Social Media for Photographers: 7 Tips from Professionals
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Social Media for Photographers: 7 Tips from Professionals

If you own a photography business, you need to embrace the power of social media for marketing. On social media, your photos have the potential to capture the attention of millions of users around the globe. So, take a look at our 7 tips for social media for photographers to grow your audience at an unprecedented speed.

Get on the Must-Use Social Media Platforms for Photographers

Not all social media networks are created equal when it comes to marketing a photography business. That’s why you should focus your efforts on those which make the most sense for your industry.

Instagram Marketing

The absolute leader in the marketing of visual content such as your photos is Instagram. So, the first step in activating social media for photographers is creating an Instagram account.

The users of this network thrive on high-quality, visually appealing content and are hungry to devour the photos that you have to share with them.

Facebook Marketing

Another social media site which you cannot ignore as a photographer striving to take his/her business to the next level is Facebook. Despite the growth in other platforms in the last decade, Facebook remains the most popular social media network.

Moreover, the Facebook interface is particularly good for photos of various sizes and layouts.

Tumblr Marketing

While Tumblr is a relatively smaller and less important network, its users are quite big on high-quality images. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to build a sense of community over there and to gain numerous loyal followers.

Reddit Marketing

To reach out to an even larger audience as a photographer on social media, you should also get on Reddit. While this platform has strict rules about what can and what cannot be published there, it’s quite well receptive of original visual content.

Twitter Marketing

Last but not least, everyone who says that Twitter marketing is dead in 2021 is simply WRONG. The Twitter platform is doing well and growing, with an ever-increasing number of daily tweets.

Actually, that’s one more outlet that’s perfectly fit for social media for photographers. It’s easy to share visual content, and with the help of the right hashtags, you have the potential to reach millions of people within minutes of publication.

Create Multiple Social Media Accounts

If you want to maximize the exposure of your photography work to social media users, you need to create a few different accounts on each channel that you decide to use.

Business Accounts

First and foremost, you need a business account which highlights your photography business. The profile picture will comprise of your business logo, the bio should be focused on your company, and the website link should take users to your website. All your photos should be published on your official business account.

Personal Accounts

Then, in social media for photographers you need your own personal account on each platform. This should feature a creative photo of you with your camera, the bio should focus on your experience and expertise, and the whole account should be built around your persona as a photographer but also as an individual.

Other Accounts on Social Media for Photographers

Moreover, you can create a few additional social media accounts with creative usernames which highlight the fact that you are a photographer but are different from your official business accounts. Make sure to incorporate the exact type of photography in which you specialize in the account usernames.

While all your social media accounts should highlight that you are a photographer, each one should be a bit different and target a different audience. In this way, when you start scheduling posts on social media, the number of users whom you reach will be multiplied, without you putting any extra effort into it.

By the way, you should  not worry about having to schedule posts on multiple accounts. Tools such as Studiorific’s social media scheduler help you automate the process of posting on numerous accounts on different networks in an easy and effortless manner. But we will talk more about social media automation tools in a bit.

Social Media for Photographers: Scheduler
Studiorific Social Media Scheduler

Make Your Social Media Captions as Captivating as Your Photos

Of course, your photos should be the centerpiece of your social media marketing efforts. However, posting mesmerizing photos will not be enough for photographers who are trying to win on social media in 2021. There’s just too much competition out there.

That’s why you will need to ace your social media captions too. Get inspiration from your photos to write the captions that go with them when you publish them on social media. Talk about your feelings when you were taking the photo. Share what you were thinking and imagining. Discuss the objects in your photos. Social media users will thoroughly enjoy entering your internal world as a photographer and become a part of the magic that happens behind the lens.

Social Media for Photographers: Captions

Captions can really do the trick when it comes to winning devoted social media followers on all channels.

Use the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are important on social media for photographers on all networks, but they are an absolute must in Instagram marketing and Twitter marketing. How good your hashtags are will be the main determining factor of how easy it is for new users to find your social media posts and for existing followers to keep coming back to your photos posted online.

You need to research the best hashtags for photographers on each social media platform. If you haven’t worked as a social media marketer before, you’ll be surprised how much hashtags vary from one network to another.

You should include 4-5 hashtags which each post that you publish on social media. These should be a combination of photography-center hashtags as well as a couple of hashtags that are specific to your niche, whether it’s wedding photography, baby photography, or anything else. In addition, it’s good to start building your brand on social media sites by creating some of your own branded hashtags. While this will not help with traffic initially, they will definitely start giving great results once you’ve attracted a few thousand followers. Your branded hashtags will keep bringing your loyal followers to your posts over and over again.

Schedule Social Media Posts Regularly

Another tip for success on social media for photographers is to keep scheduling posts. You need to post many, many times a day – ideally every hour or even every half an hour. The competition among photographers on social media platforms is so severe that posting constantly is the only way to get your fair share of attention from users.

As a professional photographer, you must have thousands of captivating photos that you can share with your audience. Even if you don’t, there’s nothing wrong with reposting. Actually, that’s a very efficient way to enhance your social media marketing strategy.

With Studiorific Social, you can schedule a post to be published on multiple days, with a frequency selected by you. In this way, you can easily fill in your social media calendar without spending hours on posting every day.

Moreover, even if you don’t want to have the exact same post over and over again, our social media management tools help you optimize scheduling. For example, once you’ve uploaded your photos to our platform, you can store them in the File Manager for easy access the next time you want to use them in a post. We’ve eliminated the need to upload a file every time that you want to post it on social media.

Furthermore, you can save your commonly used social media captions with the Caption tools. In this way, you can recall your saved captions when scheduling new posts. This is particularly useful for saving hashtags so that you skip the boring task of entering the same hashtags every single time.

Engage with Your Audience

Social media marketing is a two-way street. It’s not enough to create accounts and post on them to build a real social media presence as a photographer. The next step is to actively engage with your followers.

If anyone comments on your posts, make sure to react to their comment and respond to it as quickly as possible. In addition, you should follow back some users who are active on your posts and engage with their posts as well.

Another idea to boost engagement on social media for photographers is to post surveys and to launch contests. Simply asking your followers to tag a friend might double the traffic to your posts.

Use Social Media Management Tools

Last but not least, social media marketing should not take all your time and energy as you need to continue taking breathtaking photos. After all, that’s your main occupation as a photographer.

The way to build your presence on social media while still having enough time to focus on your business is to get access to social media management tools. These include first and foremost a social media scheduler, which we mentioned before. With Studiorific Social, you are able to schedule posts on multiple accounts on various platforms simultaneously. Furthermore, you are able to automate reposting in addition to being able to save files and to save captions.

Studiorific also provides you with access to a set of social media schedules where you can view your scheduled posts as well as your already published posts. You can organize by platform and by account to make sure that your social media calendar is filled and balanced.

If you’d like to start optimizing your social media marketing plan as a photographer, sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific Social now.

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With these 7 professional tips, you will soon be on the way to conquering social media for photographers. You better start right away. There’s no reason to hide your amazing photography work from the social media audience.

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