How to Get Free and Real Instagram Likes: 15 Professional Tips
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How to Get Free and Real Instagram Likes: 15 Professional Tips

With more and more businesses and social media influencers buying Instagram likes, it’s getting incredibly hard to get real, genuine likes at no cost. However, bought likes to your Instagram posts bring no real value, make your profile look bad, and might even get you caught and punished by the platform itself. That’s why you should always strive to have likes, comments, and other types of social media engagement from real users and real followers, for the value of the content which you share on Instagram. Even if getting this kind of Instagram likes requires some work, it is totally worth it and absolutely doable. In this guide, we’ve put together 15 professional tips which the best social media marketers use to increase the number of likes on every single Instagram post that they publish.

Grab your favorite cup of coffee, sit down, and learn how to become a likeable Instagram marketer.

Tip #1: Study Your Target Audience

The first step to getting tons of genuine Instagram likes is creating content that deserves likes. And the first step to doing that is learning who your target audience is, what their interests are, why they are on Instagram, and what they hope to get out of their Instagram experience. Once you know the answers to these questions, you just need to create content which matches these requirements and expectations.

Thus, if you are new to Instagram marketing, you should figure out who exactly you want your Instagram followers to be and who you want to like your Instagram posts. If you are a business, these will be your ideal customer personas.

Do a lot of online research about the nature, characteristics, interests, and habits of your target audience before you start scheduling Instagram posts.

Tip #2: Offer Unique Content

With the tons of social media posts being published every single day on all platforms including Instagram, it’s a challenge to stand out. The key to a successful Instagram marketing strategy which generates scores of likes is creating and designing unique content which no one else is offering.

Use the strengths as well as the uniqueness of your business and your team to provide answers to the questions which bother your target audience the most and solutions to their most pressing needs. Create beautiful and attractive photos and videos which capture the essence of your product or service and how it helps your target audience.

Tip #3: Post Amazing Photos

As a leader among the social media sites for visual content, Instagram likes require staggering photos, infographics, and other images. Your Instagram followers and other users have to be astounded in order to choose to like your Instagram posts rather than your competitors’.

In addition, using only high-quality photos is an absolute must with Instagram. You need professional-level images to be able to catch the attention of your target audience. Poor-quality photos and Instagram likes are incompatible.

Tip #4: Schedule Intriguing Videos

Although many associate Instagram mostly with photo sharing, Instagram videos are increasingly gaining more and more popularity among users of the platform. That’s why you should create and schedule Instagram posts with videos as well. You cannot maximize your Instagram likes without incorporating videos into your social media strategy.

Moreover, according to best practices recommended by the top social media influencers, Instagram videos should be short and highly intriguing. Just like your photo Instagram posts, videos should have a point and stick to this point.

Tip #5: Make Use of All Types of Instagram Posts

To optimize the number of Instagram likes that you get, you should schedule posts of all kinds available on the social media network. Each format – photo and video Instagram posts, Instagram stories, IGTV, and Instagram carousels – has its unique purpose and is optimal for a specific target audience. In order to reach out to the highest number of Instagram users with similar interests to yours and to gain the most Instagram followers who will eventually like your content, you need to use all these options.

If you’re wondering about the best way to post different social media post formats, try out Studiorific’s Instagram post scheduler.

Watch our tutorial video to find out how to add your Instagram accounts to our platform.

Tip #6: Optimize Your Hashtags for Instagram

Together with Twitter, Instagram is the other social media platform which thrives on hashtags. Hashtags for Instagram marketing are like keywords for content marketing in the sense that they are the main factor for getting your content to users who are not your followers yet.

The perfect hashtags for Instagram posts are neither too broad nor too narrow. It’s best practices to do research and figure out what other Instagram users in your industry are using and incorporate these hashtags into your strategy as well. Getting the right audience to your profile guarantees obtaining these Instagram likes. It’s much easier to get people who care about your niche and product to like your posts than those are not really interested.

Moreover, it is a good idea to use branded hashtags which contain the name of your company. In this way, users who like one of your Instagram posts will be able to find your other posts easily, and chances are that they will like them as well.

Tip #7: Tag Other Instagram Users and Accounts

Social media engagement is crucial on all platforms for getting likes, and Instagram is no exception. You should start tagging your followers and other members of your Instagram community in your posts. This will inevitably catch their attention as well as the attention of their followers. That’s a quick way to not only grow your audience but also drive very interested users to your posts. And having a lot of people with similar interests see your content is the best way to generate the most Instagram likes.

Tip #8: Add Instagram Geotags

To increase the number of Instagram likes that your posts get, it is important to include not only hashtags and tags to other profiles but also Instagram geotags. Geotagging your location will drive traffic from other users in your area or those interested in your location to your Instagram account. Being from the same location or caring about the same place is a powerful bond creator, which is very likely to get users to like your Instagram posts and even comment on them.

Tip #9: Write Powerful Captions

Adding social media captions to your Instagram content is a must as per the terms of the platform. However, in order to optimize the performance of your posts, you need to add the right captions. Your captions for Instagram should contain a powerful message to capture the attention of users and should also be truthful. Make sure that captions describe the exact content of your photo or video and are not misleading. No one will like your Instagram posts if they don’t match the caption.

With Studiorific, you can design and save the best captions for your Instagram posts to reuse in multiple posts.

Tip #10: Post at the Best Time for Your Target Audience

Each social media site has its own best time for scheduling posts, and each target audience is most active at a different day of the week and time of the day. To maximize the outreach of your posts and get the highest number of Instagram likes, you should research the optimal time for posting for your particular target audience and schedule your posts for that time. Users are much more likely to pay attention, like, and engage in other manners with content that has just been published than with posts from a few hours ago.

If your audience is located across the ocean, and you want to avoid being online 24/7 to grab their attention right away, schedule social media posts for Instagram and other platforms ahead of time with Studiorific’s social media scheduler.

Tip #11: Publish Content Consistently

Just like with all other social media sites, it is crucial to build a social media schedule and stick to it. Once you’ve gained enough Instagram followers, they will start expecting and even looking forward to seeing your posts. Thus, to meet their expectations and avoid disappointment, you should post photos and videos consistently – the same day of the week, the same time of the day. This means that your followers will keep coming back for your posts and giving them Instagram likes.

Tip #12: Share Instagram Posts on Other Social Media Networks

Crossposting is a powerful tool for increasing traffic from interested people to your social media posts. Getting lots of Instagram likes is much easier when you crosspost your Instagram posts on other social media channels. Focus on Facebook and Twitter as these are two of the most popular networks with the highest number of active users.

Tip #13: Ask for Likes and Comments

Many Instagram marketers are too shy to ask their followers to like their posts, or they think that it will not work. Actually, you might be surprised how effective this simple strategy is.

Try adding a short message to your captions or in the first comment under your Instagram post, asking users to like your post, tell you what they think about it, or repost it. Sometimes all that Instagram users need is a quick reminder or a small push to engage actively with other users’ content.

Tip #14: Engage with Those Engaging with You

As soon as you see someone liking your Instagram posts or commenting on them, you should find the best way to react to them. You can comment to their comment, follow them, or send them a direct message. Users will appreciate the fact that you took time to get back to them, which means that they are much more likely to give you more Instagram likes as soon as your next posts go live.

Having solid Instagram activity takes lots of time and energy which busy social media marketers don’t usually have. Automate your Instagram activity with Studiorific’s tools to start following users, liking posts, commenting on them, and sending direct messages among other activities without being actually present.

Watch our tutorial video to learn how to automate your Instagram activity through the tools available on our platform for native engagement.

Tip #15: Seek Proactive Engagement

Last but not least, you should not just sit and wait for someone to like your posts. You should initiate engagement with other users to inspire their interest in your posts and bring them to your profile. First of all, this tactic will grow your community and number of Instagram followers. Second, these will be highly interested and engaged users, so there’s a perfect chance that they will like your Instagram posts in the future and even repost them.

Now that you know how to optimize your strategy for generating the most likes on Instagram, it’s also important to track Instagram analytics to see whether likes and other engagement metrics are picking up at the expected speed. Read our article to find out how to view and track Instagram analytics right on our platform.

Instagram likes don’t come on their own. Getting them requires some thought and efforts. But if you follow these 15 simple tips, you will quickly start generating significantly more engagement than your competitors.

Sign up for a free 7-day trial of Studiorific today to schedule the most engaging and likeable Instagram posts and optimize your other activities on the social media platform.

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