3 Simple Marketing Strategies for Getting Your Small Business Through a Covid-Related Shift in Direction
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3 Simple Marketing Strategies for Getting Your Small Business Through a Covid-Related Shift in Direction

The idea of changing direction with your business to survive the changes that Covid brought may seem overwhelming. Then add to that the need for a new marketing strategy, and the pressure quickly mounts up. So here are a few strategies to make marketing your new business direction simpler.

Often, the simpler solutions are the best ones. Small businesses don’t need big budgets or a big team to manage this. An effective small business marketing strategy can be one that sticks to the basics of human interaction and good quality content marketing.

Here are 3 simple marketing strategies for you to try.

1. Use your shift as a social media talking point

So many small business owners struggle to find ideas for their social media content. So this strategy is a handy two-for-one. It gets your rebrand or new business offerings out there, while also giving you something original to talk about on your social media networks.

People love being involved and sharing their opinions. People in general are also bored with being talked at or sold to on social media. So it’s really refreshing when a brand asks for comments and opinions from customers in their social posts.

Grab this opportunity to share your business journey with your audience, and ask for their feedback along the way. Humans are curious by nature, so lots of your followers would probably love a peak behind the curtain at your decision to rebrand, or at the process of changing direction in your business.

Satisfy their curiosity with a ‘behind the scenes’ blog post which you can share on all your social channels, or some short videos about what’s changing in your business.

People will be interested, and that makes you memorable. Being memorable is great for business, as the next time a follower of yours needs a product or service that you offer, they are more likely to think of you first.

2. Real world events

What have we all been missing this last year? Real human interaction, face-to-face conversations, and being out in the real world.

Marketing Strategies for Covid Shift - Business Card

As the events industry springs back to life, so do opportunities for networking.  It’s time to get some new business cards printed now, ready to hand out when you are meeting new people. But of course, you don’t just want people to take the card and store it in the back of their wallet forever. You want to give them a link to look up and click on. Ideally one that involves them registering for your email list.

Have a link to an online free resource or a discount code for your website printed on your cards, to encourage people to look you up when they get home, and as an incentive to join your email list. If you hadn’t heard, email marketing still has statistically the best return on investment for small businesses in 2021.

Try a free tool like businesscards.co to design your event business cards, complete with a gift link. You could also use a free tool like bit.ly to make your link more attractive.

3. Have an email marketing calendar

Speaking of the importance of email marketing, let’s talk about making the best use of that list you are growing.

Opportunities like the ones mentioned above give you chances to get new people onto your list. But once they are on there, your job isn’t done. You need to send email marketing consistently to keep people engaged.

When you send out offers, people rarely buy the first time. It takes a while for their trust in you to build. This was true before Covid, and even more important now that the economy has taken such a big hit. We are tighter with our purse strings than before, so we need more encouragement to part with our money.

Use your email marketing calendar to plot out regular content-based emails that offer value and build trust. Save the sales pitch for the last few sentences of each email, just to remind people what you have to offer. This strategy is classic content marketing, which builds relationships far better than focusing on simply selling.

When you focus on just selling, you might make one-off sales. But when you focus on relationships, you earn repeat customers, which are far better for your bottom line in the long term.

WE hope these strategies have given you some ideas to help you through your own Covid-related change of direction. There is no doubt that times are tough, but by keeping it simple and staying the course, we can pull through.

Find the silver lining in the situation you are in by creating content about the changes you are going through. It’s going to be relatable to a lot of people, and it will make your brand memorable for the right reasons.

Don’t forget your business marketing basics, such as regular email marketing. You can rebuild if you stay consistent.

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