How to Manage Social Media Accounts for Multiple Clients: 7 Hacks
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How to Manage Social Media Accounts for Multiple Clients: 7 Hacks

Being a freelance social media marketer or working for a digital marketing agency can be a lot of fun. You work with multiple clients from different industries who have diverse social media marketing strategies on various platforms. However, as you can start picturing, this job can also get quite complicated and challenging. Successful digital marketers work with dozens of clients and manage hundreds of accounts. If you are striving to become such a thriving professional, you will need some hacks to work efficiently. In this article we’ve put together the 7 best tips to manage social media accounts for multiple clients proficiently and stress-free.

Set Clear Goals and Strategies

When you work with multiple clients, each one of them has different goals and objectives that he/she hopes to achieve with social media marketing. Thus, you need to have a thorough discussion with every individual or business that you represent to agree on the goals that you want to reach together. Help your clients establish objectives that are reasonable, attainable, and realistic. Of course, it’s a must to be ambitious in the digital marketing industry, but there’s no benefit in setting up goals that are simply unachievable.

Once you agree on the goals, you should build a social media marketing strategy which can reach these objectives. Depending on the arrangements between you and your clients, in some cases you might cooperate on this, while in other cases you might have full control over the preparation of the social media strategy. Make sure that each strategy is detailed and well-defined, providing all elements and aspects that you need when you manage social media accounts for numerous clients. Include such details as the content to be posted on social media platforms, the type of content (links, photos, videos, text, etc.), the frequency of sharing content, and the time for scheduling posts on social media.

Don’t spare time and efforts when preparing the social media strategies for your clients as this will constitute the basis of all your future work. Managing multiple social media accounts on different networks is much easier and less stressful when you know what exactly you are supposed to do each day.

Create a Social Media Schedule

Another hack to manage social media accounts for multiple clients without losing your sanity is to set up a detailed social media calendar. This is basically the social media marketing strategy of each client put down in a visual form.

While it might sound redundant and look like a total waste of time, having a visual social media schedule is an absolute must for freelance social media marketers and employees of digital marketing agencies. The schedule should include all details from the strategy such as the posts that need to be scheduled in the upcoming months as well as all content that has already been published.

As a visual representation of a social media strategy, the calendar helps you judge if you are scheduling the right amount of posts on social media networks at the right frequency. In addition, it helps you make sure that you’ve scheduled everything that’s a part of the strategy.

Trust me on this one, the social media calendar will soon become your best friend as a digital marketer.

Schedule Social Media Posts in Advance

Once you’ve put together the social media calendars for each of your clients and organized them into one master calendar for yourself, it’s time to start scheduling posts on social media to put the plan into action. Social media experts recommend to schedule posts in advance when you manage social media accounts for several clients. In this way, you avoid the possibility of forgetting posts or missing times, which is certain to get your clients frustrated and compromise your relationship with them.

Actually, as a motivated, ambitious social media marketer, you should try to schedule social media posts at least two weeks in advance. In this way you can always rest assured that your clients have content to get published on their accounts even if something unexpected occurs and you get distracted for a day or two.

Having a backlog of scheduled social media accounts is a lifesaver for busy marketers.

Repurpose Content

When you manage social media accounts of many clients, an important part of the digital marketing strategy for each of them is what content gets published on their accounts. While some clients will provide you with readily available content such as blog posts, videos, images, infographics, press releases, and more, others will rely on you for preparing the content.

In either case, try to repurpose as much existing content as possible. For example, you can make some edits to the visuals which your clients used in the blog posts published on their website and share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Reddit as well. You can post excerpts of videos prepared for YouTube marketing on Instagram too. If you are working on a holiday greetings post to be scheduled on the social media accounts of on client, you can make small changes and use it for another client’s social media strategy as well, as long as they are in different industries and target different audiences.

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Whether you manage one account or manage social media accounts for multiple clients, not all content that you schedule needs to be brand new. Repurposing is a great way to save time and effort, provided that you do it smartly.

Group Social Media Accounts

In most cases you will be publishing the same – or very similar – posts on the accounts of a client on all social media sites. That’s why a great hack to increase productivity and save time is to organize your clients’ accounts into groups.

This is done most efficiently if you use an online social media scheduler (we’ll talk about this in detail in a bit) which has a groups function. Then you can create a group with the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, and Reddit accounts of a single client for easy access when you need to schedule posts for this business or individual. Just do the same for all clients for whom you manage social media accounts.

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Stay Organized

Another crucially important thing to do as a social media marketer working with numerous clients is to stay organized at all times. Don’t let things get out of your control even for a day as you might need weeks after that to put everything back on track. Being organized, diligent, and meticulous are some of the most important characteristics of successful digital marketing professionals.

To stay organized when you manage social media accounts of multiple clients, one helpful hack is to dedicate one day a week or every two-three weeks to a particular client. The frequency depends on the number of businesses and individuals you work with and the needs of each client.

The point is that you will be much more productive and efficient if you spend a few solid hours working towards putting into action the social media strategy of a single client at a time instead of jumping from one portfolio to another. That’s where scheduling social media posts in advance comes in very handy. If that’s your practice, you can easily create and schedule posts on all social media accounts for a particular client for a few weeks in advance and not worry about him/her for a couple of weeks.

Use the Best Social Media Management Tools

Social media marketing, as you already know, is an incredibly competitive industry. Being smart, hard-working, and organized is not enough to get ahead of the competition and stay there. Thus, it’s important to streamline your social media processes with the help of the best social media management and automation tools out there.

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Studiorific is a social media manager platform which has all the tools you need to manage social media accounts for multiple clients on different platforms. To begin with, you get access to a social media scheduler for scheduling social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Tumblr ahead of time. Importantly, you can schedule posts on multiple accounts on different social media networks simultaneously. In addition, you get a social media schedule with the published as well as scheduled posts of your clients. We also have an image editor which allows you to make changes to the images you’ve already uploaded on our platform. The watermark tool allows you to brand the images of your clients automatically. Last but not least, you can easily organize clients’ accounts into groups for easy scheduling of posts on all social media accounts of a single client at the same time.

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To manage social media accounts for multiple clients is feasible and doesn’t even need to be nerve-wracking with these 7 hacks. Just follow our tips, and you’ll be able to grow your portfolio to previously unimaginable proportions in no time.

You can now get lifetime access to Studiorific for as little as $29 to streamline your social media processes.

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