How to Schedule Posts on Facebook from Your Studiorific Account
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How to Schedule Posts on Facebook from Your Studiorific Account

Having a Facebook account and publishing posts on it on a regular basis is a must for every digital marketer, social media influencer, and big or small business that wants to succeed. With over 2.6 billion active monthly users, Facebook has emerged as an unquestionable leader in social media marketing across the globe. That’s why all social media management tools need to include features which allow marketers and agencies to speed up, facilitate, and optimize scheduling posts on Facebook. Consequently, one of the main tools available on Studiorific is a Facebook post scheduler. Despite the fancy name, this tool is very easy to use and requires zero previous experience with similar tools.

In this article, we will show you how to schedule posts on Facebook from your Studiorific account to enhance your social media strategy in a successful yet effortless manner. This includes:

  • How to post on Facebook page
  • How to post on Facebook group

How to Connect Your Facebook Accounts to Studiorific

Before you start scheduling social media posts on Facebook, you need to add your Facebook business accounts or personal ones to your dashboard. To do that, click on the Account manager tab in the left-hand side menu on our platform. Based on your Studiorific subscription plan, you will be able to connect between 12 and 77 different Facebook pages and/or Facebook groups. Depending on the type of Facebook account which you want to add, click on “Add Facebook page” or “Add Facebook group”. Enter the email address or phone number associated with your Facebook account as well as your Facebook password. Agree to give Studiorific permission to manage your Facebook page and group and post on them to assure optimal performance.

You should see a list of all Facebook pages or groups to which you have access. Select the one/s you’d like to add, and click on the “Add profile” button. Once you’ve done this, you will see a “Success” popup confirming that your Facebook page or group has been successfully connected to your Studiorific account. Then you’ll be automatically taken to your Account manager page where you will see your newly added account(s).

You can repeat the same steps for us many Facebook pages and groups as your subscription plan allows. Remember that you can always come back to this page to delete accounts you don’t use any more and add new ones.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook from Studiorific

Once you’ve connected your Facebook account(s) to your Studiorific profile, you can being scheduling posts from your dashboard. Here are the steps which you need to take in order to do this.

Step 1: Select an Account to Post on

With Studiorific, you can choose to schedule a post on one or more Facebook accounts at a time or on several social media accounts simultaneously.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook Account(s) Only

To post on Facebook only, click on the Facebook tab in the left-hand side menu, after which click on “Post”. This will take you to the social media post scheduling page of your dashboard. Select the Facebook page(s) and/or group(s) on which you want to share content.

How to Schedule Posts on Multiple Social Media Accounts

Studiorific makes performing the day-to-day tasks of social media marketing faster and more efficient by providing you with the possibility to prepare content to be published on a few different platforms at the same time. For this purpose, click on the Publish all tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard. This will automatically redirect you to the social media posts scheduling page. Now you can select the social media accounts which you want to publish on. In addition to Facebook, with our social media management tools you can schedule posts on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube as well.

Step 2: Add the Content That You Want to Share

The next step in the process of how to schedule posts on Facebook through Studiorific comprises of adding the digital content you want to publish on your Facebook accounts. You can compose social media posts including images, videos, links, and text content.

How to Post Images on Facebook

If you plan to share images in your Facebook post, click on the Media tab if you want to schedule a social media post on Facebook only. Alternatively, if you are scheduling on a few different social media networks simultaneously, click on the Photo tab. With Studiorific you can include one or more photos in your Facebook posts.

There are four different ways in which you can add photos to your Facebook post.

File Manager

If the image(s) you want to share are already available in your File manager on Studiorific, just click on the relevant tab. Then select the photo(s) you’d like to add by clicking on the box in their upper left-hand side corner. Then simply click on “Add”.

  • Additional Tip: Editing Photos

Keep in mind that with Studiorific you can edit the images you’ve already uploaded on the platform before adding them to your social media posts. Just click on the Edit icon when you open them in the File manager to access our Image editor. You can crop, flip, and rotate photos. You can add drawings, shapes, icons, and text. You can also change the colors. Once you are done with all the edits you’d like to make, just click on the “Save” button to be taken back to the File manager.

  • Additional Tip: Branding Content

Moreover, social media marketers know the importance of properly branded digital content for enhancing lead generation and converting leads into customers. That’s why the social media management tools available on Studiorific allow you to brand your images by adding your business logo as a watermark.

To set up the branding watermarks for your Facebook and other social media accounts on Studiorific, simply click on the Watermark tab in the left-hand side menu on your dashboard. From the new menu, either select the Default watermark option to set up one single watermark for all your social media networks or click on the profile for which you want to set up a watermark. Then upload your logo and customize the position, size, and transparency level, depending on how you want your logo watermark to show on your social media posts or Facebook and other platforms. Click on “Save”.

Importantly, setting up a watermark will assure that it is added to all your photo posts on the relevant accounts. There is no need to waste time on branding your content manually every time you want to post on social media sites. The process has been fully automated for you.

Upload from Device

Furthermore, you can add new photos to your Facebook posts by uploading them from your device, whether a desktop or a mobile. Just click on “Upload” and choose the images you need for your publication.

Google Drive

Similarly, you can import photos from your Google Drive by clicking on the respective icon.


The last option for including images when scheduling posts on Facebook with which Studiorific provides you is to import them from a link. Click on the Link icon and enter the media URL.

How to Post Videos on Facebook

Publishing videos is similar to how to schedule posts on Facebook with photos. If you are posting on Facebook only, click on the Media tab. If you are scheduling posts on multiple social media platforms, click on the Video tab.

Once again, you can add videos in the following ways:

  • Choose videos from your File manager
  • Upload videos from your device
  • Import videos from your Google Drive
  • Share videos from a media URL

How to Post Links on Facebook

With Studiorific’s Facebook post scheduler, you can also share links to pages on your website or other websites. This means that you can easily and efficiently share your blog posts, company news, landing pages, and other relevant content pages with your social media users.

Simply click on the Link tab, and then add the URL of the link you want to publish. If this is a blog post or another page with a featured image, this featured image will be automatically pulled out and set up as the image for your Facebook post.

How to Post Text Content on Facebook

Sometimes you simply want to share news or ask for the opinion of your Facebook users, without the need for fancy photos and videos. Studiorific has you covered in these cases as well. Click on the Text tab to see how to schedule posts on Facebook that are plain text. Then you can type in your content in the Enter your caption field or paste it from another source.

Step 3: Write a Caption

Once you have added the visual digital content that you want on your Facebook posts, it’s time to work on the caption. One of the best things about scheduling posts on Facebook as opposed to other social media networks – other than the large audience – is the fact that there’s no limit on the length of your captions. Your Facebook posts can be anything from a single word to a few paragraphs. Of course, you should keep in mind that when you schedule posts on different platforms simultaneously, not just Facebook, the length of your captions should comply with the restrictions on the other networks. For example, posts on Twitter can be with a maximum length of 280 characters.

With regards to the content of your caption, you can type in text or paste it from somewhere else. You can also click on the “Get caption” icon to access captions that you have previously used and saved. Moreover, if you are currently typing a new caption which you think you might want to use in the future, you should click on the “Save caption” icon to add it to your caption inventory on your Studiorific account.

  • Additional Tip: Using Hashtags on Facebook

To optimize your captions, remember to include hashtags. Although hashtags in Facebook are not as crucial as on Twitter, they are still a very good way to drive the right audience to your Facebook posts.

  • Additional Tip: Saving Captions

With Studiorific, you can save your social media post captions to use multiple times. Digital marketers frequently end up using the same or similar captions when posting on social media. This is particularly true for the hashtags which they use. So you can, for example, save your most popular hashtags on Facebook or other social media sites as captions.

To create new captions or edit existing ones, click on the Caption tab in the left-hand side menu on your dashboard. This will take you to all your already saved captions. Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand side corner of any of them and click on Edit to make changes to them. For creating new captions, click on the “Add new” button. Type in your new caption and submit it for saving.

Step 4: Review Facebook Posts

Even if you know how to schedule posts on Facebook for optimal Facebook posts engagement, it is important to have one last look at your post before scheduling it. This will make sure that your content looks good and you’ve not made any silly mistakes.

A preview of your Facebook post is available to the right. Have a look to make sure everything is fine before posting.

Step 5: Publish or Schedule Posts on Facebook

The last step in posting content on Facebook through Studiorific is deciding whether to post right away or later on.

How to Publish Posts on Facebook Immediately

If you want your Facebook post to go live right away, just click on the “Post” button. This will prompt the Studiorific Facebook post scheduler to publish your post immediately. You can go to the Schedules tab in the left-hand side menu and select Published to see a social media schedule with your already published posts, including this one.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook for Later

Alternatively, you can schedule your post to go live later on, at the best time to post on Facebook for maximum engagement with your social media users. To do that, select the “Schedule” box and choose the date and time at which you want your post to be published in the Time post field. If you want a real Facebook post boost, you can set up your content to be reposted a few different times. Just enter how many days apart you want your posts going live in the Repost frequency field and the final date on which you want them reposted in the Repost until field. Then click on the “Schedule” button. Afterwards, you can visit your Schedules to see your Facebook posts schedule. For a view of your scheduled Facebook posts, select the Queue option.

Why Should You Use Studiorific’s Facebook Post Scheduler?

Now that you know how to schedule posts on Facebook from Studiorific, you might still not be sure about the benefits which this brings. Here are the most important advantages with which our Facebook post scheduler provides you:

  • Publish Facebook posts at the best time for your social media users by scheduling posts ahead of time
  • Schedule posts on multiple Facebook page and/or group accounts and/or other social media accounts simultaneously
  • Edit photos
  • Brand your digital content for social media marketing
  • Access saved captions including hashtags
  • Use a visual Facebook posts schedule for both scheduled and published posts

In conclusion, Studiorific minimizes the time and effort you need for scheduling posts on Facebook as well as other social media networks so that you can devote your energy to working on other aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

Automation, optimization, and efficiency are the key drivers in the social media marketing industry in 2020. To enhance your performance and beat the competition, it is crucially important to get access to the best social media manager tools including a Facebook post scheduler. Now you know how to schedule posts on Facebook from your Studiorific account for maximum efficacy. All that’s left now is to choose the best Studiorific subscription plan for your social media marketing needs.

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