All You Need to Know About Social Networking for Business
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All You Need to Know About Social Networking for Business

In 2021 the importance of social networking for businesses is stronger than ever. Whether you are a new or an established business, a small enterprise or a large corporation, you cannot expect to grow at a healthy rate without employing the use of the most popular social media platforms in your marketing efforts.

Meanwhile, due to the strong competition, marketing on social media has become quite complex. It’s not enough to schedule random posts on Facebook and Twitter a few times a month in order to establish your digital presence, drive social traffic to your website, and generate new leads.

To help out businesses struggling with this aspect of digital marketing, we’ve put together this complete guide which will teach you all you need to know about successfully social networking for business purposes in 2021. 

What Is Social Networking for Business?

Let’s start from the beginning. In case you’re wondering what social networking is, this is basically using social media sites to stay connected with family, relatives, friends, or other acquaintances. From a business perspective, it is equivalent to social media marketing, or using social media networks to communicate with existing and new leads and customers.

In 2021 this is an absolute must for every company which wants to stay competitive and grow at a sustainable rate. As such, using the top social media sites is an integral part of a comprehensive, inclusive digital marketing strategy.

What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

We keep saying that marketing a business on social media is obligatory, but let’s take a look at the specific advantages which this brings:


First and foremost, social networking provides you with a degree of exposure to potential customers that no other marketing strategy can supply. In 2020 there were over 3.6 billion social media users, and this number is expected to cross over 4.4 billion by 2025.

By promoting your company on the most used social media sites, you are tapping into a virtually unlimited number of social media followers with the potential to turn them into customers.

Brand Establishment

The second most important benefit of social media marketing is establishing your brand’s online presence and increasing brand awareness. If all your competitors are present on social media platforms, you have to follow suit in order to stay competitive. As a brand, you cannot afford to be absent from social media networks in 2021.

As an absolute minimum, you should create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and use them to share content on a regular basis. As a major step in brand building, make sure to create professionally looking social media accounts which have all company information. Upload a high-quality logo as the profile picture. Write a comprehensive description about your business. Include your company website. 

Community Building

While it is hard to establish a community and build a sense of belonging to a community on your website – unless you have a forum – it’s very easy to do that on social media. That’s what social media marketing is all about – it’s social.

This means that you can connect with millions of people from around the globe which are interested in your industry and engage with them in a meaningful manner. Social media sites such as Tumblr and Reddit are particularly well-fit for this purpose.

To boost social media engagement and community building, you can post surveys and polls to understand what your followers really care about. Moreover, you should respond to questions and comments posted under your social media posts right away. You should use other opportunities as well to actively seek engagement with your followers such as liking their profiles and engaging with the content that they post.

Users who feel they belong to a community are much more likely to buy your product or service when they need it. Furthermore, highly engaged users become the best brand ambassadors. Indeed, they are much more likely to bring new customers to your brand than social media influencers who don’t feel a personal connection with your product or your company.

Traffic to Your Website

While most businesses don’t sell on social media, they aim to drive the traffic from social networking to their website, where they sell their products or services.

One of the most significant advantages of being active on the most popular social media platforms is bringing social traffic to your website. Each one of your social media followers is a potential website user as long as you make your posts interesting and engaging so that followers want to learn more about your brand and your products.

To boost traffic, it’s important to include links to your website in most posts that you publish on social networking sites.

Sharing social media posts with your blog articles is a particularly effective way to bring your followers to your website.

Lead Generation

While all social media benefits discussed until now are nice, here we are coming to the core of the power of the social network that you build as a brand.

Social media marketing has the potential to help you generate leads at a rate that no other method of digital marketing can even come close to. With the billions of active social media users, the sky’s the limit for lead generation for your brand.

Once you’ve established a solid presence on the most popular social media sites within your industry and have built a strong community within your product, it’s easy to convert active social media followers into customers. They are already aware of your brand, they are familiar with your reputation in the industry, and they know about your product. Basically, these leads are as qualified as leads can possibly get.

Customer Retention

The other side of business growth – in addition to lead generation and customer acquisition – is customer retention. To grow month on month, you need to make sure that you not only bring new customers to your business but also keep the ones that you already have.

Social networking is of indispensable help in this regard too. The sense of community which we talked about previously will ensure that your customers stay with you month after month. Engaged customers are much more likely to stick to the same product than those who don’t feel any sense of belonging.

Which Are the Most Used Social Media Networks for Businesses?

To be effective in social networking as a business in 2021, you don’t have to be active on all networks and spread too thin. It’s enough to be present on a few social networking apps as long as you choose them wisely.

So, what are the best social media sites for brands in 2021? Let’s take a look:


In spite of the myriad of relatively new social media platforms that emerged in the past decade, Facebook marketing remains an absolute leader. Every business needs a Facebook business page to stay connected with existing customers and generate new ones.


Another social network that you cannot ignore as a brand is Twitter. While Twitter marketing is relatively easy and quick, it has the potential to connect you with millions of users across the world and to build a solid online presence for your business.


Another of the most used social media sites which you need to get on as a business in 2021 is Instagram. Even if your product is not particularly visually appealing, there are tons of visual content which you can create for your brand for Instagram marketing. Instagram has emerged as the most popular platform for sharing photos and short-form videos,and you need to take advantage of this.


Video marketing is growing at an increasing pace, and you should take advantage of this fact in social networking. Amid the many platforms for sharing videos, YouTube is the absolutely most popular one. Your promotional videos as well as your tutorial videos belong there.


The social networking service provided by LinkedIn marketing is unique. Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn comprises a community of professionals, so it brings major benefits for B2B customer generation.

What Do You Need to Succeed in Promoting Your Company on Social Media in 2021?

Now that you know how important it is to engage in social networking and you know which platforms to get on in 2021, you might be wondering what else you need to succeed in this endeavor.

Here are three things to keep in mind as you develop your social media marketing plan for 2021:

Create Useful and Engaging Content

Your social media marketing efforts will be only as successful as your content. The digital content you share on your social media accounts is the bread and butter of your strategy.

Regardless of the nature of your business, you need to create content of different formats such as blog posts, landing pages, infographics, captivating images, and engaging videos. Moreover, your content should cover different topics such as tips, statistics, case studies, your product, and tutorial articles and videos.

With regards to your visual content, make sure that it’s visually appealing and branded.

Schedule Social Media Posts Regularly

Another important part of social networking is to build a solid social media calendar. You need to schedule posts a few times a day, every day of the week to achieve your business goals.

Moreover, ensure that each day your social media schedule is filled with different types of content and various topics. Diversity is key.

Use Social Media Management Tools

As a busy business owner or digital marketer, you need to get access to the must-have social media automation tools to do social networking at the expected pace. Let’s face it. Scheduling posts on multiple social media platforms a few times a day can easily take up your whole day and leave no time for anything else.

With a social media scheduler, you can optimize your social media marketing process quickly and easily. For example, you can schedule posts on several accounts on different networks simultaneously, ahead of time. Moreover, you can automate the reposting of content at frequency selected by you. In this way you can turn hours of publishing content into 15 minutes.

Social Networking: Social Media Scheduler
Studiorific’s Social Media Scheduler

If you think that this might be a tool that you need, check out Studiorific Social. We give you access to:

While social networking for business is a must in 2021, this should not scare you even if you don’t have any previous experience in this type of digital marketing. Just follow the tips in our guide to be on your way to success. If you need a little extra help, sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific Social.

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