Where to Find the Ultimate Post Scheduler for Facebook
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Where to Find the Ultimate Post Scheduler for Facebook

In 2020 Facebook marketing is a must for any business, regardless of how big or small. With over 2.6 billion active users, Facebook offers the exposure and outreach that no other social media platform does. However, scheduling posts on Facebook can turn into a time-consuming and even tedious daily task for busy business owners, digital marketers, and social media influencers. The solution to this common problem in social media marketing is using a post scheduler for Facebook. This is one of the must-have social media management tools to implement your online marketing strategy with an ease.

In this article, we will answer three important questions in order to help beginner social media marketers get started and experienced ones get over the cumbersome daily routine of Facebook marketing:

  • What is a Facebook post scheduler?
  • Why do social media marketers need a post scheduler for Facebook?
  • Where can you find the best social media scheduler for Facebook?

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What Is a Facebook Post Scheduler for Facebook?

A post scheduler for Facebook is one of the most important social media management software tools in the arsenal of a busy digital marketer. This is an online tool which helps you share digital content on your Facebook business page or the Facebook business pages of your clients as well as on Facebook groups at the best time to post on Facebook without having to log into the actual social media network.

As such, this tool makes the life of the employees of digital marketing agencies with multiple clients much easier as they don’t have to stay logged into numerous social media accounts and handle a multitude of browser tabs. All their work related to Facebook marketing can be done from a single platform, no matter how many clients they work with and how many Facebook accounts they post on.

Why Do Social Media Marketers Need a Post Scheduler for Facebook?

In a way, we have already answered this question in the previous section. A Facebook post scheduler helps digital marketers organize and streamline their Facebook marketing processes. They can perform all the tasks related to sharing content on Facebook business pages and Facebook groups from a single platform.

Using a post scheduler for Facebook eliminates the need to continuously sign in and out of different Facebook accounts in an attempt to meet the digital marketing needs of all your clients. With this social media management tool, a digital marketing agency can growth its business endlessly without overwhelming its employees or risking failing to meet the expectations of its clients.

When it comes to businesses handling their own social media marketing plan, the social media scheduler for Facebook allows them to share on Facebook their blog posts, product releases, company news, tutorial videos, and any other digital content in an effortless manner.

With just an hour a week, you can schedule all your posts at the best time to post in Facebook.

Where Can You Find the Best Social Media Scheduler for Facebook?

Everyone who’s worked in social media marketing knows how competitive this industry has become. That’s why it should come as no surprise that there are dozens of social media management platforms which claim to offer the best post scheduler for Facebook.

In the rest of this article we will show you why Studiorific Social has the ultimate Facebook post scheduler meeting and exceeding the expectations of even the busiest digital marketers in 2020.

But don’t just take our word for granted. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of our social media management tools including a post schedule for Facebook by clicking the button below:

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Following is a list of everything that you can do with the Facebook post scheduler available on the Studiorific Social software.

Keep in mind that this is just one of the many social media management tools available on our platform. You can also schedule posts on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Schedule Facebook Posts on Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

Our social media management tools have eliminated the need to upload the same images and videos and type the same content over and over again, for each Facebook business page and Facebook group where you want to schedule a certain post.

You can easily and effortlessly schedule social media posts on several Facebook pages or groups as well as other social media accounts simultaneously. All you need to do is to select the Facebook accounts or other social media accounts where you want to post from the accounts you’ve added to your Studiorific Social dashboard.

If you are a digital marketing agency or a freelance social media marketer working with multiple clients, you can organize their Facebook accounts (business pages and groups) as well as other social media accounts into groups with our Group Manager tool. Once you’ve done that, you can schedule posts on a particular group of accounts.

Boost Facebook Post Engagement by Publishing at the Optimal Time

Businesses with customers across the ocean or around the globe struggle with scheduling posts on social media at the best time for Facebook post engagement. Facebook users are much more likely to engage with a post that has just been published rather than a post from several hours ago.

Our post scheduler for Facebook has addressed this concern by allowing you to schedule your social media posts ahead of time. With Studiorific Social, you can share on Facebook right away or schedule a post for a few hours, a few days, or even a few months away. All you have to do is to choose the time when you want your post to go live in the Time Post field.

Repost Content on Facebook

A successful social media marketing campaign is comprised of publishing both timely, up-to-date content and evergreen content. Indeed, it is best practices in the world of digital marketing to repost your evergreen content on your social media accounts every few weeks. Furthermore, when first launching a new product, it’s important to promote it continuously to your users until they get familiar with it.

Where to Find the Ultimate Post Scheduler for Facebook: Reposting
Reposting with Studiorific Social’s Post Scheduler for Facebook

Both of these strategies can be easily implemented with the Studiorific Facebook post scheduler. Once you have prepared a Facebook post, you can set up the frequency for reposting on Facebook – or any other social media platform – in the Repost Frequency field. You can decide on when to stop republishing your Facebook post by setting a final date in the Repost Until field.

Upload Photo and Video Files from Multiple Sources

With the Studiorific social media management tools, you can share a few different types of content on Facebook:

  • Media including photos and videos
  • Links
  • Text

When it comes to images and photos for scheduling posts on Facebook, you have the flexibility to upload them from a few different sources:

  • The File Manager available on your Studiorific Social dashboard. This is where all your uploaded photo and video files get stored so that you can reuse them in multiple social media posts without the need to upload them numerous times.
  • Your device whether a desktop or a mobile
  • Your Google Drive
  • Media links

With regards to images for your Facebook posts, it’s important to mention that our social media management tools feature an Image Editor which allows you to make different edits and changes to your uploaded photos, infographics, and other image files directly from our platform.

In addition, with our Watermark tool, you can efficiently brand images. All you need to do is to set up the logo that you want to be added to the Facebook accounts that you manage once, and it will be automatically added to any images that you post on this account through our platform.

Save and Reuse Facebook Post Captions

As a social media marketer, you have captions that you keep reusing with many of your posts. These can be related to your company, specific products, or even your niche.

Where to Find the Ultimate Post Scheduler for Facebook: Caption Tool
The Caption Tool on Studiorific Social’s Post Scheduler for Facebook

With Studiorific Social’s Caption tool, you save your most commonly used social media post captions and keep reusing them with different Facebook posts. This will save lots of your time and energy as you don’t need to keep retyping the same captions over and over again. And one of the goals of any digital marketer is to use his/her time in the most efficient manner.

Optimize Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags in Facebook are quite important, even if not as important as in Twitter marketing. When using our post scheduler for Facebook, you can type in the hashtags that you want to add to your post right in the Caption field. Just use the # sign followed by the hashtag.

To optimize your social media strategy, we recommend that you save your most popular hashtags in the Caption tool. In this way you will be able to access them and add them to any post that you share on Facebook quickly and efficiently.

Preview Facebook Posts before Publication

Even if scheduling social media posts on Facebook has become your second nature, it’s an absolute must to review your content before publishing it. After all, we are humans and can always make a small mistake which will cost us dearly in terms of lead generation and conversions.

Studiorific’s Facebook post scheduler provides you with the opportunity to do that right from our platform. Just take a look at the right of the screen to review your Facebook post before publication.

Access Facebook Post Schedule

Keeping a well-organized social media calendar is key in digital marketing. Studiorific’s social media management tools come with a built-in Facebook post schedule.

Just click on the Schedules tab in the left-hand side of your Studiorific Social dashboard to access the social media schedule. You can choose to view Facebook posts that have already been published, those that have failed to go live for whatever reason (including the reason for the failure), and those that you have scheduled to share on Facebook in the coming days, weeks, or months.

Finding the ultimate post scheduler for Facebook is easy. Just sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific Social now.

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