How to Post on Facebook in 2021
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How to Post on Facebook in 2021

How to post on Facebook?” sounds like a superfluous question. After all, everyone – not only those working in social media marketing – know how to create a Facebook post. All that’s required is a computer or a smartphone, a personal Facebook account or a Facebook business page, and some content. Once you have all those things, you simply press the “Post” button, and your content goes live.

However, things are not so easy and straightforward if you are a busy business owner, digital marketer, or freelance social media expert who’s looking for the most efficient and effective way to post on Facebook.

So the question becomes: “How to post on Facebook in the best possible way in 2021?”

The answer is right here: “With the help of Studiorific Social – the best Facebook post scheduler.”

What is a post scheduler for Facebook? How does it work? What does it do? How does it help optimize your social media marketing processes?

We will answer these and many more important social networking questions in this article.

What Is a Facebook Post Scheduler?

First things first. Let’s figure out what a post scheduler for Facebook is.

This is a social media scheduler which connects with the Facebook network, along with other social media channels.

This means that you can add your Facebook business pages and Facebook groups to a third-party social media management platform in order to schedule your Facebook posts as well as other social media posts from it. Note that Facebook’s rules and regulations do not allow you to connect personal Facebook profiles.

The main advantage is that you can streamline and optimize your digital marketing processes by scheduling posts on different social media accounts on various sites from the same platform. You don’t have to keep multiple internet tabs open and get confused about what you are currently working on.

Another great benefit of using a social media post scheduler tool is that you can publish the same post on different accounts and networks simultaneously without the need to upload the same photo or video, write the same caption, and add the same hashtags multiple times.

You have to do the work just once, and smart social media management tools will take care of the rest.

How to Post on Facebook with Studiorific Social

If you are starting to wonder where to find such a smart social media scheduling platform, then you’ve come to the right place.

Studiorific Social hosts all the tools and features that you need in order to automate not only Facebook marketing but also Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and YouTube marketing.

And that’s not all. You can also use our social media scheduler to schedule posts on Tumblr, Reddit, and Google My Business (GMB).

So now let’s take a look at exactly how to post on Facebook with Studiorific Social:

Step #1: Connect Your Facebook Accounts

The first step in creating Facebook posts with our social media scheduler is to add your Facebook business pages and Facebook groups (where you have an admin account as per Facebook’s rules and regulations) through the Account Manager.

How to Post on Facebook: Studiorific Social Account Manager
Studiorific’s Account Manager

This will take only about a minute, and you only have to do it once.

Step 2: Select the Facebook Pages and Groups Where You Want to Post

Once you’ve added your Facebook accounts, you can either head over to the Publish All tab if you’d like to schedule a post on a few different social media networks (not only Facebook) or click on the Facebook tab and then on Post if you’d like to publish content on just this website.

You can check the social media accounts where you’d like your Facebook post to go live.

Step #3: Choose the Format of Your Facebook Post

Next in how to post on Facebook with the help of Studiorific Social is selecting the type of post that you’d like to create. You can choose between:

  • Sharing an image or a video with a caption through the Media option
  • Scheduling a link with a social media caption through the Link option
  • Posting text content only through the Text option

Step #4: Create Your Post for Facebook

Depending on the type of Facebook post that you’d like to share, you should upload your creative, paste a link, type a caption, and add hashtags.

That’s more or less the same kind of work you have to do when posting on Facebook directly. However, it comes with a few important advantages such as your photo or video being stored in the File Manager, your caption being saved in the Caption tool, and others which we will discuss a bit later.

Step #5: Publish or Schedule

As soon as your Facebook post is ready, you can decide to publish it on your account or accounts right away, or you can schedule it for publication later on.

That’s one of the really cool features of Studiorific Social. It gives you the ability to prepare and schedule multiple Facebook posts (or other social media posts) at once. In this way, you can fill in your weekly or even monthly social media calendar in a single day and not worry about how to post on Facebook for a while.

If you want to schedule your post for a later time, you have the option to publish it just once or have it reposted multiple times.

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So Studirific Social works not only as a Facebook post scheduler but also as a Facebook reposter to save your time and energy when you’d like to share the same content numerous times. That’s particularly useful for evergreen content or seasonal promo campaigns.

Importantly, you can automate reposting on Facebook or any other social media site without having the site consider your content as spam and without boring your audience. We have a tool which allows you to add variations to the social media caption, and each time our platform publishes your post, it will select one of the variations.

All you have to do is to type the variations like this:

{Social Media Caption Variation 1|Social Media Caption Variation 2|Social Media Caption Vation 3|Social Media Caption Variation 4}

Step #6: Confirm Your Post

While there is no need to do this, once you’ve published or scheduled your post on Facebook, you can check it in your social media schedule. All you have to do is to click on Schedules.

You can find your published posts in the Published schedule, where you can sort out posts by social media network, account, or group of accounts.

Meanwhile, you can check out your scheduled Facebook posts in the Queue schedule.

How to Post on Facebook: Studiorific Social Media Schedule
Studiorific’s Facebook Post Schedule

What Tools Does Our Social Media Management Platform Have?

Now that you know how to post on facebook step by step from the Studiorific Social platform, it’s important to look at the tools and features which our website has that make scheduling posts faster and more efficient than on Facebook directly.

Tool #1: Facebook Post Scheduler

First and foremost, the Studiorific social media management platform features a post scheduler for Facebook. This tool allows you to not only publish Facebook posts in real time but to also schedule posts for later.

How to Post on Facebook: Studiorific Social Media Scheduler
Studiorific’s Facebook Post Scheduler and Reposter

Moreover, Facebook marketing has really been optimized through the ability to create the same post across different Facebook accounts as well as various social media networks, all at once.

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Tool #2: Facebook Reposter

In addition to helping you in how to post on Facebook, Studiorific Social also helps you report on Facebook in the quickest and most efficient way. You can schedule a post to be shared as many times as you want, at whatever frequency you’d like.

Importantly, you can add variations in the caption for maximum engagement from your followers.

Tool #3: RSS Feed Integration

Another tool which helps you automate the process of posting on Facebook in 2021 is the RSS Feed integration. You can add several RSS feeds from our own website or other websites within your industry. Then you can schedule content from these websites to be automatically shared on your Facebook business page or Facebook group.

Tool #4: Social Media Schedule

You will never fully comprehend how to post on Facebook unless you have a visual representation of your social media marketing plan. Studiorific Social takes care of this as well.

You can access a calendar with your published Facebook posts, scheduled posts, and unpublished posts. The latter signifies the posts that have failed to get published at the time determined by you, for one reason or another.

Our tools allow you to go back to these posts and easily reschedule them for publication.

Tool #5: File Manager

One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks when posting on Facebook is uploading images and videos. If you decide to post on Facebook directly, you have to upload each photo and each video every time that you want to share them with your audience.

Studiorific Social has eliminated this need through the File Manager tool. Every image or video file that you upload in your posts gets automatically stored in your File Manager. This means that you can access them and reuse them in future posts without the need to constantly upload them. No other Facebook post scheduler offers this option.

Tool #6: Image Editor

Furthermore, you can make various changes to your photos and other images once you’ve uploaded them on Studiorific Social. The image editor tool helps you edit image files right on our platform without the need to make the changes offline and reupload the modified files afterwards.

This will save you precious time that you can use for more creative social media marketing activities.

Tool #7: Caption Tool

No matter how diverse our Facebook marketing strategy is, we end up using the same or very similar captions on multiple posts. Not to mention using basically the same hashtags with the vast majority of our Facebook posts.

Studiorific Social helps you optimize how to post on Facebook by providing you with the opportunity to save your frequently used captions. You can go to the Caption tool and save texts that you will be sharing more than once. Alternatively, you can save captions when scheduling new posts.

How to Post on Facebook: Studiorific Social Caption Tool
Studiorific’s Caption Tool

Tool #8: Watermark Tool

Studiorific Social also helps you automate the process of branding your visual content. Through the Watermark tool, you can add your company logo to your Facebook account on our platform so that all images scheduled through our scheduler get published with the logo.

How to Post on Facebook: Studiorific Social Watermark Tool
Studiorific’s Watermark Tool

If you’re a digital marketing agency working with multiple clients, you have the option to add a different brand logo on each of your Facebook business pages and Facebook groups – one for each of your clients.

Tool #9: Group Manager

Another tool which is particularly useful for social media marketing agencies is the Group Manager. You can easily organize your social media accounts by grouping them based on characteristics selected by you.

How to Post on Facebook: Studiorific Social Group Manager
Studiorific’s Group Manager

For example, you can organize accounts by client or by social media platform. Once you have your groups of accounts, you can choose to schedule the same post on a whole group, which makes posting even more efficient.

Tool #10: Team Manager

Last but not least, Studiorific Social makes how to post on Facebook as a team much easier than ever before. Social media marketing is very much a group sport. You’re much more likely to succeed and to grow your business in a sustainable manner if you engage your team instead of doing all the work on your own.

What’s why we’ve developed the Team Manager tool through which you can add members to your team. You can invite your colleagues or your clients to collaborate on Facebook posts and on turning your Facebook marketing plan into reality.

Even if you knew how to post on Facebook the traditional way, now you know how to do that in the most efficient and effective way out there. Just use Studiorific Social’s tools to turn hours of posting on Facebook and other social media channels into 15 minutes.

But don’t just take our word for granted. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific Social now to discover its full potential on your own.

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