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March 2021 Product Updates: Studiorific Social

Hi! This is our third product update post this year for Studiorific Social. In case you’re not familiar with it: Studiorific Social is a social media scheduler that allows you to curate and post content across your social media outlets. Use it to create your content once and have it schedule & publish many times over and to all of your social media outlets: Instagram (direct posting), Facebook (pages and groups), Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube. I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to share the following improvements that we have released since our last update to Studiorific Social:

  • Schedules / calendar view: added account name + content preview for each social media post
  • Post page: added feedback popup when posts are successfully created/scheduled
  • Post content: create content variations from the same post
  • Account management: when you delete an account and add it back (for ex. to re-authorize it) all of your posts will be kept and restored

In the previous release from last month, we announced:

  • Speed boost for Schedules / Calendar view
  • Ability to clone any post (published, scheduled, unpublished)
  • Ability to open RSS post links from the RSS Feed Settings page
  • We’ve re-organized our customer support operation to better serve you
  • Bug fix: posting PNGs now works as expected in Instagram Carousels
  • Bug fix: Unicode characters (example: & #918 ; ) will no longer appear in posts

You can actually read the full update from February 2021 from here.

A lot of these improvements came as a result of people like you providing us with feedback regarding what enhancements they wanted to see or issues they wanted fixed. We invite you to share what other improvements you would like to see with us. Write us at

Schedules / calendar view: added account name + content preview for each social media post

We’ve made major improvements to how our calendar looks. You’re able to now see a lot more details from your post straight from the calendar view and without needing to open the details page.

Each post now shows the name of the account and a preview of the content for that post. The post also has a new icon that identities recurring posts.

Hovering over the post will even provide a longer preview of the post’s content.

Studiorific Social  - Calendar view - bird's eye view.

Post page: added feedback popup when posts are successfully created/scheduled

Once you schedule or publish a post, a new popup will display confirming that the message was successfully scheduled or published. Furthermore, it provides you with two options: you can schedule another post or you can view the post that you just scheduled on the calendar view.

This solution came in response to many of you who were not sure about whether the content was scheduled or not (because the previous alert disappeared after a few seconds and some people missed it). This could be especially helpful if you work in an environment where you are interrupted mid content-creation and you aren’t sure where to start again.

Post content: create content variations from the same post

This feature is especially important if you plan on posting the same content over a period of time using our repost functionality. You can now write your content in a way that allows for the creation of variations from the same post. This could be a useful way to keep your content unique and avoid social media networks from marking it as duplicate or de-prioritizing it because it has the same exact words as another post you posted on the same day or 3 days prior to that.

Here’s how you can create content variations from only one post:
If you write:
{Hi|Hello|Howdy} all! I am so excited to announce this new feature we created for you!

You could get 3 variations from this one post:
Variation 1: Hi all! I am so excited to announce this new feature we created for you!
Variation 2: Hello all! I am so excited to announce this new feature we created for you!
Variation 3: Howdy all! I am so excited to announce this new feature we created for you!

Go check it out!

Remember, this feature only works to generate these variations when you have recurring posts scheduled.

Studiorific Social - post content variations

Account management: when you delete an account and add it back (for ex. to re-authorize it) all of your posts will be kept and restored

You may be required every now and then to delete your account in order to re-authorize it again with your social network before adding it back. You can now safely delete accounts without worrying about your scheduled or previous posts from being deleted. Once you delete an account and add it back, all of your posts will be kept intact and will work as planned after you sync up your account.

Have feedback to share? We would love to hear it

The Studiorific Social product updates that we make are driven by suggestions that our customers provide. We would love to hear how you think we can improve our product or support. Please email us your suggestions to

Haven’t tried Studiorific Social yet? Give us a try with our 7 day free trial

You can sign up for a free 7 day trial (no credit card required) and evaluate the full potential of our social media scheduler. To learn more about Studiorific Social and the amazing features that it offers, please go to this page.

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