Studiorific Has All the Social Media Management Tools for Instagram Marketing That You Need
Social Media Management Tools

Studiorific Has All the Social Media Management Tools for Instagram Marketing That You Need

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram has won a place among the most popular social media networks. Moreover, it is an absolute leader in terms of sharing photo and video content. This simple fact means that Instagram marketing is an indispensable part of the digital marketing strategy of any business which aspires to establish a solid online presence.

Nevertheless, using Instagram for marketing can become a bit tedious and even overwhelming. That is, unless you have access to the right social media management tools to automate, optimize, and streamline your social media processes.

Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. Studiorific has all the tools which a marketer needs to succeed in Instagram marketing in the fastest and most efficient way.

1. Instagram Post Scheduler

Obviously, the most important part of your social media marketing strategy on Instagram – or any other platform – is posting high-quality content of interest to your target users. That’s why the first tool available on the Studiorific platform which we will discuss is the Instagram post scheduler.

Importantly, you can connect several Instagram accounts to your Studiorific dashboard. The exact number depends on your subscription plan.

To learn how to add an Instagram account, watch our tutorial video.

As soon as you’ve done that, you can start to schedule Instagram posts. To do that, just go to the Instagram tab in the left-hand side of our dashboard and click on Post. Mark the Instagram account(s) on which you want to post.

Then you should choose the format of your Instagram post:

  • Media: photo(s) or video(s)
  • Instagram story
  • IGTV
  • Instagram carousel

Next, you need to add the files which you want to include in your post. With Studiorific, you can add a few photos or videos in a single Instagram post. You can:

  • Choose photos and videos from your File Manager
  • Upload from your device
  • Import from Google Drive
  • Import from a link

It is important to highlight that you can edit photos and images directly on our platform. Just click on the Edit icon on the image you’d like to make changes to, and the Image Editor will be opened. You can crop, flip, and rotate images as well as add different features to them.

Another image enhancement you can make from our platform is to brand your visual content. With the Watermark feature, you can automate adding your logo as a watermark to all your images in all your social media accounts or in some of them.

To learn how to add a watermark to your Instagram photos, watch our tutorial video.

Subsequently, you need to add a caption for Instagram post. Our Caption feature allows you design and save social media captions so that you can use them in your upcoming posts. In this way Instagram marketers save lots of precious time and avoid having to perform repetitive tasks. The ability to save captions is particularly useful for savings hashtags for Instagram as in most cases your Instagram posts will use the same hashtags.

By clicking on Advanced Option, you get access to two more features for scheduling Instagram posts.

First of all, you can enter your location in the respective field.

Second, you can write the first comment to be published under your post as soon as it goes live. Being the first one to comment on your own posts is one of the top Instagram marketing tips which digital marketers and social media influencers recommend for generating user engagement on your account.

Once you’ve prepared your post, you can preview how it will look once it gets published on your Instagram account in the right-hand side of the screen.

If you are happy with your Instagram post, you can either publish it right away by clicking Post or schedule it for publication later on by clicking Schedule.

If you’d like to schedule an Instagram post for a later time or date, all you have to do is to choose the date and time when you want your post to go live in the Time Post field.

If you are scheduling posts on multiple Instagram accounts or other social media accounts simultaneously, you can choose whether they should go live at the same time or some time apart from each other. To do that, just set up the desired interval between individual posts in the Interval per Post field.

Our Instagram scheduler tool also gives you the opportunity to set up Instagram post automation reposting. All you have to do is to choose how frequently you want your content to get reposted in the Repost Frequency field as days. Set up when you want to stop sharing your post in the Repost Until field. If you want your post to be published just once, leave the value of the Repost Frequency at 0.

Once you are done with all settings, just click Schedule, and your content for Instagram marketing has been scheduled for publication.

Just as with all other social media sites, scheduling Instagram posts at the best time for user engagement is crucial. Our Instagram scheduler allows you to do that by scheduling your posts in advance, so that you don’t have to be online 24/7 to meet the interests of your users around the globe.

2. Instagram Post Schedule

The second must-have social media management tool for Instagram marketing available on the Studiorific platform is the social media schedule. Just click on the Schedules tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard.

This will show you your social media calendar which visualizes your published and scheduled Instagram posts as well as posts on other networks. This helps you incredibly optimize your Instagram marketing strategy as it allows you to decide if you are scheduling enough content or maybe even too much content and if it is scheduled for the best time for user engagement.

Following are the schedule views which you can access on Studiorific Social:

  • Published: This social media calendar shows you all Instagram posts that have already gone live through our platform. You can easily organize them by account or group of accounts.
  • Queue: Here you can access your scheduled posts on Instagram as well as other social media channels that you connect to Studiorific. This view helps you assess if your Instagram marketing strategy has the right amount and mix of posts as well as if your posts are distributed evenly throughout the day and throughout the week.
  • Unpublished: Sometimes social media posts fail to get published for all sorts of reasons beyond our control. In this calendar, you can view posts that have not been gone live when expected. But that’s not all. You can easily reschedule your posts for a new time selected by you.

Meanwhile, if you’re running out of ideas what to publish on your Instagram accounts each and every day, check out Studiorific’s social media calendar 2021 for daily social media post ideas.

3. Instagram Analytics Calculator

There’s no point in simply scheduling Instagram posts if you don’t know whether they are producing the expected results. Tracking the performance of your Instagram account(s) and posts has to start right away.

Thus, the third social media management tool on Studiorific for optimizing Instagram marketing is the Instagram analytics tracker. To access this tool, click on Analytics under the Instagram tab in the left-hand side menu.

Importantly, you can track the performance of all your Instagram accounts connected to Studiorific, all from the same platform.

Here is a list of the Instagram analytics included in our calculator:

  • Number of posts
  • Number of followers
  • Number of followed accounts
  • Average engagement rate
  • Average number of likes
  • Average number of comments
  • Followers evolution chart
  • Following evolution chart
  • Average engagement rate chart
  • Future projections
  • Top posts

To maximize the value which Studiorific provides to users, our Instagram analytics tools not only provide the number of the most important metrics for Instagram marketing but also visualize their performance in easy-to-read charts.

For more information about this feature, read How to View and Track Instagram Analytics on Studiorific to Optimize Social Media Management.

4. Instagram Direct Messages Tool

The list of the must-have social media management tools for Instagram marketing available on our platform is completed by the direct messages tool. Just click on Direct Message under the Instagram tab in the left-hand side menu.

The built-in chatting platform allows you to send Instagram direct messages to other users as well as to receive messages from them.

This feature eliminates the final possible need to ever log into your Instagram account. Busy digital marketers managing the social media accounts of multiple clients realize what it means to not have to remember dozens of usernames and password anymore. Once you’ve added all Instagram accounts that you need to manage, you can perform all activities for Instagram marketing right from our platform.

In our busy lives, the best of the best tips for Instagram marketing is to optimize and automate all possible activities such as scheduling posts, visualizing your social media calendar, tracking Instagram analytics, setting up activity on other users’ accounts, and direct messaging. To do that, you need access to the best social media management tools.

Sign up for a 7-day free trial with Studiorific today to streamline your Instagram marketing activities.

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