8 Social Media Channels That Are a Must for Marketing Your Business in 2021
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8 Social Media Channels That Are a Must for Marketing Your Business in 2021

While there are literally hundreds of social media channels out there, they are not all created equal when it comes to marketing your business. Moreover, choosing which networks to use should depend not only on the merits of each individual platform but also on your industry, your brand characteristics, and your business needs. To help out those who are just starting out in social media marketing, we’ve put together a list of the 8 must-have sites in 2021 regardless of your niche and your focus. These channels are guaranteed to maximize your brand’s exposure to qualified audiences, generate leads, convert leads into customers, and drive sales up.

What Are the Top 8 Social Media Channels for Business Marketing in 2021?

Let’s get started right away with the social media networks that you must include in your digital marketing strategy:

1. Facebook

Social Media Channels for Business Marketing: Facebook
Facebook is the #1 social media channel for marketing your business

Facebook is the first true social media network, and as such it establishes the basis of social media marketing for businesses. Whether you are looking for organic engagement on social media or paid ads, that’s one of the social media channels which you simply can’t afford to ignore.

First and foremost, Facebook has the absolutely largest active audience with about 2.8 billion active users per month. Importantly, this audience includes users from any possible geographical location, socio-economic background, educational level, and interest group. Regardless of what you are selling and who your ideal customer persona is, you are guaranteed to find them with Facebook marketing.

Another important factor to take into consideration when choosing the most suitable social media sites for your business is that you can share any type of digital content on Facebook. Whether your marketing team produces blog posts, landing pages, photos, short or long videos, or infographics, you can share them on Facebook posts quickly and easily. This means that you don’t necessarily need to create content for this social media channel in specific. You can repurpose content created for other digital marketing channels to save time and financial resources.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing
  • Access to 2.8 billion monthly active users
  • Exposure to leads and customers from all backgrounds, around the globe
  • Easy and efficient repurposing of digital content
  • No special skills and experience needed

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2. Instagram

Second on the list of the best social media channels for marketing a business in 2021 is Instagram. Owned by Facebook, this site has turned into an indisputable leader in the field of sharing photos, other images, and short videos.

One great benefit of Instagram marketing is that it provides exposure to a really active and engaging community. However, it takes some time and effort on behalf of a social media marketer in order to become a member of this community.

Another thing you should keep in mind before jumping onto Instagram is that you will need to create high-quality, visually appealing, unique content to be competitive. But with the myriad of free infographic creators and image editors out there, you can start making professionally looking images and videos with the help of your mobile. All that you need is some perseverance and creativity to start marketing your business on one of the must-have social media platforms.

Benefits of Instagram Marketing
  • Connecting with 1 billion monthly active users
  • Ideal for photo and video content
  • Access to highly engaged and active community

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3. Twitter

Social Media Channels for Business Marketing: Twitter
Twitter is one of the most important channels for marketing a business on social media

One more social media network that you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy is Twitter. This platform is particularly suitable for brands which are just getting started in social media marketing and don’t have much of a following yet. The hashtags, which are the trademark of Twitter marketing, make it very easy and quick to attract attention from interested users and start generating followers.

Another great thing about Twitter is that you can share links, photos, and videos. Similar to Facebook marketing, you don’t need to create special content. You can use repurposed content and add up to 280 characters of text to dedicate your marketing team’s efforts to other tasks.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing
  • Marketing to 330 million monthly active users
  • Repurposing content
  • Short-form posts (280 characters) which don’t take much time and effort

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4. Tumblr

As the leading microblog website, Tumblr is yet another must on your list of the best social media channels for marketing your business. This social media network comes with a devoted community which gives real meaning to the word social. Furthermore, though Tumblr is a microblog, you can share both text content and visual content such as photos and videos.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to necessarily create blog posts for Tumblr marketing. You can easily share links to blog posts published on your business website for additional exposure to Tumblr users.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing
  • Bringing your content to 327 million active users
  • Appropriate for different forms of digital content
  • Easy and time-efficient content creating and posting

5. YouTube

You probably don’t need to be convinced of the power of YouTube marketing when it comes to promoting your businesses online. While there are many social media networks that specialize in videos, YouTube is by far the most popular and the most visited one with over 2 billion active users each and every monthly.

People from any part of the world and from any possible background watch YouTube videos. This means that your target audience is already active on the YouTube social media channel. Now it’s just a matter of you grabbing their attention with your marketing videos.

One great thing about YouTube is that you can post videos of any possible length and format. Moreover, you can share purely marketing and promotional videos, you can schedule tutorial videos, and many other types. You can even start your own vlog or podcast and host it on YouTube.

Benefits of YouTube Marketing
  • Sharing your videos with 2 billion monthly active users
  • Access to the global leader in video marketing

6. Reddit

Social Media Channels for Business Marketing: Reddit
Reddit provides unique opportunities for social media marketing

Compared to other social media channels, Reddit offers unique opportunities for marketing your business. To be able to engage with Reddit users, become a part of the community, and successfully market a brand, you have to be careful about following the Reddit etiquette. Unlike on other platforms, you cannot bluntly promote your product or service.

You have to build a reputation, engage with the community, post reputable content, and engage with the content posted by others. Only once you’ve done that, you can start thinking about marketing your product or service. And you still need to be very careful about how you do this.

Benefits of Reddit Marketing
  • Engaging with 430 million monthly active users
  • Engagement from a very devoted audience

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media network, and as such it gives you exposure to millions of other professionals from your industry as well as to millions of potential customers from around the world. LinkedIn marketing gives you the opportunity to establish your brand’s online presence, build your reputation, and market your business.

The vast majority of leads will look at your LinkedIn personal profile or LinkedIn business page before deciding whether to do business with you or not. That’s why you should put good efforts into building a complete LinkedIn profile. In addition to filling in all available sections, you should ask colleagues and customers to endorse your skills and share their experiences with you. Endorsements and recommendations are the bread and butter of marketing your brand on the leader among professional social media channels.

Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing
  • Networking with 760 million monthly active users
  • Access to a professional social media network

8. Google My Business

Last but not least, we need to include Google My Business (GMB) on the list of the top social media channels for marketing your business in 2021. While scheduling posts on social media on all platforms helps to some extent with organic ranking and traffic to your website, creating a business listing on GMB and creating posts that does this in a much more straightforward way.

Having your business on Google My Business gives it exposure to Google users and organic searches that no other approach does.

Benefits of Google My Business Marketing
  • Exposure to 1 billion Google monthly active users
  • Boosting organic ranking and search results

Marketing on social media is a must for your business in 2021. If you are not active on social media channels, you will be left behind the competition and missing on major opportunities to grow your business at an unprecedented rate. Now that you know what platforms to get all, all that’s left is to create accounts on these sites and start posting.

If you are getting worried that scheduling social media posts on all these networks will be overwhelming, you have no reason to worry. We at Studiorific Social help you streamline and automate your social media marketing processes. Schedule posts on all these 8 must-have social media channels from a single platform.

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