Studiorific Suite: Understand Your Customers Online and Effectively Communicate with Them
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Studiorific Suite: Understand Your Customers Online and Effectively Communicate with Them

Studiorific Suite is our response to the ever-evolving needs of business owners, product managers, and digital marketers to comprehend their users and clients in the digital era and to communicate with them efficiently and effectively, all the while taking care of all the other aspects of managing and growing their business.

Studiorific Suite brings under the same roof all the tools that you need to start and run a successful small- or medium-sized enterprise in a structured and well-organized manner and to get ahead of the competition right away.

Here is a list of the four products included in Studiorific Suite and what aspects of your business they help you streamline and automate:

Studiorific Social

Studiorific Social is a leading social media management software platform which helps you streamline your social media marketing processes. You can easily and quickly schedule posts on all-must have social media networks from a single platform and access a visual social media calendar.

Studiorific Suite: Studiorific Social
Studiorific Social

With subscription to Studiorific Social Premium plan, you can:

  • Schedule posts on Facebook business pages and groups, Twitter, Instagram personal and business accounts, LinkedIn personal profiles and business pages, Tumblr, Reddit, Google My Business, and YouTube
  • Schedule posts on multiple social media accounts on different networks simultaneously, ahead of time
  • Automate posting on social media through an RSS feed
  • Access a visual social media calendar of your published and scheduled posts
  • Edit photos and images
  • Brand your visual content
  • View Instagram analytics
  • Send and receive Instagram direct messages

Studiorific Campaign

Studiorific Campaign constitutes an all-in-one email marketing automation platform that helps you automate all your email processes. You can create appealing email templates, grow your contacts list, send targeted email campaigns, and set up email automations, among other things.

Studiorific Suite: Studiorific Campaign
Studiorific Campaign

With subscription to Studiorific Campaign, you can:

  • Grow your email contact audiences via embedded or your own hosted sign-up forms
  • Import existing subscribers
  • Organize contacts into lists and segments
  • Create appealing and meaningful email templates
  • Send email campaigns targeted at specific contacts
  • Set up email marketing automations based on triggers selected by you
  • Send emails which look as if sent from your own domain
  • Use a custom domain tracking
  • Track the performance of your email campaigns and automations

Studiorific Manager

Studiorific Manager provides you with all the tools that you need to optimize the management of your business including project management, client management, HR management, financial management and accounting, reporting, and more.

Studiorific Suite: Studiorific Manager
Studiorific Manager

With subscription to Studiorific Manager, you can:

  • Manage your human resources by adding your departments, designations, skills, and employees
  • Manage customer accounts including clients and leads
  • Manage products by adding them to your account
  • Manage projects by breaking them into manageable tasks with specific deadlines and priority levels, assigning tasks to the proper team members, and tracking progress in real time
  • Manage workflow by importing contacts and projects
  • Manage finances by bringing project estimates, invoices, payments, and expenses to a single platform
  • Prepare detailed reports

Studiorific Analytics

Studiorific Analytics offers comprehensive website visitor behavior analytics to help you understand, analyze, and optimize user experience on your website.

Studiorific Suite: Studiorific Analytics
Studiorific Analytics

With subscription to Studiorific Analytics, you can:

  • View historical user behavior data and analytics
  • Access real-time visitor analytics
  • Replay visitor session recordings
  • Create interactive heatmaps to analyze the hottest and coldest areas on any web page

You can get a 30-day free trial of Studiorific Suite with complete access to these four tools. Monthly subscription afterwards costs only $79 for all products included in Studiorific Suite.

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