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The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool for Nonprofits in 2021

Would you like to routinely share your nonprofit’s stories and campaigns across your social media outlets without spending too much of your time? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Studiorific Social is the ideal social media scheduler for your nonprofit. It can help you you can manage, schedule, and optimize your social media presence and highlight your nonprofit’s work all from a couple of clicks.

Studiorific offers a 30% discount off of any monthly or yearly plan for nonprofits.
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Let me help you understand why an ever-growing number of nonprofits choose Studiorific in 2021 to showcase and highlight their work.

1. Create your Content Once, Publish on Many Social Media Channels

How would you like to only author and schedule your content once and have it automatically post across the many social media accounts you have? With Studiorific, you can create your content once and have it get delivered at a time you specify across Instagram (directly and not through notifications), Facebook (pages or groups), Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Reddit, and even YouTube (if you’d like to share a video narrating your story). You can share text (with emojis & links), photos, or videos.

An added benefit of using Studiorific is that you can even schedule content to frequently publish across these networks say every day or every 5 days (this setting can be configured by post). A perfect use case for this could be a recurring event that you’d like to announce every Friday at 3PM from now till the end of the year. Another example could be posts to remind your audience about your donation drive month. There are a few dozen more use cases for this that may apply to the specific work that your nonprofit carries on.

2. Schedule Content to Automatically Post in the Future

While creating content once and publishing on many social networks saves a lot of time, you can even save more of your time by scheduling your content in one go for a future date. Studiorific Social allows you to set the exact date and time (with time zone) for which you wish to see your posts get scheduled in the future. There’s no limit to the number of posts that you can schedule and schedule and have repeat every so often in the future.

Speaking of content automation, our tool allows you to connect your account to an RSS feed and and automatically publish every article that gets added there. Our customers love this feature as it allows them to automatically publish every new blog post they author on their site. Some customers use this feature to share content from other organizations or news agencies that provide important articles or updates through their own RSS feeds. The RSS feed automation is one of the best investments your can make for your nonprofit.

3. Organize & View your Content on a Calendar

Once you create your content, it will be immediately available for you to view across a monthly calendar that shows all of your posts, giving you a bird’s eye view of your social media content. This calendar view comes with really powerful filters that allow you to zoom in and filter on specific accounts or social media networks. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to view what has already been published vs what posts are upcoming. If you’re curious about a specific day or posts within it, you can click on that day from the Calendar and all the details related to the posts will show up on the details panel to the right of the Calendar.

Additionally, the Calendar view gives you the powerful ability to edit a post scheduled for the future or clone a post so you can modify it slightly and publish it (say under a different date). These are two of the most popular features that marketer use on our platform.

4. Collaborate with your Colleagues

Create teams and invite your colleagues to join you in creating, scheduling, and publishing content. Leverage our Team Manager feature to provide your team members with access to our tool and empower them to help you execute on your social media strategy. You’ll be to select the appropriate permissions for each team member. Team Manager has a very granular permissions control.

Team Manager is a feature available only through our Premium plan. You can always start with the plan that best fits your needs and then upgrade when you see fit. Keep in mind that we offer nonprofits a 30% discount on any plan including our Premium plan.

5. Many More Amazing Features

Studiorific Social will help you grow your audience and showcase your nonprofits using the many tools we provide and continuously improve:

  • Watermark all of your images to highlight your nonprofit’s brand.
  • Store an unlimited number of images and videos in File Manager.
  • Edit your images online with our Image Editor.
  • Automatically schedule posts directly from an RSS feed (ex: you want to publish a post for every article created through your blog).

Studiorific is the ultimate nonprofit social media scheduler. Our nonprofit customers have been able to make better use of their time as they delegated the social scheduling responsibility to our software.

Get started right away by creating your account (no credit card required). Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific Social to see how our social media management and automation platform can help your nonprofit. All non-profits are eligible for a 30% discount on our social media platform. Try us now and get your discount when you are ready to make the upgrade.

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