10 Productivity Hacks for Top-Performing Social Media Marketers
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10 Productivity Hacks for Top-Performing Social Media Marketers

Suffering from burnout is common among social media marketers; indeed, it is much more common than among other professions. The main reason is that social media marketing is such a competitive industry that those involved in it often have to work around the clock to beat the competition. However, putting in all these extra hours does not always guarantee success, while it does guarantee exhaustion. To become the best social media marketer, try out these 10 proven productivity hacks.

#1. Set Up a Smart Workflow

Running social media marketing campaigns is a rather repetitive process, which contributes to the fact that working in this industry is quite exhausting. Routines can be straight-out boring and unsatisfying unless they are set up in a smart way.

One of the best ways in which social media marketers can improve their productivity to achieve optimal results in less time is to establish a smart workflow. Write down all the steps of the social media marketing process that you need to go through every time and arrange them in the most logical way. All relevant tasks such as researching topics, creating content, choosing hashtags, selecting the best time to post on social media networks, and scheduling posts should be put in the optimal order to comprise an intelligent working plan. Once you’ve set up your workflow, stick to it as this will help you keep a sense of organization and a feeling of accomplishment.

#2. Have a Social Media Strategy

Creating a specific social media marketing strategy is an absolute must for enhancing the productivity of marketers. Having a precise strategy laid out before you start preparing and scheduling posts on social media assures that you stay focused on achieving the goals set in the strategy in every post that you share. In this way, you avoid creating content which is of no relevance to your business objectives and which does not contribute to establishing yourself online. Experienced social media marketers know that writing down a solid strategy is the first step to success in the industry.

#3. Focus on Quality

Another crucially important factor for boosting the productivity of social media marketers is to focus on quality rather than quantity. It is much more productive and efficient to have a single post which is well thought through and created with care rather than to schedule 10 social media posts of questionable value and with no real purpose.

Each time when you post something on your social media accounts, it should tie back to your strategy. Moreover, your content should be meaningful and designed in a way which enhances social media engagement. Attracting likes, getting shares, and provoking comments on your posts is a sure sign that your social media strategy is working.

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#4. Organize Your Days

Another productivity hack with any social media professional should employ is to have a weekly schedule. This is particularly important for freelance social media marketers who work with multiple clients. It is recommended to organize your schedule in such a way that you work on each customer’s portfolio at the same time every week. This is a much more efficient time use than scheduling posts on social media sites for one client now, then switching to another customer, and coming back to the first one in half an hour. Allocating a time slot for each client or each social media account or platform – depending on your situation – allows you to focus your entire attention on one single matter to produce the best results.

#5. Use a Social Media Calendar

As soon as social media marketers create a posting strategy, they should put it down into a social media schedule. This calendar should constitute a visual display of what content should get published on which social media platforms at what times. Using a well-kept online calendar, like the one available on Studiorific, is a productivity trick in any industry including digital marketing in general and social media marketing in specific.

#6. Concentrate on the Best Social Media Networks

A productivity hack explicit to the social media world is to focus only on those platforms which are expected to bring the best results for your business. Finding out these networks should be a part of creating your social media strategy.

Generally speaking, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the best social media sites for scheduling posts for any business. However, this doesn’t mean that this is necessarily the case with your company. That’s why you should conduct research into the habits and activities of your ideal customer groups to check on which networks they are most active. Once you’ve done your due diligence, concentrate on creating content for these particular channels in order to optimize your productivity.

#7. Track Performance

As soon as you start putting your social media strategy into action, you need to begin to track the performance of your posts on the networks where you post them. You should keep track of metrics such as reactions, shares, engagements, and others which happen on the actual social media platforms. Furthermore, you should track actions on your website as a result of your social media marketing activities. Some of the most important metrics in this regard include number of unique sessions, time spent on the website, registered users, and e-commerce rate.

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To enhance productivity, social media marketers should focus on posts similar to those which have already had the best performance. Results-based management of social media accounts is the key to a successful and satisfying strategy.

#8. Optimize Communication

As a social media marketer, you probably communicate with a few dozen other professionals on a daily basis. Communication constitutes not only one of the most time-consuming tasks but also one of the most exhausting activities. By the time you are done with a two-hour company-wide meeting, you have no energy to get to your tasks related to the social media marketing side of the business.

That’s why you should find out the best way for you to handle your communication. Do emails or phone calls work better for you? Are you more productive when you answer emails as you receive them or respond to them once a day? Do you find in-person meetings or Zoom meetings more efficient?

No matter what exactly works best for you, you should organize your communication in this way so that you can leave the bulk of your time and energy for putting your social media marketing strategy into action.

#9. Keep an Eye on Competition

Regardless of how successful your social media strategy is, you should always keep a close eye on your competitors. Knowing what others in your field are up to, what they are doing right, and what they are doing wrong allows you to retune and refine your own strategy. Maybe there’s something that’s preventing you from achieving the success of your competitors in an efficient manner. The best way to figure this out is to check out what they are doing. The top social media marketers are always aware of best practices in the industry.

#10. Make Use of Social Media Management Tools

Last but not least, to hack productivity like never before, social media marketers need to get access to the must-have tools in the industry. Social media marketing is all about innovation and automation to enhance not only productivity but also performance, in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

There are numerous social media management tools which each marketer should utilize. The number one tool in this regard is the social media scheduler. There is an online platform – like Studiorific – which allows you to schedule posts on numerous social media accounts on various networks from the same dashboard. Importantly, with this social media manager tool for scheduling, you can have your posts ready to go live ahead of time. Making sure that your content goes out at the best time to post doesn’t have to mean working day and night, seven days a week. With the help of the social media scheduler, you don’t have to be online when your posts go live.

Another crucially important tool for increasing productivity is the social media schedule. Once again, Studiorific offers this tool which lets you visualize all your already published and scheduled posts. That’s the most efficient way to make sure that your social media strategy is put into action and that it actually makes sense.

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Are you starting to feel burnt out in an effort to keep up with your social media marketing plan? Don’t reach this stage. With the help of these 10 productivity hacks, social media marketers can achieve their goals without running into exhaustion.

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