Studiorific Analytics: How to Improve Website UX with Our User Behavior Analytics Software
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Studiorific Analytics: How to Improve Website UX with Our User Behavior Analytics Software

Improving your website UX can now be based on actual performance and real data with Studiorific’s user behavior analytics software. Collect visitor analytics, replay user session recordings, and analyze website heatmaps to evaluate where your website delivers the ultimate user experience and where it falls short. Once you have all the data and analytics that you need to make an informed decision, optimizing UX for increasing conversions and generating more revenue is easy.

In brief, here are all the tools and features to which you get access with Studiorific’s user behavior analytics software platform:

  • Website heatmaps
  • User sessions recordings
  • User analytics summary
  • Detailed website visitor data
  • Realtime user analytics
  • Customizable goal setup
  • Connecting multiple websites
  • Collaboration with team members

Analyze Website Heatmaps

One of the most exciting things which you can do with Studiorific Analytics is to find out the hottest and coldest areas on any page on your website. When you launch a new landing page for your paid ads or introduce a new checkout page, it’s crucially important to ensure that visitors are clicking on the right places to enjoy the ultimate user experience and convert into customers.

That’s why the website heatmaps are the first and foremost feature of our user behavior analytics software platform. With easy-to-understand visualizations, our color-coded website heatmap tool shows you the zones with the most clicks in red and those with the least clicks in regular colors.

Studiorific Analytics: How to Improve Website UX with Our User Behavior Analytics Software: Website Heatmap Tool
Studiorific Analytics Website Heatmap Tool

Once you have a visual understanding of visitor behavior on the most important pages of your website, you can easily figure out the changes you need to make to enhance UX.

Replay User Session Recordings

Have you ever wondered how exactly users behave once they land on a specific page of your website? Studiorific Analytics has put an end to this mystery.

Our user behavior analytics software tools allow you to record visitor sessions automatically and replay them as many times as you need. Replaying user session recordings is the most straightforward way to understand exactly what users do on your website in the details that you need. With this feature, you can easily and efficiently analyze the sections and pages of your website where users spend the most time and the least time, where user experience is most uncomplicated and enjoyable, and where visitors face the most challenges.

Studiorific Analytics: How to Improve Website UX with Our User Behavior Analytics Software: Replay User Session Recording
Studiorific Analytics User Session Recording

You can replay user sessions recordings as many times as necessary to start thinking like your website visitors, which is a prerequisite for improving user experience in a genuine manner.

Access and Digest Visitor Analytics

Studiorific’s user behavior analytics software provides you with a single dashboard where you can view all the data and analytics that you need to evaluate your website’s performance. The website visitor analytics which you get access to include:

  • Pageviews
  • Sessions
  • Visitors
  • Pages
  • Referrers
  • Countries
  • UTMs
  • Screen resolutions
  • Browser languages
  • Operating systems
  • Devices
  • Browsers
  • Goals
Studiorific Analytics: How to Improve Website UX with Our User Behavior Analytics Software:
Studiorific Analytics User Behavior Data

You can filter and organize your website user behavior analytics data by any of the indicators listed above to obtain the exact figures and information which you need. You can also set the timeframe for which you want to analyze visitor behavior on your website.

Knowing where most of your users come from, what languages they search in, what devices and operating systems they use, what sources they come from, and what pages they visit allows you to achieve multiple goals. First, you can redesign your webpages and website in a way that provides the best UX to all your visitors based on their requirements. Second, you can optimize the ways in which you bring users to your website including ads, organic searches, social media marketing, and others.

Get Detailed Website User Data

Having an overview of visitor analytics and data is important, but it’s not enough to boost user experience in a truly meaningful way. That’s why Studiorific Analytics provides you a detailed, comprehensive data on all visitors who come to your website.

The user behavior analytics available for each website visitor include the visitor’s country, operating system, number of website sessions, and last activity date. You can easily filter this data to view the specific segment of website users that you want to analyze based on:

  • Country
  • Screen resolution
  • Browser language
  • Operating system
  • Device
  • Browser

In addition, you get quick access to the average time per session for the website visitor segment that you want to investigate.

Review Website Usage in Real Time

Having access to comprehensive data on website user behavior analytics through the Studiorific Analytics software is a must for optimizing user experience for the vast majority of your website visitors.

However, when you launch a new product, update your website design, or release a new landing page, you need to know what impact this has had on UX right away. Our user behavior analytics software gives you immediate access to realtime analytics.

Studiorific Analytics: How to Improve Website UX with Our User Behavior Analytics Software: Realtime Visitor Behavior Analytics
Studiorific Analytics Realtime Visitor Data

You can see the number of active users on your website, their countries, their devices, and the pages they are looking at in real time.

Realtime analytics provide you with a quick overview of what’s happening on your website right now. This is the fastest and most secure way to find out any abnormalities in visitor behavior to take immediate action on them.

Set Up Your Own Tracking Goals

While Studiorific Analytics provides all must-have analytics for general user experience enhancement, each website has its own specific goals that need to be tracked and analyzed. Our user behavior analytics software gives you the opportunity to set up your own goals.

A goal can be anything like clicking on a button, downloading a file, visiting a specific page, registering, or checking out. Just decide on the most important goals for your business and add them for tracking on your Studiorific Analytics dashboard.

Obtain User Behavior Analytics from Multiple Websites in a Single Software Platform

With Standard and Premium subscription to the Studiorific user behavior analytics software platform you can track and analyze visitor behavior on multiple websites. Connecting your website is easy and takes just a couple of minutes.

Just follow these steps to start tracking user behavior analytics on your websites:

  1. Sign up for Studiorific Analytics
  2. Add your website on the Websites page
  3. Fill in the name of your website
  4. Select the protocol which your website uses: http vs. https
  5. Fill in your website domain, subdomain, or domain path
  6. Copy the tracking code pixel from Studiorific Analytics
  7. Paste the tracking code pixel in the header of your website, right before the end of the html tag
  8. Add “pixel_verify” query to your website link for the website on which you installed the script and access your website with the added query. An alert box will confirm the successful installation of the script.

Furthermore, you can choose to identify your website visitors via custom parameters. This user behavior analytics software feature is particularly useful for websites with a membership system where users can log in.

Enjoy Team Collaboration

Building the ultimate UX experience is not a one-man show but requires team work and collaboration. Our website user behavior analytics software platform provides you with an easy way to invite your team members to join you on Studiorific Analytics. As soon as they accept the invitation, you can start working together and collaborating on optimizing your website.

Executives, product managers, digital marketers, software developers, and salespeople from your business can join efforts to find out what works best on your website and which sections need the most optimization. After all, optimizing user experience requires the brainpower of multiple professionals.

These are all things that you can do with our website user behavior analytics software to understand how exactly visitors act on your website and how you can improve UX.

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