Studiorific Review: How Our Tools Can Help Your Business Thrive
Business Management Tools

Studiorific Review: How Our Tools Can Help Your Business Thrive

This article comprises a comprehensive Studiorific review including an overview of all the business management and communication tools available on our platform. In brief, Studiorific is an all-in-one business management and communication platform which provides you with the apps that you need to run a successful company in the 21st century. Our platform has automated and streamlined all processes associated with having a positive cash flow business.

Continue reading our Studiorific review to understand how each individual tool on our platform helps you automate one of your business processes in the most efficient way.

Studiofic Social: Social Media Management Tools

Social media marketing has become one of the most important factors for the growth and success of a company as well as for its ability to beat the competition. We at Studiorific comprehend this reality, and that’s why the first app that we have developed with the needs of our business owners, product managers, and digital marketers in mind is social media management tools.

Studiorific Social functions as a social media scheduler in addition to a social media calendar, integrated into a single platform. In our Studiorific review we would like to highlight that from our app you can schedule one or more social media posts on multiple accounts on different social media networks simultaneously, ahead of time. Importantly, we give you access to automatically and directly scheduling posts on all must-have social media sites including:

  • Facebook business pages and Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram personal and business accounts
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn personal profiles and business pages
  • YouTube
  • Google My Business
Studiorific Review: Social Media Management Tools
Studiorific Social

We’d like to highlight the fact that Studiorific Social allows for direct publishing of Instagram posts of all types – single and multiple images and videos, Instagram stories, IGTV, and Instagram carousel – without the need for mobile push notifications. This is one of the features which distinguishes us from other top social media management tools such as the ContentStudio alternative, the Hootsuite alternative, the Later alternative, and the Loomly alternative as these platforms have not automated Instagram marketing in nearly the same degree.

Moreover, our review of Studiorific Social will not be complete without mentioning the automation of social media reposting. When you schedule a post with our social media scheduler, you can set whether you want to have your post published just once or multiple times – with a frequency selected by you, until a final date also selected by you. This means that you can easily and quickly continue resharing your evergreen digital content or holiday promotional campaigns without putting extra efforts.

In addition, as mentioned earlier in this Studiorific review, our platform provides a social media schedule. This tool helps you visualize your social media marketing plan by gaining access to all published and scheduled posts on all your social media accounts.

Of course, to comprise an all-inclusive social media automation platform, Studiorific Social comes with many other tools. For example, you can edit photos and images right from our platform while scheduling a post, without the need to make changes offline and then reupload your files. You can also automate the branding of images by setting up your brand logo to be added to all your visual posts. Additionally, Studiorific Social provides you with the opportunity to save all your frequently used social media captions such as hashtags to reuse them easily and conveniently in your future social media posts.

With regards to Instagram marketing, you can enhance your social media engagement on this network by sending and receiving Instagram direct messages right from our platform. There is no need to work on multiple browsers to communicate with your Instagram followers when scheduling posts on social media accounts.

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For just $15/month, you can get access to Studiorific Social to streamline your social media marketing processes from a single platform.

Studiorific Campaign: Email Marketing Automation Tools

The next tool which we will look at in this Studiorific review is Studiorific Campaign. This app in our suite of tools developed with the sole purpose of making running a profitable business as easy as possible helps you automate your email marketing processes from A to Z.

Studiorific Review: Email Marketing Automation
Studiorific Campaign

The first step in succeeding in email marketing is to build an audience of subscribers to whom to send your amazing email campaigns. Studiorific Campaign helps you in this regard by allowing you to add new subscribers to your existing lists through embedded as well as your own hosted sign-up forms. By automating the process of attracting new subscribers, in no time you will have hundreds and even thousands of contacts to send your email marketing campaigns to.

Sending targeted emails is crucially important for the success of your digital marketing strategy, and the best way to send targeted emails is to have your audience organized into different relevant groups. That’s why it is important to highlight in our Studiorific review that you can easily organize your email contacts into lists and break them down even further into segments. All you need to do is to set up the criteria for each list and segment. Our email marketing automation tools will take care of the rest.

Once you have a few subscribers, you can start sending them engaging email marketing campaigns. To help in this, Studiorific Campaign has made the creation of visually appealing email templates easier than ever before. You can import ready templates or create new ones from scratch from readily available outlines. You can include headlines, text, images, videos, hyperlinks, headers, footers, and any other elements that you can think of to make your email templates as attractive and as convincing as possible.

Furthermore, our email marketing management platform allows you to send email campaigns to hundreds or even thousands of your subscribers while making them look perfectly native and customized as well as if being sent from your own domain. This is an important aspect of email marketing which will help you build trust among your leads and customers to continue growing your revenue.

Our Studiorific review will not be complete without mentioning that you can set up email marketing automations based on triggers and conditions decided by you. Once you set up an email automation, it will run every time a new contact reaches the conditions preset by you. Onboarding new customers, checking up on loyal customers, and reaching out to customers who have decided to cancel their subscription to your product has never been so easy before.

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For just $19/month, you can sign up to Studiorific Campaign to start automating and streamlining your email marketing processes.

Studiorific Manager: Business Management Tools

We will next review Studiorific Manager, a business management platform which takes care of literally every aspect of running a profitable enterprise.

Studiorific Review: Business Management Software
Studiorific Manager

To begin with, Studiorific Manager provides the necessary tools to streamline client management by allowing you to add your existing customers as well as leads. Once you’ve done that, you can start nurturing leads, communicating with customers, planning projects for them, sharing financial information, and assuring that your clients are kept well-informed throughout the project lifecycle.

The second aspect of business management which you can automate with Studiorific Manager is project management. You can enter all your ongoing projects, relate them to customers, break them down into manageable tasks, and assign them to the most qualified people on your team. For each task and project, you can track progress to ensure timely completion.

Furthermore, we have to mention in our Studiorific review that our product is an excellent assistant when it comes to HR management as well. You can organize your entire human resources by department, designation, skills, and role in addition to assigning tasks and projects to them and tracking progress towards achievement.

Communication management is yet another thing that you can do with Studiorific Manager. While most communication processes have been automated, when needed, you can still send notices or direct messages to your human resources or customers from our platform. You can forget about having to make a phone call or to use another chat system.

Studiorific Manager has also streamlined financial management and accounting. You can make project cost estimate plans and track expenses throughout implementation. You can also send invoices and check whether your clients have paid them.

Last but not least, reporting has been made a piece of cake with our business management tools. You can generate visual reports to share with your team or customers or just to evaluate the performance of any aspect of your business.

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For just $19/month, you can get access to Studiorific Manager to enhance the management and thus performance of your business in the most effortless manner possible.

Studiorific Analytics: User Behavior Analytics Tools

If you think that’s all to talk about in our Studiorific review, you are wrong. There’s one more tool that we have to present to you in order to help you enhance the performance of your business website by improving user experience on it.

Building a strong, well-performing website is not a guesswork. It should be based on solid data and analysis of UX including which pages users visit the most, on which pages they spend the most time, how exactly they behave on your website, and which links they click the most and the least on.

That’s why Studiorific Analytics provides you with visitor behavior analytics data to understand exactly how users interact with your website, which processes are most seamless, and which pages need more work.

Studiorific Review: User Behavior Analytics Software Tools
Studiorific Analytics

Of course, you can get historical as well as real-time data on the main characteristics of your users such as pageviews, country, device, operating system, browser, and many others. However, we go beyond the basics and provide you with all the data and analytics you need to understand user experience comprehensively.

It’s important to mention in this Studiorific review that you can replay user session recordings to see exactly what visitors do on your website. Moreover, Studiorific Analytics provides you with automatically generated heatmaps which highlight the hottest (most clicked on) and coldest (least clicked on) areas of any page of interest to you.

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For just $39, you can get lifetime access to Studiorific Analytics to understand user behavior on your website and optimize UX based on real data.

Studiorific Review on Trustpilot

Needless to say, no Studiorific review is complete without including what actual customers think about the products available on our business management and communication automation platform.

Here is what some of our customers think of Studiorific:

The tool is incredible ¡¡¡¡¡ very happy¡¡¡¡¡

The tool is incredible, I have tried several and without a doubt I stay with this one. I will pass all my accounts, I am very happy.

Juan Carlos CN

Studiorific is the best tool for digital marketing agencies.

Studiorific is the best social media content platform if you are a freelancer or an agency with many clients. Without a doubt, we have tested many tools and Studiorific is the most complete on the market.

Well done

A must have for any business

I used to be at Social Pilot but I switched to Studiorific because it offered me more possibilities for less money. In particular, being able to post on instagram without using a third party tool such as Zapier is a great advantage. In addition, Studiorific’s interface is simple and clear. Every entrepreneur knows that time is money and this tool saves me precious time. I am really satisfied with my purchase and I highly recommend Studiorific to anyone who wants to develop and retain their audience through social networks. A must!

Mixscape Devenir Beatmaker

The best social media management tool I have used.

After using tools like Hootsuite, Quicksprout, and others, I can say that this tools work more efficiently than the ones I mentioned above.

I got the special offer and I have everything I need to maximize my social media content’s exposure.

Great tool!

Alejandro Morelli

Great features, low price!

Was looking for a tool to schedule Instagram posts, and found this. Obviously, Studiorific does a *lot* more, but the Instagram scheduling feature is, just for itself, enough to justify the (low) price.

The possibility to manage all the multimedia assets and use them among different accounts is also very good.

Highly recommended.

Antonie Eduardo Marques

To read the rest of Studiorific reviews on Trustpilot, just click here.

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The development of an entire suite of business management and communication tools has made running a successful, profitable business easier than ever before. As this Studiorific review shows, with a subscription to our four products you can automate all aspects of managing and growing your business, at an unprecedented pace.

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