The Best Social Media Posts Planner for Digital Marketing Agencies 2021
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The Best Social Media Posts Planner for Digital Marketing Agencies 2021

Success in social media marketing does not come with the random sharing of arbitrary photos and videos. To the contrary, it is the product of careful and targeted planning and knowing what to post when and where. And the employees of digital marketing agencies know this reality too well. But how do you make sure that you always have the content of all your clients well-planned and well-prepared to achieve their marketing goals? The best way to do that is to get access to the top social media posts planner for digital marketing agencies in 2021: Studiorific Social.

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So, let’s take a look at the features which distinguish the best social media management platform for agencies from the rest of the competition:

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Social Media Scheduler

The absolutely most important feature of a social media posts planner is the ability to schedule posts in advance. In order to plan an efficient and effective social media strategy for your clients, you have to be able to share content at the best time for their social media followers without the need to be online 24/7.

With a social media scheduler tool, you can prepare and schedule multiple posts for a single client at once. Indeed, you can fill their social media calendar with scheduled posts for weeks in advance. Not having to constantly switch between different clients is one of the proven ways to increase the efficiency of your digital marketing agency.

With Studiorific Social Premium plan, you get access to 77 social media accounts on the 8 must-have social media sites in 2021. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, Tumblr, and Reddit. This means that you can schedule posts on social media for multiple clients from a single platform. You don’t have to keep numerous tabs open on your internet browser, and you don’t have to multitask. You can focus on scheduling posts for a single client for a few weeks ahead, and once you are done with this client, you can comfortably move on to the next one.

One really cool feature of the Studiorific social media posts planner is that you can schedule posts on multiple accounts on different platforms at the same time. So, let’s say, you can schedule your post to be published on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram without having to upload the same image, write the same caption, paste the same link, and add the same hashtags several times.

Best Social Media Posts Planner - Studiorific
Studiorific Social Media Scheduler

Another cool capability which makes us stand out from the competition in the social media industry is our IG post scheduler. Unlike most other social media automation tools, we help you post on Instagram directly, without having to use your phone or mobile push notifications. Digital marketing agencies know that this is a real game-changer in the industry.

Social Media Reposter

A well-planned social media marketing strategy requires the reposting of the same content multiple times. For example, when you launch a new marketing promotion campaign, it’s not enough to tell your social media audience about it just once. To attract the most attention and maximize the number of users that you drive to your website, you have to keep resharing the info about your marketing campaign over and over again.

And the best social media posts planned needs to be able to accommodate this need. Thus, having a built-in social media scheduler is not enough, providing a social media reposter is what is needed.

The Studiorific social media management platform offers this feature as well. You have a couple of different options to repost the exact same post in a quick and efficient manner.

First, when scheduling posts on social media, you can choose whether to have them published just once or multiple times. You can choose your post to be reposted every day, every two days, etc. for as long as needed. All you have to do is to set up the first publication date and time, the reposting frequency, and final date and time of publication. Once you schedule your post, we will take care of reposting it as often as specified.

Second, in case your social media marketing plan changes (which happens all the time), you can go to your scheduled posts (in the Queue Schedule) or even your already published posts (in the Published Schedule), clone a post, and schedule it to automatically post and repost in the future, with the necessary frequency.

Executing the strategies of multiple clients should not be cumbersome and boring with the best social media posts planner.

RSS Feed Integration

Social media automation is an integral part of the strategy of a digital marketing agency. That is, unless you want to spend all your time scheduling posts on social media.

One way to automate the publishing of high-quality content on your clients’ social media accounts is to use an RSS feed.

Integration with RSS feed is one of the social media management tools available on Studiorific. In specific, you can add an RSS feed so that new content published on this website gets automatically shared on the social media accounts specified by you. Indeed, you can add multiple RSS feeds, which means that you can automatically post content not only from your client’s own website but from other industry websites if that’s part of your social media marketing strategy.

Once you’ve set up all the specifications, you’ll never have to take a look back. We’ll take care of posting the content updates on your clients’ social media platforms.

Image Editor and Brand Builder

Another important feature of the best social media posts planner is to optimize the way in which photo and video content is handled. Studiorific Social provides you with a File Manager, where you can upload and store your image and video files for the long term. This means that you can use the same file in multiple social media posts without the need to upload it each time. This is guaranteed to save you lots of time and effort.

In addition, the File Manager features an built-in image editor which helps you change the colors of your images, crop them, flip them, and make many other changes. You can make all these edits online after you have already uploaded the files into your File Manager.

Moreover, the Watermark tool automates the important process of branding your visual content. You can set up the logo of each of your clients to be associated with their social media accounts attached to Studiorific Social. Once you’ve done that, we will automatically add the logo as a watermark with the size, positioning, and transparency requirements set up by you to each image or photo that gets published through our platform for social media. This means that you don’t have to edit each image individually offline before uploading it to a post.

Social Media Calendar

Furthermore, the best social media posts planner needs to integrate with a social media calendar. Having a visual representation of your clients’ scheduled and published posts helps you make sure that their strategies and schedules are well-balanced. It is really inconvenient to plan a social media marketing strategy without visualizing what has already been done.

If you want to never run out of ideas for posts on your clients’ accounts, check out Studiorific’s Social Media Calendar 2021.

Team Collaboration

Last but not least, the top social media posts planner has to let you work and collaborate with your colleagues as well as with your clients. A strong and successful digital marketing agency is one whose staff works together, shares ideas, and cooperates.

On Studiorific Social, you can invite multiple team members as well as clients to collaborate on social media posts.

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So, if you’re a digital marketing agency with many clients which is on the search for the best social media posts planner, look no further. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific Social now to check for yourself that we’re the only social media management platform you’ll ever need.

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