Where Can I Find the Best Instagram Post Scheduler?
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Where Can I Find the Best Instagram Post Scheduler?

Where can I find the best Instagram post scheduler?

That’s one of the most frequently asked questions in the social media marketing community.

While the popularity and usage of the Instagram network have grown exponentially in recent years, automating the publishing of Instagram posts from third-party social media management tools has largely failed.

Among the myriad of social media automation platforms out there, the vast majority of them do not succeed in providing automatic direct posting on Instagram personal and business accounts for their users.

Even with the most popular names out there – like the ContentStudio alternative, the Hootsuite alternative, the Later alternative, and the Loomly alternative – you cannot schedule posts on Instagram ahead of time and simply forget about them. You either have to use mobile push notifications, or you are limited in the type of Instagram posts you can schedule.

That’s why Studiorific Social has revolutionized the world of social media marketing in general and Instagram marketing in specific. With our Instagram post scheduler, you can schedule posts on one or more of your Instagram accounts to be published immediately or later without any further intervention from you.

Studiorific Social has fully automated the implementation of your Instagram marketing strategy from a single platform.

To try the power of Studiorific Social for Instagram marketing as well as other aspects of social media marketing yourself, sign up for a 7-day free trial now.

How Do I Schedule Posts on Instagram with Studiorific Social?

Before you decide to switch to totally new social media management tools, you have to know the answer to “How to schedule posts on Instagram with this tool?

You are in luck because scheduling posts on Instagram with Studiorific Social is really, really easy.

All you need to do is to add all your Instagram personal and business accounts once before you get ready to enjoy our social media automation platform.

To learn how to add an Instagram account on Studiorific Social, read this Help Center article.

Once you have your accounts added, you should choose the option to post on Instagram before uploading the photos and/or videos that you want to share with your Instagram followers. Importantly, with our Instagram post scheduler you can upload files from your device or Google Drive or use previously uploaded files conveniently stored for you in your File Manager.

Instagram Post Scheduler
Instagram Post Scheduler

Moreover, you can edit photos and images in real time while scheduling posts on Instagram without the need to make the edits offline and then reupload the files. All edits that you make to your images for optimizing social media engagement will be saved and applied.

Another important feature of the Studiorific Social Instagram post scheduler is that you get to save your commonly used social media captions including hashtags for Instagram. In this way you can avoid having to type the same Instagram captions over and over again, and you can spend your precious time as a busy social media marketer on other more creative tasks.

In addition, when you schedule an Instagram post, you can decide to add your location as well as the first comment on your post. These features help you create an entirely native experience for your Instagram followers who will never be able to tell that you’ve used social media management tools for your posts rather than publishing them manually.

Another cool feature of our Instagram post scheduler that you should definitely take advantage of is that you can schedule posts on multiple Instagram accounts – both personal and business accounts – simultaneously. If you want to share your company’s promotional campaign or any other digital content on your brand profile as well as on your own account, you don’t have to upload the same image or video, type the same caption, add the same hashtags for Instagram, and so on multiple times. All you have to do is to select which Instagram accounts you want your post published on, and Studiorific Social will take care of the rest.

Last but not least, our social media scheduler has automated the reposting of content on Instagram. When you schedule posts on Instagram, you can choose whether you want your post published just once or multiple times. If you’d like to opt for reposting, you get to select the frequency with which you want your Instagram posts republished and the last date on which you want them posted.

To learn how to schedule posts on Instagram from Studiorific Social, read this Help Center article.

With a few minutes a day, you can streamline your entire Instagram marketing strategy with the Studiorific Social Instagram post scheduler.

What Kind of Instagram Posts Can I Publish with the Studiorific Social Media Scheduler?

As mentioned earlier, most of the top social media management tools on the market offer some degree of direct posting on Instagram, albeit limited. One very common limitation is that you can post single images or videos directly on Instagram, but you cannot post directly multiple images and videos.

Having solved this pressing problem in social media marketing is another reason which makes Studiorific Social the best Instagram post scheduler.

With our social media automation platform you can schedule all types of posts on Instagram directly. These include:

  • A single photo or a single video
  • Multiple images and multiple videos in an Instagram carousel
  • Instagram stories
  • IGTV

Whether you want to use the Studiorific Instagram post scheduler for publishing a single photo or a whole series of videos, the process is equally easy and automated. Just upload your file(s), choose the best social media caption, add the most appropriate hashtags for Instagram, select the publication time, and forget the rest. No need to worry about mobile push notifications ever again.

What Else Does the Best Instagram Post Scheduler Offer?

To claim that we have automated the process of Instagram marketing, Studiorific Social has to offer more than a simple Instagram post scheduler. And we do!

Instagram Post Schedule

First and foremost, your subscription to Studiorific Social comes with an integrated Instagram post schedule. All your published and scheduled Instagram posts go directly to your social media calendar where you can get an easy-to-read visualization of your entire Instagram marketing plan. You will never again have to wonder if you are publishing too few or too many Instagram posts over a given time.

Instagram Post Schedule
Instagram Post Schedule

Instagram Analytics

Second, Studiorific Social provides you with easy access to all the data and information that you need in order to make educated, data-based decisions on how to move forward with your Instagram marketing efforts.

Through the Instagram Analytics tab, you can see how your Instagram accounts and Instagram posts have historically performed in order to decide if you want to continue in the same manner or optimize certain aspects of your social media strategy.

Instagram Direct Messages

Third, our Instagram post scheduler tool allows you to enhance your social media engagement on this crucially important network through native communication. You can send and receive Instagram direct messages right on Studiorific Social while scheduling posts or viewing your social media schedule. You don’t have to worry about opening additional browsers to communicate with your Instagram followers when you work on scheduling posts on Instagram. You can take care of all aspects of your Instagram marketing strategy from our all-in-one social media management tool.

Scheduling posts on Instagram is no longer unnecessarily complicated. The best Instagram post scheduler allows you to schedule posts of various types with different content on one or more Instagram personal or business accounts simultaneously, ahead of time. Studiorific Social has entirely eliminated the need to go for mobile push notifications to reach your Instagram followers at the best time for engagement. All that’s left for you to do is to sign up for Studiorific Social now. For just $15/month, you can take your Instagram marketing strategy to a whole new level.

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