The Best Social Media Apps for Your Business
Social Media Management Tools

The Best Social Media Apps for Your Business

Are you planning to up your social media strategy? Indeed, social media networks offer an important opportunity for businesses to establish their online presence and generate leads at an unprecedented speed. If you are relatively new to social media and have no idea where to start, let us tell you. First, you need to set up a social media marketing strategy. Then, you need to get the right social media apps for putting this strategy into action.

Here are the 8 tools which every social media marketer needs nowadays to succeed:

Hashtags Generator

Our list of the must-have social media apps is headed by a hashtags creator for a reason. In social media marketing, hashtags are the equivalent of keywords in digital content marketing. That’s the way for target audiences to come to your social media accounts and start engaging with your posts.

That’s why it is crucially important to use the right hashtags every time you schedule social media posts, no matter which network you use. To assure that, you need to perform research on the most popular hashtags in your field. There isn’t really a way to do that manually except to read through thousands of social media posts and try to observe patterns in the use of hashtags. You should keep in mind that the best hashtags for Instagram differ from the hashtags trending on Twitter which are different from the hashtags on Facebook and so on.

The straightforward and easy way to achieve your goal of attracting the maximum number of users to your social media networks is to get a hashtags generator. This tool will help you do research to identify what hashtags you should use on each platform for maximum social media engagement.

Keywords Research Tools

Similarly, if video marketing on YouTube is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, you would need a keywords research tool as one of the must-have social media apps for your business. Keywords on YouTube posts are just as important as keywords for blog posts. They should be present in the video audio as well as in the video description.

Once again, there is no easy way to find the best keywords for YouTube video posts manually. It would require hundreds of hours dedicated to watching and listening to dozens of videos to figure out the trends. Getting a keyword research tool would greatly facilitate putting together a video content marketing strategy.

Video Editor

Even if you are not trying to become a YouTube influencer, you are probably aware of the fact that videos have become the predominant type of content. This trend is only expected to accelerate, which means that the significance of video content in digital marketing will keep growing.

Unless you plan to hire a video marketing agency and pay them thousands of dollars, you will need some social media apps that help you make and edit videos. No worries, there are plenty of reasonably priced online video editors which even beginners can use.

Infographics Maker

Infographics are gaining more and more importance in digital marketing in general and social media marketing in specific. After all, they are a quick and easy way to present tons of content in a visual form so that it can be understood and remembered by a wide audience.

To excel as a social media marketer in 2020, you need to jump on the bandwagon. This means that your selection of social media apps should include access to an infographics creator tool. While doing your research, make sure to choose one which has a good range of readily available templates. Then you can simply adjust the colors to match your brand and write a few sentences, and your infographics are ready to go on social media posts. No graphic design skills required!

Stock Images

No matter how many videos and infographics you create, you will always need photos too. Even video and infographics content sometimes requires adding a picture. This means that the next must-have social media app is a stock images website.

While there exist hundreds of websites which offer free or paid stock images, they are not all created equal. Indeed, they vary significantly with regards to the number of available images, the quality and sizes, the search ease, the copyrights, and what can be used for commercial purposes and what cannot. That’s why you should have a careful look at a few different social media apps before choosing the best for your goals.

Image Editor

Even if you find the best stock images website on the internet, you will still need to do some photo editing. At the least, different social media networks have varying size and proportion requirements for their posts. Moreover, adding logos and watermarks to your images helps with branding and with copyrights protections. As a result, the best social media apps for putting your digital marketing strategy into action should include a photo editor.

Studiorific provides you with access to all the tools you need to add watermarks to your images and to edit them to optimize social media engagement from your users. You can optimize images for each platform from the same dashboard. Just import them from a cloud or upload them from your computer, and get creative.

Social Media Calendar

In order to keep track and stay organized, you definitely need a social media calendar among your social media apps. This social media management tool does not need to be anything complicated. In most cases even a simple calendar from Google Sheets would do the trick.

The point is to be able to lay out your social media strategy on the screen of your computer or phone. This will give you an excellent visual idea of how well distributed and diversified your digital content is.

The social media management tools available on Studiorific provide you with a social media schedule as well. This is your own customized calendar showing scheduled posts as well as successfully published posts.

Social Media Scheduler

Executing a social media marketing strategy can get messy, especially if you are using a few different social media networks. Not to mention how complicated the work of a freelance social media marker or a digital marketing agency is as it manages multiple social media accounts for various clients, particularly if they are located in a number of time zones.

The best way to keep your work organized in this case is to get a social media scheduler, like Studiorific. This social media management tool allows you to schedule social media posts ahead of time which eliminates the need to be up and running day and night to meet the optimal time for each of your target audiences.

Moreover, with a social media scheduler as one of the must-have social media apps, you can devote a day each week for scheduling content. Meanwhile, the rest of your time can be put aside for creating engaging content.

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These are the 8 social media apps which your businesses needs today in order to start growing tomorrow.

Wondering where to start your journey as a social media freelancer? Sign up for Studiorific now to schedule and track social media posts as a pro.

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