How to Market Your Rental on Social Media in 2021
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How to Market Your Rental on Social Media in 2021

The rental property industry has been quickly digitizing in the past decade, and the Coronavirus pandemic accelerated this trend to an unprecedented rate. As a landlord, in 2021 you have to employ the power of social media for marketing your rental property. Alternatively, you are missing on a major opportunity to find tenants quickly and – importantly – for free.

If you are not on good terms with technology and don’t have previous experience in social media marketing, there’s nothing to worry about. This guide will help you establish your reputation as a trustworthy landlord whose rental is a worthy choice for tenants. Just follow these 8 top tips to market your long-term rental property on social media:

Tip #1: Try a Few Different Social Media Platforms

Each social media network offers different pros and cons to landlords having a vacant rental. Importantly, different networks attract various users, which means that to reach out to a maximum number of potential tenants, it is best to create social media accounts on a number of different platforms.

For anyone in the real estate industry – from an agent, through a property manager, to an investor like you – Facebook is a must. With 2.7 billion active users, Facebook will give you and your rental property more exposure than any other channel. Virtually anyone to whom you can rent out – or at least someone they know – is using Facebook.

Another social media site which is particularly popular among landlords is Instagram. This platform has become a leader for sharing photos and short videos, and the best way to make renters want to look into your property is to show them photos of it.

While many say that Twitter marketing is dead in 2021, this is as far from the truth as possible. Indeed, marketing an available rental property on Twitter is a great idea and is really easy and quick to implement. All you need is an attractive image which highlights the best qualities of your rental and 280 characters of text to reach out to thousands of potential tenants in your local housing market. Importantly, similar to Instagram, Twitter allows you to mark your location, which is particularly useful for marketing a rental.

Tip #2: Write a Thorough and Truthful Description of Your Rental

Creating a top rental listing for your property is crucially important on social media. After all, you have to attract tenants with your words first so that they get interested in your property and reach out to schedule a viewing.

That’s why you need to write a comprehensive description of your rental property which highlights all its benefits and advantages compared to comparable rentals in the area. However, make sure that you stick to the truth and don’t lie in your listing description. Disappointed potential tenants will not only fall for your lies when they do the actual viewing but also punish you by leaving negative comments under your untruthful social media posts about your property.

Tip #3: Share Attractive Photos

Use Beautiful Photos to Market Your Rental on Social Media in 2021

While written content is important to get interested renters to get in touch, high-quality photos are crucial for getting tenants interested, to begin with. With the millions of daily posts on social media, as a landlord you have to include professional photos of your rental in all your marketing posts to grab the attention of people looking for accommodation in your area.

In social media marketing, the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is more true than ever.

When it comes to photos, make sure that you post images of all different rooms as well as the exterior of the property.

Tip #4: Post a Virtual Tour

Virtual reality was taking over the real estate business even before Covid-19, but the pandemic definitely caused augmented reality to bloom. If you want to be competitive, you have to create virtual tours of your rental property and share them in your social media posts.

Showing all details of your property will ensure that you get only really interested tenants to get in touch and ask for a viewing.

Tip #5: Use the Right Hashtags

Use Hashtags to Market Your Rental on Social Media in 2021

Hashtags are the bread and butter of social media marketing. While they are important on all platforms, they are an absolute necessity in Twitter marketing and Instagram marketing. This is how interested social media users will be able to find your marketing posts and get to them.

Lucky for you, there are dozens of good real estate hashtags which allows you to choose the most relevant ones for your rental. Some popular ones include #rentalproperty, #rentalproperties, and #housingmarket as well as hashtags which include the name of your city and state, such as #Miamirealestate and #Californiarealestate.

It is ideal to include about 5-6 relevant hashtags in each of your posts. This number optimizes the chances of your post getting noticed without attracting parties that might be only marginally interested.

Tip #6: Create Events

Another tip which every landlord needs to know to successfully market his/her property on social media in 2021 is to create events. On social media you can both create virtual or real life events and promote actual events. For example, you can organize a live virtual tour of your rental where you show your rental to interested tenants online and answer any questions they might have. Hosting online events on social media is not only efficient and cheap but also safe in the current reality of a global pandemic.

Tip #7: Remarket Your Property

Before you get into social media marketing, it’s important to know that scheduling a single post about your available rental will simply not do the trick. You will need to publish numerous posts on regular intervals to optimize your strategy.

If you’re only a part-time investor and landlord who has another 9-to-5 job to worry about, you shouldn’t be getting desperate. Posting on social media should not take more than a couple of minutes a day if you make use of the social media automation tools available for landlords. For instance, with the help of a social media scheduler tool, you can prepare and schedule all your weekly posts within 10-15 minutes and not worry about them for the rest of the week.

Tip #8: Consider Social Media Ads

If organic social media marketing doesn’t work out – in case you’re located in a very competitive real estate market – you should consider paid ads. Facebook ads and Instagram ads are well-suited for marketing a rental property. Indeed, you might be able to find the ideal tenant just a few minutes after starting your ad if you target it well.

Social media is not only a nice way to complement your rental marketing strategy but can easily turn into your main method of marketing your property. With these 8 simple tips you’ll be set for success even if you have no previous experience in digital marketing.

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