16 Social Media Benefits for Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media Strategy

16 Social Media Benefits for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Many digital marketers are wondering whether they should include social media networks in their strategy and what part of their efforts should be devoted to this channel. The truth of the matter is that in 2020 social media marketing is an indispensable part of the online presence, brand establishment, and growth process of any business. The social media benefits are just too many for any respectable company or digital marketer to ignore. In this article we’ve put together the 16 most important advantages of scheduling posts on social media for your business.

1. Brand Awareness

There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? Experienced business owners and digital marketers have realized that social media platforms are one of the optimal ways for establishing the online presence of a brand. With billions of active users across various networks, you will be missing on an incredible size of audience if you don’t join social media. The more websites that your brand’s name is present on, the wider exposure your business will get to potential users and customers.

2. Business Reputation

Let’s face it. In 2020 it’s just a must for any serious business with local or global coverage to have active social media accounts and post on them on a regular basis. Future customers expect to be able to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other channels. Your reputation will be undermined if you are not available over social media. In a way, leads will start thinking there’s something wrong with your business.

3. Lead Generation

One of the most important social media benefits for businesses is that this type of marketing has turned into a solid lead generation tool. The sum of social media accounts that should be included in your digital marketing strategy has such an audience coverage, outreach, and diversity that you can never achieve just through your website alone. With the options to publish different types and formats of social media posts and the opportunities to target users, you can generate leads at an unprecedented speed.

4. Sales Growth

On social media it is possible not simply to generate leads but to generate qualified leads. This means that your conversion rate will go up, which translates into a direct increase in sales. Social media marketing is an easy and straightforward way to accelerate your business growth and take your brand to the next level.

5. SEO Boost

Another of the major social media benefits for businesses is that this channel supports the enhancement of other digital marketing components. Although there isn’t a precise formula to express the relationship between the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website and your social media accounts, the reality is that social media marketing improves the performance of websites. The vast majority of businesses which create accounts on social media sites and start scheduling posts on them report an SEO boost within a few months.

6. Traffic to Your Website

Apart from the organic traffic increase from enhanced SEO, social media marketing offers a direct rise in traffic to your website too. Depending on how many social media networks you include in your digital marketing strategy and how often you publish content on them, you can have thousands or even millions of additional sessions on your website from this channel.

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7. Business Partnerships

Driving traffic, qualified leads, and direct sales to your brand does not include all social media benefits. A crucial advantage of having a solid social media presence is the opportunity to build relations and partnerships with other companies within your industry. Thus, it is important to deploy LinkedIn marketing as that’s the largest network of professionals where you can find just about anyone that you might ever want to work together with.

8. Connecting with Social Media Influencers

The share of influencer marketing in digital marketing has been growing tremendously in recent years. Getting the attention of social media influencers or actively seeking collaboration with them augments social media benefits for businesses. Connecting with influencers in your niche and getting them to promote your brand can do miracles for your company. Their followers will take into consideration the recommendations of social media influencers if they tell them to try your product or service.

9. User Engagement

It is important for any brand to engage with users in an efficient manner and on a regular basis in order to convert them into customers. Moreover, companies have to continue focusing on customer engagement to retain customers and decrease churn. Social media benefits include offering easy and efficient ways to keep your users and customers interested and engaged. It suffices to share digital content and publish product updates on your social media accounts to create momentum.

10. Customer Support

Having your customers report technical or other issues on your social media channels is often much faster and more efficient than to have them send an email or make a phone call. Most of your users are already present on various social media platforms throughout the day, so it takes zero efforts from them to send you a message to report a bug or ask for help.

11. Learning about Your Customers

Interacting with your customers on social media and seeing their behavior there can teach you a lot about your prevalent users and your ideal customers. There’s a ton of valuable information that you can get from social media marketing that you won’t be able to access in other, more traditional ways.

12. Easy Implementation

One of the most important social media benefits is the ease with which you can implement a social media strategy. If you are just starting out or you have a small team with limited human resources, you don’t need to create dedicated content for scheduling on social media. You can easily and quickly repurpose the content that you create for your website and share it on this channel as well.

13. Cost-Efficiency

Social media marketing is a very cheap strategy in the current business world. Having business accounts on most social media platforms is absolutely free of charge. Moreover, as mentioned above, you don’t need to have a separate budget for creating content for social media posts as you can repurpose your website content. In addition, unless you are a large corporation, you don’t need a digital marketing agency to implement your social media marketing plan. You can easily do it yourself with just 15-20 minutes a day.

14. CPC Ads

If paid marketing is a part of your digital marketing strategy, then there’s no better place to spend your advertising budget than on social media. One of the crucial social media benefits for businesses is the highly targeted ads available on many platforms. With Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads you can achieve much higher brand awareness and reach significantly higher sales than with Google ads.

15. Getting to Know Your Competition

Competition research is crucial for any business, and social media offers some of the best online opportunities to learn about your competitors. You should keep a close eye on their social media accounts and their activities there. There’s no harm in replicating anything that looks like a potentially successful business model as long as you are not bluntly stealing their ideas.

16. Global Involvement

In the 21st century no business can exist or even more so prosper in isolation. We are all a part of the global community and have to take advantage of this. Being active on social media platforms is an excellent way to show that your brand is an engaged member of the global community with a standpoint on important social issues. Follow current events and make sure that you react to them in the most reasonable way on your company’s social media accounts to show your users and customers that you really care about the world, apart from your brand.

Now that you know all major social media benefits, all that’s left is to put together your strategy and start implementing it with the best social media management tools which the internet has to offer. You’ve come to the right place. Studiorific provides you with access to a social media scheduler which will help you schedule posts on multiple accounts on different platforms simultaneously, ahead of time. Furthermore, we provide you with a visual social media calendar to keep track of all your published and scheduled social media posts.

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