Studiorific: The Only Platform for Social Media Marketing That You Need in 2021
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Studiorific: The Only Platform for Social Media Marketing That You Need in 2021

While posting on social media is a crucially important part of the digital marketing strategy of any business in 2021, it can be a very time-consuming – and sometimes even boring – process. To build a solid presence on social media, you have to post multiple times a day on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, Tumblr, and Reddit. This need translates into essentially having to be online on your computer or phone around the clock, uploading photos and videos, writing captions, and adding hashtags. Actually, that’s no longer the case. In 2021 you can streamline and automate your marketing processes on all must-have networks with the help of the best platform for social media marketing. If you are curious to learn how you can turn hours of work into just a few minutes, keep on reading how Studiorific Social helps you gain efficiency and efficacy as a social media marketer.

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Social Media Scheduler

If this is the first time that you hear about our product, you’re probably asking yourself “What is Studiorific Social?

The simplest and most straightforward answer to this question is that Studiorific Social is a social media scheduler. Basically this is a tool that you can use from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device to publish posts on social media.

By now you must be wondering “What’s so exciting about this? Can’t I just create social media posts directly on my accounts without the need for third-party tools and services?

Well, while you can absolutely continue scheduling posts on your social media accounts directly, this is not the most efficient way to implement your marketing strategy. Using a platform for social media marketing comes with many important advantages.

Publishing Social Media Posts on Multiple Accounts on Different Networks

First and foremost, using the best social media scheduler for 2021 allows you to schedule posts on several of your accounts on various social media sites at the same time.

So, let’s imagine that you’ve just published a new blog post and are excited to share it with your social media followers. If you were to do this the traditional way, you’d need to copy the blog post link, paste it on your account, add a social media caption, and type tags. Now multiply this by the number of accounts that you have on different networks.

Instead, you could do all the work just once and choose which social media accounts you want your post to go on in a few simple steps.

With the Studiorific platform for social media marketing, you can easily and conveniently schedule posts on several accounts on multiple networks simultaneously.

Platform for Social Media - Social Media Scheduler
Studiorific Social Media Scheduler

Importantly, we give you access to all the must-have social media sites for 2021 including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, Tumblr, and Reddit. With Premium Studiorific Social plan, you can manage up to 77 accounts on all these platforms.

Scheduling Posts in Advance

Posting on multiple accounts on different networks is not the only cool feature of the best platform for social media management and automation in 2021.

Another really important and useful feature is being able to schedule social media posts for publication ahead of time – hence the name social media scheduler.

Once again, you can prepare a post to go out on one or more of your social media accounts, but instead of publishing it right away, you select the time when you want your post to go live. You can conveniently set up the clock available on Studiorific Social to the time zone in which you are located or in which your social media followers are located.

From the point of view of a busy social media marketer, this means that you no longer have to be available around the clock to optimize your digital marketing strategy. You can spare a few minutes during the day to schedule all your social media posts for the upcoming few days and then forget about posting for some time. You can use the time that you save by using the Studiorific platform for social media to focus on creating new and exciting content for your posts or to just relax.

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Automating the Rescheduling of Posts on Social Media Platforms

Yet another great feature of our social media scheduler is that you can schedule to publish a social media post not just once but as many times as you’d like.

For example, when you launch a new product or start a new marketing promotion campaign, you want to share your exciting news with your social media audience over and over again in order to reach out to as many potential new customers as possible.

The best and most effective way to do that is to create a post and schedule it to automatically get posted every day, or every two days, or every three days, or as frequently as you need it to.

This is a built-in feature of our social media automation and management system.

Social Media Automation through RSS Feeds

As every social media marketer knows, it’s important to be a part of the community and to frequently engage with other industry leaders. This can help not only your social media strategy but also your reputation.

One way to enrich your social media marketing plan while also engaging with others is to share content from their websites. To do that, you can add multiple RSS feeds to your account on the Studiorific platform for social media marketing. You just choose the frequency with which you want to automatically share content from them, the time of publication, and the social media accounts on which you’d like this content to be shared. And we will take care of the rest. Meanwhile, your social media schedule will be filled with high-quality content from some of the most important influencers within your industry.

Of course, you can use the RSS feed feature on our social media scheduler to automate the posting on your own blog articles or any other content that you publish on a regular basis on your website. In this way you eliminate the need to use a WordPress plugin to automate the sharing of your blogs on social media.

Platform for Instagram Marketing

As anyone who’s been involved in social media marketing in the past couple of years knows, Instagram has emerged as the leading platform for sharing photos and videos. Thus, it’s become absolutely crucial to incorporate this network into your brand’s social media marketing strategy.

However, posting on Instagram comes with one major drawback. Namely, you can post content only from your phone, which is quite inconvenient for marketers who are more comfortable using their computer.

Studiorific Social has eliminated this inconvenience. Indeed, we’ve developed a unique IG post scheduler which helps you not only post directly to your Instagram accounts but also schedule Instagram posts in advance.

While some other social media management platforms claim to have automated Instagram marketing, they require you to use mobile push notifications when the time comes to publish your previously scheduled posts on Instagram.

With our platform for social media marketing, once you’ve scheduled your Instagram posts, you can truly forget about them. We will take care of publishing them at the right time without further interference from you.

Moreover, access to an Instagram post scheduler is not the only benefit which Studiorific Social offers with regards to this social media network.

With Standard or Premium Studiorific Social plan, you also get access to Instagram analytics and Instagram direct messages. This means that you can use our platform to check and analyze the performance of your Instagram posts without the need to log into your actual Instagram accounts.

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Moreover, you can communicate with your Instagram followers directly from our platform while scheduling posts through the direct messages functionality.

Studiorific Social covers all your Instagram marketing needs and makes the process of marketing on this channel much easier and faster.

Image Editing and Branding

Whether you post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the images you use constitute a major determinant of the success of your strategy. With the millions of social media posts that go out every single day, you have to use really outstanding visual content to make your posts stand out and catch the attention of social media users scrolling through their news feeds.

First of all, you can use the Studiorific File Manager to upload and store photo – as well as video – files on your account so that you can reuse them over and over again in your posts. We don’t waste your precious time by making you upload the same image each time you want to share it with your social media followers.

Second, we provide you with an image editor which you can use to change the size or colors of your images, to crop them, rotate them, or flip them to make sure that they fit the requirements of each individual social media network.

In addition, we offer an integration with DesignBold, which is a really cool and user-friendly online photo editor studio and infographics maker. You can use this social media tool to both edit your own images and create infographics to share on your social media accounts.

Last but not least, our platform for social media marketing has automated the process of branding photos and images when you post them on various networks. All you need to do is to set up the logo you want to use for all your social media accounts connected to Studiorific Social or set up a unique logo for each account. Once you’ve done that, we’ll make sure to add your logo to each and every image that you share through our social media scheduler.

Social Media Calendar

No platform for social media marketing is complete without integrating a social media schedule. With Studiorific Social, you get access to three different calendars. In this way, you can see all your scheduled posts, your already published posts, and your posts which have failed to post for whatever reason.

Platform for Social Media - Social Media Calendar
Studiorific Social Media Schedules

But that’s not all. Our social media calendar is very interactive and gives you the opportunity to clone any of your existing posts to schedule it again in the future. Meanwhile, of course, you can also use the Queue Schedule to make any last-minute edits to your scheduled posts before they go live.

If you’d like to get access to inspirational ideas what to post on your social media accounts each day of the year, check out our Studiorific Social Media Calendar 2021.

Team Cooperation

Social media marketing is a team sport. No business can succeed if it relies on a single person for developing and implementing its social media marketing strategy.

Thus, with Premium Studiorific Social plan, we provide you with access to a team manager functionality. This feature allows you to invite all your team members as well as your clients (in case you are a digital marketing agency) to cooperate on your social media posts. In this way, you can do all the collaboration through a single platform without the need for unnecessary communication, file sharing, or offline content editing.

The social media scheduler, the RSS feed integration, the image editor, the social media calendar, and the team collaboration panel easily make Studiorific Social the only platform for social media marketing that you need in 2021.

But don’t just take our word for granted. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific Social now to streamline and automate your social media marketing efforts from a single platform.

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