How to View and Track Instagram Analytics on Studiorific to Optimize Social Media Engagement
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How to View and Track Instagram Analytics on Studiorific to Optimize Social Media Engagement

The social media marketing industry has become so competitive that simply scheduling posts does not guarantee you success. You have to go further by tracking and analyzing both the overall performance of your social media accounts and the individual performance of social media posts. You need solid data and analytics to evaluate your current social media strategy and optimize it in the future. This holds true for all social media platforms including Instagram.

In this article we will show you how to view and analyze Instagram analytics from your Studiorific dashboard to assure that your social media marketing plan is achieving the maximum results.

But first things first…

Why Should Your Business Have an Instagram Account?

If you are just developing the social media marketing strategy for your business, you might be wondering which networks to join. Instagram is definitely one of the must-have social media sites in 2020. With over 500 million active daily users and more than 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram has established itself as the absolute leader in photo digital marketing, and the social media app is also quickly picking up in video marketing.

That’s why the main reason you should create an Instagram business account to promote your company is the large exposure which this can bring you. Having an Instagram account and daily social media post scheduling on it is particularly important for digital strategies based on a lot of visual content such as photos, images, infographics, and videos.

Why Is Instagram Tracking Important?

Any experienced digital marketer knows that tracking the performance of social media accounts on all networks as well as the performance of individual social media posts is crucial. Instagram accounts and posts are no exception. The reason is simple: Knowing how much social media engagement your posts are able to generate helps you evaluate if you are on track to achieving your digital marketing strategic goals or not.

Furthermore, viewing and inspecting Instagram analytics for separate posts helps you assess what topics, what type of content, what hashtags, and what time of posting on social media brings the best user engagement. Once you know this for a fact, it’s easy to enhance your Instagram scheduling plan.

In order words, answering the question “How to increase Instagram engagement?” starts with finding out all the Instagram analytics that you can get a hold of.

What Instagram Analytics Can You Track on Studiorific?

Now that you know the significance of tracking on Instagram, the next question to answer is: “Where can one find the best app for Instagram analytics?

Actually, with our one-stop social media management platform, digital marketers don’t need separate Instagram analytics tools. Studiorific’s social media automation platform allows you to do all the following from a single dashboard:

  • Connect multiple Instagram personal and business accounts for several individuals and companies
  • Schedule social media posts on one or more Instagram accounts simultaneously, ahead of time
  • Access a visual Instagram social media schedule of published and scheduled posts
  • View and track various Instagram analytics

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Importantly, with Studiorific you can optimize scheduling posts on social media networks other than Instagram as well, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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Are you wondering what exactly you can track on our Instagram analytics app?

With any Studiorific subscription plan, you get access to a set of Instagram engagement metrics which helps you evaluate the performance of your Instagram accounts in general and of Instagram posts in specific.

With the Studiorific Instagram engagement calculator, you can see:

  • Total number of Instagram posts on your account
  • Total number of Instagram followers
  • Total number of Instagram accounts you are following
  • Average Instagram engagement rate calculated as the average number of likes and shares on your posts
  • Average Instagram likes rate computed for the last 10 social media posts that you published
  • Average Instagram comments rate calculated for the last 10 posts
  • Top Instagram posts from the last 10 publications based on engagement
  • Top hashtags for Intagram post scheduling from the last 10 publications

Importantly, our social media manager tools provide you with both the numbers for the metrics listed above and easy-to-understand graphs which show trends in these figures. For example, with Studiorific’s Instagram tracker app you see not only how many Instagram likes and followers you have at the moment, but also how their number changed over the past days. This helps you assess immediately – right from your Instagram social media scheduler – whether your posts are achieving the target engagement and which posts perform best.

While you can get many of these Instagram analytics from your Instagram account directly, not all of them are available there. Moreover, tracking on Instagram can get complicated if you manage multiple social media accounts and have to remember and enter different Instagram usernames and passwords for each one of them. The Studiorific social media automation platform allows you to track and analyze the performance of up to 28 Instagram accounts (with Premium subscription) from a single dashboard. This saves you lots of time and energy which you can devote to creating original digital content and strengthening your social media strategy rather than wasting them on social media scheduling and tracking.

How to See Instagram Analytics on Studiorific?

One of the most important features of any tools for Instagram analytics tracking is to be simple and intuitive to use. No digital marketer wants to waste time on figuring out how to make use of overly complicated apps for Instagram tracking as they have more important things to focus on.

No worries. The Instagram analytics app available on the Studiorific social media management tools platform is effortless to use. Here are the simple steps you need to take to view how your Instagram account and posts are performing.

Step 1: Click on the Instagram tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard. Then click on Analytics.

Step 2: Select the Instagram account what you want to track from the menu in case you’ve connected multiple accounts by clicking on it.

Step 3: Voilà. You have arrived at your Instagram analytics page. Here you can see all the metrics and figures we described above.

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Tracking Instagram analytics is not only crucial for having the best possible social media marketing strategy but has also become extremely easy. Now you can streamline your social media processes by scheduling posts, visualizing your social media calendar, and tracking performance on Instagram from a single platform. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific to see how we can help you reach your social media marketing objectives on Instagram as well as on other top networks.

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