That’s What You Need to Know about LinkedIn Marketing in 2020
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That’s What You Need to Know about LinkedIn Marketing in 2020

With the myriad of social media platforms out there, it’s hard to choose the best ones for marketing your business. Meanwhile, it’s impossible to establish a solid online presence on all networks as there are dozens of them. However, there’s one website that’s like no other in terms of its audience. That’s LinkedIn.

LinkedIn marketing provides companies with the unique opportunity to promote their business to and generate leads among professionals in any possible industry and niche. That’s why it is important to include this network into your digital marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond.

Read this article to learn all that you need to know about using LinkedIn for marketing for optimal results.

6 Things You Can Do on LinkedIn as a Business

First, let’s take a look at the things which a company can do on LinkedIn so that you can decide for yourself if creating a LinkedIn page is worth it or not.

1. Showcase Your Company

Social media experts insist that having a LinkedIn business profile and page is no longer an option, it is a must. This is a crucial part of the online portfolio which every company aspiring to succeed in 2020 needs. The reason for this is that the majority of online users would check out your business’s LinkedIn presence before deciding whether to buy your product or service.

In a way, LinkedIn is one more opportunity to showcase your business to the online community and to become a full-scale member of this community.

2. Market Your Products or Services

LinkedIn marketing is another thing you can do on this social media platform. The website provides users with the opportunity to publish LinkedIn posts with written text, images, videos, and links to other websites and social media networks. Moreover, this is done in a very straightforward, user-friendly manner without unnecessary requirements and complications.

Importantly, when you market your company on LinkedIn, you know that your products and services will get exposure to a network of professionals. This is a great opportunity if your product targets professionals in any industry.

3. Generate Leads

Lead generation is something else that can be done on LinekdIn. Moreover, these leads are going to be much more qualified than the leads that you generate in other manners. The reason for this is that the LinkedIn community is comprised of professionals who are looking for real solutions to various problems and challenges. As long as your product provides such solutions, leads are sure to follow to your website.

4. Convert Leads into Customers

Generating leads is great, but it can’t be a goal of and in itself. The ultimate goal of lead generation is to convert those leads into paying customers, and LinkedIn can definitely help you in this regard.

By building a solid online presence on this social media platform, being an active part of the community in your industry, and publishing LinkedIn posts of high quality on a regular basis, you can use the network to prove the real value of your company to potential customers.

5. Build Partnerships

You don’t have to use LinkedIn for attracting customers only. You can use it for building business partnerships with other companies and professionals as well. As a professional platform, LinkedIn provides the perfect forum for experts from different industries and niches to find each other, connect, communicate, nurture long-term relations, and ultimately partner.

LinkedIn has tools like no other social media network to establish cooperation and collaboration with various parties.

6. Find Employees

Yet another thing which you can do efficiently with LinkedIn is to find new, highly qualified employees for your business. Posting a job on LinkedIn will provide you with a wide pool of candidates from around the globe (if you are looking for hiring remote workers). You will get access to their educational background, work experience, and various credentials to decide whether they might be fit or not right away. Moreover, LinkedIn offers an easy opportunity to reach out to their past employers or even colleagues to inquire about their professionalism, skills, and dedication.

4 Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Marketing

As you see, most of the things that you can do with LinkedIn marketing can be done on other platforms as well. The point is that you can achieve significantly better results much more efficiently with this network because of its specific nature.

Now we’ll have a look at the advantages of being active on LinkedIn compared to other sites.

1. Access to Professionals

First and foremost, using LinkedIn for marketing your business gives you access to an audience that no other platform does. It is important to build your reputation among people who will really value it and care about it. Similarly, it is most efficient to market your products and services to people who are serious about purchasing them. The professionals available on LinkedIn, the largest professional network with over 690 million users, match these characteristics.

2. Audience of Qualified Leads

If your business offers products or services targeting professionals in just about any industry out there, you will find the most qualified leads on LinkedIn. While most LinkedIn users have accounts on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, they usually use those accounts for different purposes from their LinkedIn accounts.

With LinkedIn, you get not simply to target leads but actually to generate qualified leads who can be easily turned into high-value customers.

3. High User Engagement

Another advantage of LinkedIn marketing compared to other platforms is that you are able to generate much more engagement. This comes from the fact that this is a network of professionals who share the same interests as you and who are looking for expert opinions and advice, solutions to real-life problems, other professionals to interact and communicate with, and profitable partnerships to build.

When you schedule high-quality, high-value LinkedIn posts, you are much more likely to get in-depth comments as well as likes and shares than on other networks.

4. Build Solid Business Reputation

Last but not least, with LinkedIn marketing you can establish your company’s online presence and solidify it. In addition to completing your profile and page, you should publish branded content which highlights your and your company’s expertise and professionalism and how you can help professionals solve common – or specific – real-life problems.

12 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

We have already established why LinkedIn marketing is a must for the growth and success of any business in 2020. However, just creating a LinkedIn business page and posting there from time to time is not enough. You need an elaborate LinkedIn strategy to achieve your targets.

Here we’ve put together a list of the 12 top tips on how to create the ultimate LinkedIn marketing plan.

Tip 1: Optimize Your Page

The first step in building a solid presence and reputation for your company on this social media site is to create and optimize a LinkedIn business page. Make sure to include all possible information about your business including:

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Tagline
  • Description
  • Website URL
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Company type
  • Phone
  • Year founded
  • Specialties
  • Location
  • Hashtags
  • Features groups
  • Languages

Also upload a cover image.

Having all this information filled in completely, diligently, and truthfully is crucial for your business’s credibility and integrity. When users first visit your page, they want to be able to find all possible details about your company to know what kind of business you are and whether you might be a potential fit for their purposes.

Tip 2: Build Your Team

Another important factor for your credibility which will help you optimize your marketing on LinkedIn in general is adding your team members. This will show other LinkedIn users know not only what your company is but also who your company is. After all, an enterprise is only as good as its employees and management. Thus, you should ask all members of your team to add your company to their profile so that they show up as part of the team.

Tip 3: Publish LinkedIn Posts Consistently

Just like on any other social media network, it is recommended to build a social media schedule with regular posts. Your LinkedIn social media marketing plan should be well balanced. You can’t publish a dozen posts today and no posts for the rest of the week and expect to optimize your performance.

When you get numerous connections on LinkedIn, your network will start expecting your content to be shared on regular intervals, and you should not disappoint them.

Tip 4: Diversify Content

You should take advantage of the diverse options which LinkedIn provides for marketing. You can share text, photos, videos, and links from other websites and social media networks. The best practices recommended by expert digital marketers is to publish all these types of content.

With regards to what you publish, you should also diversify. You can and definitely should repost your website’s blog posts. You can also share your YouTube videos as well as Instagram photos. You can share with your LinkedIn audience any third-party articles where your company or any of its employees gets featured. This will really help with building your reputation and credibility.

Tip 5: Share Your Company News

The LinkedIn platform is the ideal place to publish any company-related news. This can include the release of new tools and features, new partnerships with other companies, promotions within your business, and new hires. Whenever you mention some of your employees or other companies, remember to tag them.

Tip 6: Brand Your Content

With regards to the content that you publish on your LinkedIn business page, make sure that it is branded. Branding content is an easy, straightforward, and guaranteed way to build your brand’s presence and awareness. When your users see your brand’s logo and name on your posts, it is much more likely to stick with them.

Tip 7: Be a Part of the Global Community

It does not suffice to share everything possible about your business for your LinkedIn marketing strategy to succeed. You have to go beyond your company’s interests and show that you are an active part of the global community.

The best way to do that is to republish articles and other content on current events and comment on similar posts by other users.

Tip 8: Engage with Others

User engagement is important everywhere, including on LinkedIn. Because the LinkedIn platform is built of professionals, engagement is even more important to achieve your digital marketing targets.

Like LinkedIn posts by other users. Comment on posts. Share other individuals’ or companies’ posts which you think might be of interest to your own audience.

Meanwhile, respond to comments on your posts.

Send messages to potential leads and business partners, and respond to their messages immediately.

Tip 9: Add Hashtags to All Posts

Every time you schedule LinkedIn posts, they should be accompanied by hashtags. Even if hashtags on LinkedIn are not as crucial as on Twitter and Instagram, they are still an excellent way to drive more traffic to your posts and to your page. Moreover, using hashtags helps users who enjoyed some of your posts find the rest more easily and efficiently.

In order to optimize your hashtags for LinkedIn, you should research the best options for your industry and niche for this particular social media platform. Include competitors’ pages in your online research and make use of your findings in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Tip 10: Use Tags

While using hashtags is a must, it is not enough to reach maximum results on LinkedIn. It is equally important to tag other professional profiles and business pages. This will help incredibly with social media engagement.

First of all, others will appreciate the fact that you tagged them and return the favor when an opportunity arises. Second, tagging others will give your posts exposure to their followers and connections as well. This multiplies your posts’ outreach and takes it to a whole new level.

Tip 11: Post at the Best Time

Each network and each audience has its own best time for publishing for maximum engagement. Generally speaking, the best time to post on LinkedIn is business hours on work days. That’s because LinkedIn’s community is comprised of professionals, and they are most active on the platform during working hours.

However, you should still conduct online research to find out the specific days of the week and times of the day when your target audience is most active. Recently published posts are much more likely to get noticed and generate engagement than posts that were published a while ago.

Tip 12: Use Social Media Management Tools

All aspects of social media marketing including LinkedIn marketing focus on automation, innovation, and optimization. That’s why you need the best social media management tools available on the market to create an optimal digital marketing strategy and implement it.

Studiorific offers you a complete solution for streamlining your social media processes on multiple networks including LinkedIn.

Here are our tools which help you enhance you LinkedIn strategy:

  • Social media scheduler: With premium plan subscription to Studiorific, you can schedule posts on multiple LinkedIn accounts including both profiles and pages as well as on other social media platforms simultaneously, ahead of time. This saves you time and eliminates the need to be constantly online to meet the needs of your audiences around the globe.
  • Social media schedule: You get access to a social media calendar which offers you an easy-to-read visualization of your published and scheduled posts on LinkedIn and other networks. This helps you evaluate whether your social media schedule is too dense or not dense enough and make sure that you are publishing at the best time to post on LinkedIn.
  • Image editor: If you realize that you need to make some edits to the images you have already uploaded on your File Manager on Studiorific, there’s no need to reupload them. You can make the necessary changes with our image editor.
  • Caption tool: You can easily design and save social media posts to use over and over again, without the need to type the same content every time. This feature is particularly useful for saving your hashtags.
  • Watermark tool: Branding your content has never been easier. Just set up your logo as a watermark once, and it will be automatically added to all your images published on LinkedIn or any other social media platform.

As LinkedIn marketing is a must for any business in 2020, it’s time to create solid strategy and start implementing it. Just follow the 12 tips above, and you will soon be ahead of the competition and stay there for the long run.

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