Why You Should Have Accounts on Multiple Social Media Platforms
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Why You Should Have Accounts on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Should I be present on several social media platforms or should I focus all my digital marketing efforts on a single network?

That’s a question that’s poking the brains of many small businesses, social media influencers, and digital marketers.

The answer is simple: In order to maximize your gains, you need to have accounts on multiple social media platforms. In this article we explain the benefits of this strategy.

Why Should You Be Active on Several Social Media Platforms?

More Audiences

It is absolutely true that most people – including your target customers – tend to use one social media platform over others. It all depends on their interests, preferences, technical skills, and personality. However, it is also true that you cannot expect to capture your entire audience on a single network.

There are always exceptions to the rule, so chances are that you are missing on some parts of your potential audience by limiting yourself to one network.

To optimize your outreach to the highest possible number of social media users and to maximize your exposure, you should create accounts on multiple social media platforms. Even more importantly, you need to optimize these accounts and schedule social media posts on each of them on a regular basis. There is no point in having accounts on different social media platforms if you are not going to use them. To the contrary, this might hurt you as your leads see your empty, meaningless pages.


Another reason why you should be present on a number of social media platform is the fact that your competitors are already there. No matter that industry and niche your business is in, similar companies are most likely being active all over social media, trying to capture the attention of all possible users.

And you should be doing the same. You don’t want to look like less technologically advanced and less socially engaged than your competitors, do you?

Search Engine Ranking

Having accounts and posting content on a few different social media platforms is important for yet another reason. Of course, you should aim at reaching out to the maximum possible audience through your social media posts. But what’s the ultimate goal of all of this?

To drive traffic to your website, right?

Well, having optimized accounts and being constantly active on multiple social media networks helps you achieve this goal in one more way. Namely, it enhances your website’s search engine ranking. Whether you know it or not, social media is important for SEO.

Different Types of Content

The truth of the matter is that as a small business owner or a social media influencer, you will need to create digital content of different formats including blog posts, images, photos, infographics, videos, and others. This means that you will need to use multiple social media platforms as most networks focus on a single type of content.

For example, YouTube is the absolute leader in video marketing. The same holds true for Instagram when it comes to visual digital marketing. So, you will need to create accounts on all different social media networks to achieve the goals and targets set in your social media marketing strategy.


The last very important reason to have accounts on numerous social media platforms is crossposting. This refers to sharing your social media posts initially published on one network on other networks. For instance, you can schedule Instagram posts on Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, you can share YouTube videos on Facebook and Instagram.

What’s the point of this?

There are two benefits. First of all, obviously, this helps with exposure. Why should you limit the outreach of your Facebook posts to the Facebook audience only?! Why not share the hard work you’ve put into creating them and your unique perspective with Twitter and Instagram users as well?! Even if most of your target audience is active on Facebook, you will definitely attract the attention of some new segments when you crosspost.

Second, crossposting your social media content helps with ranking. It facilitates the establishment of connections between your different social media accounts.

On Which Social Media Networks Should Be Have Accounts?

As you see, there are numerous reasons why you should not limit your brand’s online presence to a single social media site. However, it is not realistic to expect that you can dominate all networks without hiring an entire digital marketing agency to handle your social media strategy. That’s why you should focus on a few which have the largest audiences and offer the best exposure to businesses and influencers.

Here’s a list of social media platforms you should concentrate on to optimize your performance:

How to Manage Successfully Multiple Social Media Accounts?

Now that you know how important it is to be present all over social media and you know which social media sites to focus on, you might be starting to worry about how you will be able to manage all these accounts. Indeed, social media management can turn into a real nightmare if not done the right way.

Luckily enough, there is a single social media manager tool which can help you tremendously in staying sane while succeeding with your social media strategy. Studiorific combines a social media scheduler and a social media calendar.

The first tool – the social media scheduler – allows you to schedule social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube ahead of time. In this way, you can choose the optimal days of the week and times of the day for your target audiences all across the globe without compromising your night sleep or weekend rest. You can post different content such as links, images, and videos. Moreover, Studiorific’s social media scheduler includes an image editor which allows you to optimize your photos and other visual content materials for each social media network.

The second tool – the social media schedule or calendar – allows users to start access a visual representation of their social media strategy. This tool shows both previously published posts and scheduled ones. It allows users to see when they post content on which platforms to evaluate if their posts are too frequent or too infrequent to achieve the goals of their digital marketing strategy.

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To establish your presence and grow your audience on the best social media platforms, sign up for Studiorific today.

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