The Best Social Media Manager: 12 Must-Have Features
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The Best Social Media Manager: 12 Must-Have Features

Are you a struggling digital content marketer or are you aspiring to become a social media influencer? Or maybe you are a business owner who’s trying to establish a presence on social media? In all these cases, what you need is a social media manager.

But with so many options out there, it’s really hard to choose the right social media management tool for the purposes of your business. To help you out in selecting the top app to support your social media marketing efforts, we’ve put together a list of the 12 must-have features of the best social media manager.

1. Able to Schedule Social Media Posts

First and foremost, such a tool should be a social media scheduler. This means that it should give you the ability to schedule your posts on various social media networks in advance. In this way, you can put together and execute an effective social media marketing strategy. Being able to schedule social media posts ahead of time means that you can reach your target audience in any part of the world at the optimal time for engagement without having to be in front of the computer 24/7.

2. Featuring a Visual Calendar

Scheduling numerous posts on various social media sites without proper visualization can get messy, to say the least. That’s why the top manager tool should feature a social media calendar which displays scheduled posts, successfully published posts, and unpublished posts. This is a crucially important attribute for busy digital marketers who need to be able to check whether everything is going well with their social media strategy with a quick look. Having a visual representation of your strategy will also help you decide if you are scheduling posts on social media too frequently or too infrequently.

3. Integrating Multiple Platforms

Of course, a top social media tool should support scheduling and posting on different social media networks. Very few social media influencers or businesses are able to succeed by focusing on just one single network, unless they are really specialized. For an average business, sharing content on multiple social media platforms optimizes its exposure and allows it to reach out to the largest number of leads. That’s why you should look for social media management tools which incorporate:

  • Facebook post scheduler
  • Twitter post scheduler
  • Instagram post scheduler
  • YouTube post scheduler

Having access to all these platforms from a single dashboard will make your work significantly less complicated and more pleasant.

4. Supporting Several Accounts

For freelance social media marketers working with multiple clients as well as for businesses with a few sister websites, it is important to be able to schedule posts on a number of social media platforms. Thus, the top social media manager should provide them with this functionality in order to enhance their performance and facilitate their work.

5. Accessible on Desktop and Mobile

While mobile phones are taking over every single aspect of our lives, including digital marketing, many people still prefer to use a desktop. This means that a top-choice social media manager tool should cater to the needs and requirements of both desktop users and mobile users. Moreover, it should be accessible from any device and browser without the need to download an app. This will save social media influencers, social media marketers, and business owners lots of time and effort.

6. Able to Import from a Cloud

It would be extremely annoying and time-consuming if you have to download all your digital content to your computer in order to import it into your social media manager, right? To avoid this annoyance and waste of time, you should look for a tool which allows cloud import from Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive.

7. Allowing Image Editing

If you have any experience in social media marketing, you know that each network has different requirements for the size of images to be posted on it. What this means for a marketer or an influencer is that he/she should look for a social media scheduler which permits editing images right on the platform. In this way, you will be able to optimize your posts for every social media site on which you want to publish them.

8. Capable of Sharing Different Types of Content

Unless you run a very specialized business, chances are that you want to be able to share both written content and visual content. Probably you have blog posts, product pages, landing pages, images, infographics, tutorial videos, and other varieties of digital content which you want to share with your social media followers. So, choose a social media management tool which supports this option. Furthermore, it’s important to be able to upload relatively big files at once.

9. Offering Large Storage

There is nothing more annoying than falling for an online tool just before realizing that it is not capable of supporting the size of documents which you need for running your business successfully and trouble-free. So, when you decide on a social media manager, make sure to go for one that offers at least 25 MB of storage.

10. Adding Watermark

Yet another one of the must-have features of the best social media manager is being able to add watermarks to your images. Any digital marketer and social media influencer knows how important branding is. First of all, logos and watermarks allow you to protect your rights to the content that you produce and share on social media platforms. Second, your brand is much more likely to stick with potential leads if they see your name and logo on the content they absorb from you.

11. Being Easy to Use

The last thing you want from a social media manager tool is to be unable to use it, i.e., unless you are a software developer or something else along these lines. You want an app which is extremely easy and straightforward to use. Instead of trying to figure out how to schedule and track your social media posts, you should focus your energy on other more important things. For example, you need to have the time and brain power to plan a digital marketing strategy and create attracting content for executing it.

12. Being Reasonably Priced

Last but not least, with so many different social media management tools out there, the best one should be sold at a competitive price. Using affordable – yet high-quality – tools is the easiest way for social media marketers and business owners to cut costs, optimize their strategy, and maximize profit.

Easier said than done,” you might be thinking. “Where can I find this ideal social media manager?” you might be wondering.

You’ve come to the right place.

Studiorific offers all these features and many more which makes it the ultimate tool for putting your social media marketing strategy to work in 2020 and beyond. For just a few dollars a month, you can connect multiple social accounts to your social media manager dashboard and start sharing content right away. Just import your media from your clouds, make the necessary edits to optimize your posts for each social media network, and schedule them for the best day of the week and time of the day. Check out your social media schedule to make sure your posts are frequent enough to stick with users but not too frequent to become annoying.All that is left is to sign up for Studiorific today to get all the social media engagement you need to achieve your business goals for 2020.

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Nobody is having an idea of the most important feature an marketer needs …That is … replying to the comments on the post …..there must be a comment bot which replies to the comments automatically….I could not find any tool which has this feature

Angie Donaldson November 25, 2020 at 2:33 PM

Hi, Shivkumar!
Thanks so much for this really interesting idea. I fully agree with you and will forward this idea to our Dev team.
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