The 14 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at Any Cost
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The 14 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at Any Cost

Because social media has become so popular, everyone thinks that he/she is an expert. Due to this overconfidence, even experienced digital marketers are prone to making silly social media marketing mistakes which can be easily evaded. In this article we’ve compiled the 14 most common mistakes to avoid at any cost in order to maximize your social media performance.

1. Underestimating the Power of Social Media Marketing

The gravest of all grave social media marketing mistakes which you can make as a business or a digital marketer is to undervalue social media as a marketing strategy altogether. With billions of active users from around the globe on a monthly basis, social media platforms are a powerful tool in the suite of any marketer.

If you want your business to get maximum exposure and grow at a sustainable pace, you have to get on the social media marketing bandwagon and make this a major part of your digital marketing strategy.

2. Stretching Too Thin in Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Another mistake which social media marketers fall for way too often is unnecessarily inflating their strategy to a point where it becomes unmanageable and unsustainable. When you are putting your social media strategy together for the first time, and even if you’ve been implementing it for a while, it’s impossible to establish a presence on all social media platforms.

There are dozens of social media sites out there, each with its own requirements and best practices. Moreover, not all of them are ideal for marketing your type of product or service and for attracting your target customer persona. Thus, you should not spread your digital marketing work too thin. Instead, you should focus your efforts on a few – 4 to 5 – social media networks and excel at them.

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3. Not Having a Social Media Strategy

The first rule of social media marketing is to create a plan and stick to it, so it is one of the most serious – and yet most common – social media marketing mistakes to not have a strategy. Posting random pictures and captions at random times on random platforms will not produce the best results. You need to have a clear, written plan of what you should post when and where. Following a strict social media schedule is a must for succeeding in the business. This is the only way to assure that your marketing strategy is diverse and yet organized enough to reflect the interests of all your target users and present your business in the best possible way.

4. Posting at Unsystematic Times

The fourth social media marketing mistake to avoid at any cost is scheduling social media posts at random times. Posts are most likely to be seen by your followers as well as other users and to generate the most social media engagement around the time of publication. People read and engage with posts on top of their newsfeed – that’s a simple fact. If they have to scroll down on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media website just to see your post, chances are that they will not do it.

That’s why it is important to schedule content for publication at the best time to post on each social media platform and for each of your audience segments. This will increase social media engagement in addition to traffic to your website from this channel.

5. Treating All Social Media Networks Equally

Another of the worst social media marketing mistakes which too many professionals make is to treat all platforms in the same way. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, and all other social media sites which you can use to market your business and/or product have strikingly different requirements and regulations.

For example, tweets should not exceed a 280-character limit, while you can schedule social media posts on Facebook of unlimited character and word count. Another example is Tumblr. While your Tumblr blogs can be as long as you want, short posts – known as micro blogs – perform the best with the specific audience which this social media website attracts.

What this means is that you can’t create a single social media post to share on all channels and expect to attract thousands of new likes and followers. You have to take into consideration the best practices for each site and design customized content.

Of course, this is not to say that there’s absolutely no content which could work on multiple social media accounts on different platforms. For instance, you can easily and successfully share links to your blog posts published on your business website on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and even Instagram as long as you add a specific image.

6. Not Using Enough Visuals

Despite all the differences between social media networks, there’s one thing which is common for all of them – visual content performs much better than written content. With the billions of new social media posts being published every day, your content has to be visually appealing and attractive in order to get the attention of your existing followers and new target audiences.

Thus, one of the gravest social media marketing mistakes is not to use enough visuals. You should assure that each of your posts has at least one photo, image, infographic, or video. This will maximize the number of new followers that you get as well as the social media engagement which you receive.

7. Buying Likes and Followers

Speaking of maximizing engagement on your social media posts, keep in mind that all interactions on your account should be natural, native, and true. The malpractice of paying for likes, comments, and followers is gaining more and more popularity on various social media networks, which have taken serious measures to detect and punish such activities. Nevertheless, buying likes and followers remains a common social media marketing mistake which has cost dearly even to experienced, professional digital marketers.

You should focus your money and effort on creating content which really deserves likes rather than on paying for such actions and risking getting punished by a platform.

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8. Overpromoting Your Business or Product

Social media marketing is and should be exactly what it sounds like – marketing your business as well as product or service on various social media channels. As you already know, marketing is drastically different from blatantly selling whatever that is that you are trying to ultimately sell.

Nonetheless, among the most common social media marketing mistakes is businesses forcibly pushing a sale on their social media followers. However, the algorithms of most platforms have become smart enough to detect such attempts and limit their exposure. They are able to easily catch words and language which is trying to sell rather than market.

Moreover, this is suboptimal experience for your users as well. Most followers come to your social media accounts to read educational content, to learn more about your product, and to ultimately consider if it’s worth buying. They are not ready to buy the first time they hear about your business.

So, make sure that you limit your free, organic social media efforts to marketing, not selling. Leave this for social media ads.

9. Not Engaging Sufficiently with Users

Another major social media marketing mistake is failing to understand and appreciate the fact that this is a two-way street. One of the major purposes of social media marketing is building relations with both existing and future customers and potential business partners.

What this means to say is that you can’t just schedule social media posts on your accounts and expect to start selling like never before. You have to seek and actively build engagement and interaction with users and followers on your social media accounts. Make sure that you respond to comments and direct messages as soon as possible. Don’t forget to thank others who tag you in a post or mention you in a comment. Meanwhile, tag other social media users in your posts when relevant. Social media websites are the ideal platforms for building solid, proactive relationships with different individuals and businesses in your industry and niche.

10. Not Updating Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Remember how one of the most serious social media marketing mistakes is to not have a plan and instead do everything on an ad hoc basis? Well, another related mistake is to create a social media strategy and keep using it for years. All aspects of the world of digital marketing are dynamically changing, sometimes on a daily basis. This means that you have to be constantly doing research on recent trends in social media marketing and applying them to your plan.

Your social media marketing plan should remain a work in progress rather than a static blueprint.

11. Not Tracking Performance

Chances are that your social media strategy will not work out perfectly right away. Probably there will be social media posts which generate a lot of engagement on the platform and which drive a lot of traffic to your website, while there will be others which barely get noticed.

The reasons could be numerous including the topics, the format, the time of publication, the hashtags, the tags, etc. To be able to analyze patterns and trends and identify the reasons for varying performance, it is crucial to start tracking your social media posts from day one. This should constitute the basis for updating and upgrading your social media marketing plan.

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12. Tracking Wrong Metrics

Having said how important tracking is for the success of a social media strategy, it is key to emphasize that you should not track performance just for the sake of tracking. You should track how your posts do in order to evaluate if they contribute to achieving the strategic goals of your social media marketing plan.

Thus, you should not fall for one of the very common social media marketing mistakes: namely, tracking metrics which have little or no relevance to your goals. For example, if you are putting together a social media strategy in order to generate additional $20,000 in revenue over the course of the next 20 weeks, it makes much more sense to track such metrics as social sessions on your website, conversion rates among your social media websites, and the average sale amount for social media users. Tracking the likes and comments on your social media posts is less important. Many times the most active users in terms of following, liking, and commenting are just looking for engagement rather than actually looking for a product to purchase.

13. Depending Too Heavily on Social Media Management Automation

Another mistake which you should stay away from as a social media marketer is implementing too much automation in your social media processes. It is absolutely true that you should be innovative and efficient in your social media marketing efforts in order to remain competitive in 2020. However, you can’t just put your strategy on autopilot and hope for the best.

Human touch is still a crucially important element for the success of a social media strategy. You have to customize each of your social media posts to assure maximum engagement and top performance.

14. Doing Too Much Manual Work

However, the opposite is also one of the major social media marketing mistakes. As a busy digital marketer, you have to analyze carefully which social media processes you can automate and do it.

For example, it doesn’t make sense to waste time on publishing content on each social media network from the respective platform. It’s much more efficient to get access to a social media scheduler which allows you to schedule posts on multiple accounts on different platform at the same time. You can sign up now for just $15/month to schedule posts on the must-have social media networks from a single, one-stop platform.

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One of the smartest ways to succeed in any business is to avoid the mistakes which others before you have made. Whether you are just starting out in social media or have a few years of experience, make sure to circumvent these 14 most common social media marketing mistakes in order to achieve maximum results.

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