How to Schedule an Instagram Post with the Studiorific Tools
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How to Schedule an Instagram Post with the Studiorific Tools

Instagram has quickly become one of the must-have networks for both social media marketers and social media influencers as well as for big and small businesses. Over the past decade, Instagram emerged as the global leader in photo and video digital marketing with more than 1 billion active years each month. Despite the importance of this social media platform, digital marketers sometimes struggle keeping their Instagram post schedule full, especially when this is not the only network they use. That’s why using the right social media management tools is crucial for busy marketers to optimize their workflow and enhance their performance.

In this article we will show you how to schedule an Instagram post with Studiorific. Our Instagram post scheduler app allows you to create and prepare content to be published on multiple Instagram accounts as well as other social media sites, ahead of time. In this way, you can streamline your social media processes to save time while still posting on the best times for your audiences.

Add an Instagram Account

The first step to start to schedule Instagram posts is to connect your profile(s) to your Studiorific account if you haven’t done so yet. This takes just a minute and allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts from the same platform. No need to remember numerous Instagram usernames and passwords which can get messy if you run a digital marketing agency working with several clients.

To add an Instagram business account or your personal account, go to the Account manager tab in the left-hand side menu on our platform. Make sure that you are signed into the Instagram account that you want to connect. Click on the “Add Instagram profile” button. You need to enter the Instagram username and password. You will be sent a 6-digit security code by text message or email which you need to enter into the Security Code field to continue. As soon as you’ve done that, a “Success” message will pop up, which means that your Instagram account has been successfully connected to your Studiorific social media scheduler dashboard. You will be automatically taken back to the Account manager page, where the newly added account will be displayed under the Instagram profiles section.

Depending on your subscription plan, you can add between 9 and 28 Instagram accounts (or other social media accounts). Just repeat the same process for each account.

Remember that you can always go to your Account manager page and delete any Instagram accounts which you are no longer using. You can then replace them with your new profiles.

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Schedule an Instagram Post

Now that you’ve connected your Instagram account(s) to your dashboard, it’s time for the fun to begin: you can schedule your first Instagram post on Studiorific.

To schedule an Instagram post, click on the “Instagram” tab in the left-hand side menu, and then click on “Post”. This will take you to the social media post scheduling page of your dashboard.

Pro Tip: Schedule on Multiple Social Media Accounts

If you have more than one Instagram account connected to your dashboard, select those for which you want to create a post. Studiorific allows you to schedule a post on a few different Instagram accounts simultaneously which saves a lot of time if your business has multiple profiles.

Moreover, you can schedule your Instagram post to be published on Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube simultaneously with Studiorific. For this purpose, click on the “Publish all” tab in the left-hand side menu. Then select on which social media accounts you want to publish the same post.

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It takes just 5 easy-to-follow steps to publish content on one or more Instagram profiles from a single platform.

1. Choose Content to Post

First, you need to add the content which you want to post on Instagram. Studiorific features all major types of Instagram posts including:

  • Instagram photo or video post
  • Instagram story
  • Instagram IGTV
  • Instagram carousel

Schedule an Instagram Photo or Video Post

The first option available on Studiorific is to schedule an Instagram post comprised of a single photo or a single video. Remember that the best Instagram photo size is 1080×1080 (square), 1080×1350 (portrait), or 1080×608 (landscape), while the maximum Instagram video length is 1 minute.

For scheduling posts on social media of this type, click on “Media”.

Then it’s time to add the photo or video. If you have already uploaded it into the File manager on your Studiorific account, just click on File manager tab and select the photo or video which you want to share by checking the small box in the upper left-hand side corner of the file. Then click “Add”. If you’d like to edit a photo before selecting it, you can do this by clicking the Edit icon in the lower left-hand side corner of an image file.

Alternatively, you can also upload an image from your device (computer or mobile), import it from Google Drive, or get it from a link by clicking the respective buttons.

Pro Tip: Edit Photos

With a Studiorific account, you can edit your photos to be published on Instagram (or any other social media site) in advance. Just go to the File manager tab in the left-hand side menu. Then click the Edit icon on the photo you want to make changes to. You can crop, flip, and rotate images. In addition, you can add drawings, shapes, icons, and text. You can also change colors and color schemes. Just click on the “Save” button when you are done, and your edited photo will be added to your File manager. This feature helps you optimize your Instagram posts by publishing content of the recommended size and with enhanced visual appeal.

You can also brand your digital content. Go to the Watermark tab in the left-hand side menu. Choose which Instagram account(s) you want to add your logo to as a watermark in the menu. Then upload your logo and customize the position, size, and transparency. Click on “Save” when you are done. Importantly, once you’ve set up a watermark, it will be added to all your Instagram posts automatically. No need to add your logo every time you post on this social media network.

Schedule an Instagram Story Post

With Studiorific, you can schedule an Instagram post in a story format as well. This allows you to publish multiple photos and/or videos in a slideshow format. The Instagram story post is supposed to let you share the moments of your day with your Instagram followers. Keep in mind that these are photos and videos which you don’t want to keep live in the long run as they will disappear after 24 hours.

To schedule an Instagram story post, click on the “Story” tab. Once again, you can get photos and videos from your File manager, device, Google Drive, or a link.

Schedule an Instagram IGTV Post

IGTV has taken video sharing on Instagram to a whole new level. While IGTV is available as a standalone app for Android and iOS smartphone users, it is also available on the Instagram app. An Instagram IGTV post allows you to share a longer than 1 minute video with your Instagram followers.

For this option, click on the “IGTV” tab. Next you need to enter a title in the respective field and add a video. You can use a video file from the File manager, your device, Google Drive, or a link.

Schedule an Instagram Carousel Post

Last but not least, you can schedule a post on Instagram through the Studiorific platform in the form of a carousel. Instagram Carousel lets users post up to 10 photos and/or videos as a single swipeable carousel.

All you need to do to is to click on the “Carousel” tab and add photos and/or videos as in the other cases of scheduling Instagram posts.

2. Write a Caption

The next step to schedule an Instagram post through Studiorific is to add a caption. Your caption for Instagram post should be concise and appealing. While the length limit set up by the Instagram app for captions is 2,200 characters, many social media influencers and marketers find much shorter texts to work better. The point it to add a caption which will both help Instagram users find your content and inspire them to follow you and learn more about your business.

On Studiorific, you can either type in or paste a new caption for Instagram post or use a previously saved one. To do the latter, just click on the “Get caption” icon and choose one of your saved captions. If you want to use your newly typed caption in the future, make sure to click the “Save caption” icon below the caption field.

Creating and reusing your captions for scheduling Instagram posts saves you lots of time and energy and eliminates some of the repetitive work associated with being a social media marketer. Saving captions comes especially handy with regards to Instagram hashtags. Chances are that you are using the same hashtags for Instagram posts over and over again, so there’s no need to retype them every single time. Just save them on your Studiorific account, and get them when you need them.

Pro Tip: Save Instagram Captions

Studiorific gives you the opportunity to create and save captions for your Instagram posts (or for scheduling social media posts on any other network) even when you are not working on a specific post. Just go to the Caption tab in the left-hand side menu. Click on the “Add new” button in the upper right-hand side corner to start making your own captions and saving them for future use.

3. Add a Location

When you schedule an Instagram post with the Studiorific social media management tools, you can also add your location if you want to. To do that, just click on the “Advance option” button below the caption field. Once you’ve done that, you can enter your location.

4. Preview Your Instagram Post

Before scheduling on social media, it is important to take a look at how your post will look once it’s live on your account. That’s easy with Studiorific. Just have a look at the Instagram post preview in the right-hand side of the platform screen. You will see the photo and/or video and the caption.

5. Publish or Schedule an Instagram Post

We’ve come to the last step. With Studiorific, you have two options how to proceed with your Instagram post scheduling once everything is ready. First, you can publish your post right away by clicking on the “Post” button. In this case, your Instagram post will be published immediately on your account. You will be able to see it on our Instagram post schedule tool from the Schedules tab in the left-hand side menu on our platform. Just make sure to select the Published posts option.

Second, you can decide to schedule an Instagram post for a later date and time. To do this, select the Schedule box. You can choose the exact date and time when you want your post to be published based on the best time to post for your target Instagram followers.

Importantly, Studiorific allows you to automate reposting your content multiple times. Just choose how many days you want your reposting apart in the Repost frequency field, and enter the final date when you want your content reposted in the Repost until field. If you want to schedule an Instagram post to be published just once, set the value in the Repost frequency field to 0. At the end, just click the “Schedule” button.

Once you’ve scheduled your post, you can check out your Instagram post schedule from the “Schedules” tab in the left-hand side menu. Select the Queue option.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Studiorific’s Instagram Post Scheduler?

These are the steps to scheduling Instagram posts from the Studiorific platform. You should keep in mind that doing the actual work will take even less time than reading this article.

So now that you know how to use our platform, you might still be wondering why you should opt for it. Here are the advantages of scheduling an Instagram post through Studiorific rather than directly on the Instagram app:

  • Publish Instagrams posts at the best time for your followers by scheduling posts in advance
  • Schedule a post on multiple Instagram accounts or other social media accounts simultaneously
  • Edit images to fit the Instagram size recommendations
  • Brand your digital content
  • Use saved captions
  • Have access to a visual Instagram post schedule for both scheduled and published posts

All in all, Studiorific saves you lots of time and energy from scheduling posts which you can use to work on your digital marketing strategy or simply relax.

To schedule an Instagram post and other social media platforms has never been easier, faster, and more efficient before. Follow the 5 easy steps described above to optimize your Instagram marketing strategy without wasting time in repetitive efforts and staying online 24/7.

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