have to use mobile push notifications.

Importantly, both social media automation tools do not provide integration with Instagram IGTV.

Another feature which only the best social media management tools offer is the ability to send and receive Instagram direct messages from the same platform. Can you imagine how convenient it is to be able to communicate with your Instagram followers while scheduling social media posts without the need to open a different browser? This helps you not only boost your social media engagement on Instagram but also save lots of time and energy.

Well, unfortunately, you can’t automate Instagram direct messaging with Hootsuite vs Later.

All in all, Instagram marketing cannot be fully automated with either of these two platforms.

Automated LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Every significant enterprise should have a LinkedIn business page and should use this page to market its products or services. As any digital marketer will tell you, the LinkedIn platform has evolved into an indispensable component of social media marketing, and its position will only be getting stronger and stronger, moving forward.

This means that you would expect from the leader among social media automation tools to offer integration with LinkedIn to allow you to schedule social media posts on both LinkedIn personal profiles and LinkedIn business pages.

So, how about Later vs Hootsuite in terms of LinkedIn marketing?

While you can automate the scheduling of posts on LinkedIn with Hootsuite, you can’t do that with Later. So, in this criterion, we have a definite winner.

YouTube Video Posting

Video marketing has become a dominant form of digital marketing in recent years, and the number of marketing videos produced each year is predicted to continue growing exponentially in the coming years.

If you want your social media strategy to be in line with the most recent trends, you have to go for YouTube marketing. So YouTube integration is the next factor to look at in our Hootsuite vs Later comparison.

Once again, Hootsuite outperforms Later as the former allows you to schedule YouTube video posts from their platform.

Automated Publishing of Tumblr Posts

One of the gravest – yet most common – social media marketing mistakes is to underestimate the power of Tumblr marketing. Many marketers erroneously think that Tumblr does not offer a social media platform for marketing a product or a service.

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To the contrary, this is one of the best social media sites to build a powerful, loyal, deeply interested community united around a common interest which could be very closely related to your line of business. If you really want to generate qualified leads, you have to market your business on Tumblr.

Unfortunately, both parties of the Hootsuite vs Later competition fail when it comes to scheduling Tumblr posts. They simply don’t offer integration with this must-have social media network.

Integrating with Reddit for Marketing

Similarly, digital marketers frequently dismiss the potential of the Reddit platform with regards to marketing their brand. While it is absolutely true that you can’t just publish Reddit posts which blatantly advertise your product or service, this is yet another social media platform where you can become an integral part of a strong community united by their passion for various aspects of your industry. Once again, this is a wonderful social media network for generating qualified leads as long as you do it gradually and smartly.

Well, however, you can’t automate your Reddit marketing processes with either of the social media management tools in the Hootsuite vs Later comparison.

Automated Social Media Post Republishing

As a business owner or digital marketer looking for the leader among social media automation tools, you already know the importance of reposting evergreen content as well as promo campaign materials on your business social media accounts.

You also know how boring and mind numbing it is to upload the same photos or videos, type the same social media captions, and enter the same hashtags when reposting.

Well, this doesn’t have to be the case if you choose a social media management software which automates the process of republishing your posts. But the truth of the matter is that you can’t do that with Hootsuite and Later. When it comes to automated social media reposting, both parties to the Later vs Hootsuite side-by-side comparison are losers.

Content Syndication and Automated Posting with RSS Feeds

The two most important components of a social media marketing strategy are creating high-quality digital content to share with your audience and actually posting this content on all must-have social media sites.

Creating good digital content requires long hours of tireless work which often leaves you with no time and energy to attend to other aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

That’s why many smart social media marketers choose the option to occasionally or frequently automatically share content from their brand blog or from other websites on their social media accounts. This can easily and quickly be done through an integration with an RSS feed.

In this way, you can always share useful and relevant content with your followers, even on days when you don’t have sufficient time to create your own content. Moreover, using RSS feeds from other websites across your industry shows that you are a part of the industry community and that you appreciate the efforts which your competitors put into creating their content. Furthermore, when competitors see that you share their content on your social media accounts, they are much more likely to start doing the same with your content.

But the bad news for all digital marketers looking for the top social media automation tool is that both parties to Hootsuite vs Later do not provide RSS feed integration.

Hootsuite vs Later: Conclusion

While both Hootsuite and Later constitute leading social media management platforms – along with Buffer, ContentStudio, Sprout Social, Sendible, and Loomly, they fail to offer some of the most important tools for fully automating and streamlining your social media processes from a single platform. Which one serves better the specific needs of your company depends on your particular business niche, your target audience, and your preferred social media networks.

Nevertheless, if we are looking for a winner in the Later vs Hootsuite comparison, the Hootsuite social media management system seems to perform better and to cater to more of the pressing needs of busy social media marketers.

However, if you are searching for the leader among social media automation tools, your journey is not complete.

We would like to bring to your attention an alternative to Hootsuite and an alternative to Later which meets all the needs of digital marketers and business owners when it comes to building their brand online reputation and establishing their brand online presence on the must-have social media networks.

This is Studiorific Social.

Hootsuite vs Later Social Media Automation Tools

The Definite Leader Among Social Media Automation Tools

To introduce you to this all-encompassing social media management platform, let’s go back to the comparison table we started with and add Studiorific Social to it:

Tool or FeatureHootsuiteLaterStudiorific Social
Scheduling posts on Facebook business pagesYesNoYes
Publishing posts on Facebook groupsYesNoYes
Fully automated Instagram direct postingNoNoYes
Scheduling of social media posts on TwitterYesYesYes
LinkedIn marketing automationYesNoYes
Automating YouTube marketingYesNoYes
Social media integration with TumblrNoNoYes
Reddit marketing automationNoNoYes
Reposting automationNoNoYes
RSS feed integration and content syndicationNoNoYes
Automated branding of photos and imagesNoNoYes
All-in-one social media calendarYesNoYes
Integrated Instagram direct messagesYesNoYes
Tools and Features Available on Hootsuite vs Later vs Studiorific Social

Studiorific Social is an all-in-one social media scheduler which also incorporates a unified social media schedule where you can view all your published and scheduled posts on different social media networks from a single interface.

Hootsuite vs Later Social Media Scheduler

That’s not all. This social media scheduler features a built-in image editor as well as a tool for branding automation. With the Watermark feature available on Studiorific Social, you can automatically add your pre-set brand logo on all photos and images scheduled through the platform.

Another cool feature which helps you save lots of time when scheduling social media posts is the ability to save frequently used social media captions. You can save as many captions as you want and quickly input them when composing a new post.

Last but not least, Studiorific Social allows you to send and receive Instagram direct messages from the same platform where you manage all other aspects of your social media marketing strategy.

All these tools and features make Studiorific Social not only a comprehensive social media management platform but also the leader among social media automation tools.

It is also important to mention that Studiorific Social offers all these tools and features at a very affordable price. For just $15/month, you can streamline your social media marketing processes to beat the competition. Currently, you can save 25% forever on your subscription to any Studiorific Social plan with promo code CYBER25. Just enter the promo code at checkout.

Studiorific Reviews

In case you are curious to see what customers think about Studiorific Social and the functionalities it offers to social media marketers, here are some of the Studiorific reviews on Trustpilot:

The tool is incredible ¡¡¡¡¡ very happy¡¡¡¡¡

The tool is incredible, I have tried several and without a doubt I stay with this one. I will pass all my accounts, I am very happy.

Juan Carlos CN

Studiorific is the best tool for digital marketing agencies.

Studiorific is the best social media content platform if you are a freelancer or an agency with many clients. Without a doubt, we have tested many tools and Studiorific is the most complete on the market.

Well done

A must have for any business

I used to be at Social Pilot but I switched to Studiorific because it offered me more possibilities for less money. In particular, being able to post on instagram without using a third party tool such as Zapier is a great advantage. In addition, Studiorific’s interface is simple and clear. Every entrepreneur knows that time is money and this tool saves me precious time. I am really satisfied with my purchase and I highly recommend Studiorific to anyone who wants to develop and retain their audience through social networks. A must!

Mixscape Devenir Beatmaker

The best social media management tool I have used.

After using tools like Hootsuite, Quicksprout, and others, I can say that this tools work more efficiently than the ones I mentioned above.

I got the special offer and I have everything I need to maximize my social media content’s exposure.

Great tool!

Alejandro Morelli

Great features, low price!

Was looking for a tool to schedule Instagram posts, and found this. Obviously, Studiorific does a *lot* more, but the Instagram scheduling feature is, just for itself, enough to justify the (low) price.

The possibility to manage all the multimedia assets and use them among different accounts is also very good.

Highly recommended.

Antonie Eduardo Marques

To read the rest of Studiorific reviews on Trustpilot, click here.

So while the Hootsuite vs Later comparison does not have a definite winner, you can still find a top social media management tool which will meet all your needs and requirements for streamlining your social media marketing plan.

Sign up now for a 25% discount FOREVER on the best social media automation tool. Just apply promo code CYBER25 at checkout.

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