10 Social Media Tips for Startups That Work
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10 Social Media Tips for Startups That Really Work

Are you launching your first startup in 2021? Are you wondering how to start generating leads and convert your first customers? One of the most effective and efficient ways to do that is through social media marketing.

Marketing on social media platforms is relatively cheap (or even free) while reaching out to an endless number of potential customers.

However, if you are new to the business world and new to the world of social media marketing, you might be unsure where to start. That’s why we’ve put this guide with 10 social media tips for startups that really work.

Tip #1: Start Marketing Before Launching

If you haven’t officially launched your business yet but plan to do so within the next couple of months, now’s the time to start marketing it on social media. You don’t have to wait for your startup to be up and running before you begin to build your online presence.

Actually, many successful startups have done comprehensive pre-launching digital marketing campaigns which have helped them hit the ground running as soon as they got started. Indeed, that’s one of the best practices when it comes to starting a new business.

So, you should create social media accounts for your startup and start posting content related to your industry as well as to your upcoming products right away. Building suspense within your target audience will make your social media followers eager and willing to see what your products or services are as soon as they become available.

Once the time to launch your startup has approached, include a final countdown in your social media posting calendar. You can even use social media to collect the contact information of leads who want to be contacted when your product is officially available.

Tip #2: Choose the Most Appropriate Social Media Platforms

Most startups have very limited human resources that have to be distributed smartly and efficiently among product development, business management, fundraising, online marketing, and customer support.

This means that as a startup, you are likely to have only a part-time social media marketer who’s also trying to juggle a few other responsibilities such as content marketing and affiliate marketing. That’s why you should be smart when planning the social media marketing plan of your startup.

It is best to focus on a couple of social media platforms where you can generate the most success initially instead of attempting to cover all social media networks out there and spread too thin.

Allocating your human and other resources efficiently is one of the most important social media tips for new businesses.

Unless you belong to a very specific industry and niche, it’s advisable to start with Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, and Instagram marketing for a few reasons.

First of all, these social media sites enjoy the highest number of active users, which means that your startup will maximize exposure and reachout by focusing on them.

Second, these social media networks are appropriate for marketing virtually any product and service. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you will find professionals and individuals interested in just about anything.

Third, you can optimize your social media strategy by concentrating on these sites as you can repurpose much of your digital content. For example, if you deploy content marketing and start a blog, you can share your blog posts on all of these platforms. If you create an infographic or a video, you can publish a post with it on these networks.

Tip #3: Post Content Regularly

Number 3 of the must-listen-to social media marketing tips for startups is to publish social media posts on a regular and consistent basis.

Building a significant number of social media followers does not happen overnight and requires certain dedication. Don’t expect to generate leads by sharing a post each once in a while.

As a new business, you should aim at scheduling posts on social media a few times a time.

This doesn’t mean that you should be creating new content all the time, if you don’t have the human resources to do that.

You can repost your content multiple times. You can share content published by other reputable sources in your industry. You can schedule some funny but engaging GIFs and memes. It doesn’t all have to be about your business and your brand.

Tip #4: Offer Real Value

Social Media Tips for Startups: Real Value
Provide real value to your followers

While establishing your presence and reputation on social media, you should show to potential new customers that you bring real value to them. Not only in terms of the product or service that you offer, but also in terms of knowledge and expertise.

Importantly, some of the content that you publish on social media should be informative and educational. For instance, every week you can publish a roundup article with the best tips on some aspect of your industry provided by well-known experts in the field.

This is something that will take you a couple of hours to put together and which you can publish on your blog as part of your content marketing strategy. Then you can share a link to the article on your social media accounts a few times throughout the week.

TIp #5: Use Hashtags

Another social media tip which startups cannot ignore in 2021 is to make use of hashtags.

In social media marketing hashtags perform the same function as keywords in content marketing. Using the right hashtags with the right frequency will help you drive traffic from interested parties to your social media posts.

So, when creating a social media marketing strategy, make sure that you devote a good amount of time on researching the most relevant hashtags in your industry. Furthermore, look into the best hashtags for each different social media platform as hashtags on Instagram are different from Twitter hashtags and from Facebook hashtags.

In addition, create some of your own branded hashtags. While this will have very low search volume, at least initially, they will help your social media followers keep coming back to your posts once you’ve built some audience. They will also help in building your brand.

Tip #6: Engage with Your Target Audience

One of the most important yet sometimes overlooked social media tips for startups is to engage with your audience. Social media marketing is called social because it relies on building a relationship with your followers in order to be able to convert them into customers.

There are many different ways in which you can relatively easily and effortlessly boost your social media engagement.

Firstly, make sure that you respond to any comments and questions that you get on your social media posts right away. Don’t leave your followers hanging there. Show them that you really appreciate the time they’ve taken to engage with your posts and that you are excited to engage back.

Secondly, actively search for and create opportunities to engage with your social media audience. Surveys and contests, which we will discuss in the next section, are an excellent way to do that.

Thirdly, it’s important to engage not only with potential customers but also with other social media users in your industry and with social media influencers. Building strong, long-term relationships with a couple of major influencers in your field can turn out more profitable than all other efforts that you put into marketing your startup online. You can generate a few thousand new leads by having your brand just mentioned by an influencer.

Tip #7: Run Surveys and Competitions

Your social media marketing strategy should be diverse to cater to the interests of all different types of customers that you are trying to reach.

One type of social media posts to necessarily include as a startup comprise of surveys and competitions. These will help you drive an unprecedented level of engagement from followers as well as from new users.

Social media surveys are an excellent opportunity to ask your audience about their specific interests, needs, and challenges which you could help solve. Moreover, they show that you actually care about what’s going on with your followers.

Contests on social media, on the other hand, are one of the fastest ways to get likes and comments on your posts. For example, you can post a contest where you ask your followers to tag a friend for a chance to win a free trial of your product. In a few short hours, you will have a few hundred likes from new users willing to test your product for free.

Tip #8: Build a Social Media Schedule

As a new business owner or marketer, you have a lot of things in your mind. Thus, one of the best social media tips for startups is to build up a schedule. Having a written social media calendar will help you stay organized and focused.

A social media schedule is simply a visual presentation of your social media marketing plan including the content you plan to post, the day and time when you want to publish it, the platforms on which you want to schedule it, and the hashtags that you plan to include with it.

If you want to never run out of ideas about what you publish on social media, check out Studiorific’s Social Media Calendar 2021.

You can check out below what to expect from our calendar:

Social Media Tips for Startups: Calendar
Studiorific’s Social Media Calendar 2021: January

Tip #9: Consider Social Media Ads

While organic social media marketing can take a startup a long way, it might be worth considering paid social media ads, at least in the short run. Sharing content and building a loyal audience is a must, but it might take a bit of time until you are able to generate enough leads from social media organically.

At the same time, with social media ads you are able to reach out to your target audience immediately. You might get a few new customers within minutes of launching your Facebooks ads and Instagram ads campaign.

So, if you have a few hundred dollars to invest in marketing your startup, social media ads might be one of the best ways to spend this money.

Tip #10: Use Social Media Management Tools

Last on our list of social media marketing tips for startups that really work is to make use of social media automation software tools.

While you can publish your posts on your social media accounts directly and in real time, this is not the most efficient way to do it. It means that you have to be online on social media all the time to post at the best time for your followers and to post a few times a day. Not to mention publishing Instagram posts which can only be done from your phone and not from a computer.

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You can solve all these problems with social media marketing for startups as well as many others that you don’t even suspect to exist by getting access to social media media management tools.

The most important ones include a social media scheduler, a reposter, an online social media calendar, an image editor, and a brand builder. The Studiorific Social platform brings all of these tools under a single umbrella. For just $15/month, you can automate your social media processes from a single platform. Schedule posts on multiple accounts on different social media networks at the same time, ahead of time.

Social Media Tips for Startups: Management Tools
Studiorific’s Social Media Scheduler

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These 10 social media tips for startups have been tested throughout the years and have proven to give results each and every time. If you want your business to take off right away, try out these strategies that really work. Meanwhile, if you need a little help to streamline your social media marketing processes, sign up for a free trial of Studiorific Social.

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