Discover the User Behavior Analytics Tools Available on Studiorific Analytics
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Discover the User Behavior Analytics Tools Available on Studiorific Analytics

Business owners, product managers, and software developers all sometimes struggle with figuring out how to provide their website users with the best customer experience. The right way to make any business decision including how to improve the performance of your website is through data and analytics. With the advancement of disruptive technologies and big data, all decisions need to be evidence-based rather than resulting from guesswork. Thus, at Studiorific Analytics we provide you with all the user behavior analytics tools that you need to evaluate user experience on your website and decide how to optimize it.

You have nothing to lose – other than suboptimal customer experience on your website – by giving our visitor behavior analytics tools a try.

So sign up for a 7-day free trial now.

In brief, following are all the tools available on the Studiorific Analytics software platform for tracking, analyzing, understanding, and evaluating visitor behavior and user experience on any website:

  • Website Heatmap Tool
  • User Sessions Recording and Replaying Tool
  • Specific Visitor Behavior Analytics Tool
  • Cumulative Historical User Behavior Analytics Tool
  • Realtime Visitor Behavior Analytics Tool
  • Multiple Websites Analytics Tool
  • Team Collaboration Tool

1. Website Heatmap Tool

The heatmap has turned into one of the hottest user behavior analytics tools when it comes to website optimization. The reason is simple. This color-coded tool provides a quick and easy-to-read visualization of the hottest and coldest areas on any page within a website.

After all, when you design a webpage, you place links on it so that visitors click on them to be taken to another section on the same page or to a totally different page on your website or related website. That’s why it is important to know whether the links that you’ve placed on your website serve the purpose well.

Discover the User Behavior Analytics Tools Available on Studiorific Analytics: Website Heatmap Tool
Studiorific Analytics Heatmap Tool

The Studiorific Analytics website heatmap tool highlights the most clicked-on zones as well as the least clicked-on areas on any page of importance on your website. You don’t need to waste another minute wondering where visitors click when they land on your website.

The website heatmap tool allows you understand which CTAs and links perform best so that you can replicate your successful models in the less successful sections of your website.

2. User Sessions Recording and Replaying Tool

Knowing where users click the most is definitely important, there’s no doubt about this. However, it’s not enough to give you a comprehensive understanding of visitor behavior on your website.

Seeing exactly how visitors behave and use your website and the paths they take from the moment they land on your website until the moment they leave it is the most complete way to understand user logic and user experience.

That’s why the second of the user behavior analytics tools available on Studiorific Analytics provides you with user session recordings.

Discover the User Behavior Analytics Tools Available on Studiorific Analytics: User Session Recording
Studiorific Analytics User Session Recording Tool

Our tools automatically record visitor sessions on your website which you can replay over and over again until you track each user journey with the necessary detail. In a way, we enable you to see your website through the eyes of your visitors in order to identify the areas where their journey is most seamless and the sections where their experience is still suboptimal.

Replaying user sessions recordings allows you to catch common struggles which your website visitors face and take the needed actions to fix existing gaps in the customer experience.

3. Specific Visitor Behavior Analytics Tool

Our website user behavior analytics software tools provide you with yet another feature when it comes to individual visitors. Namely, you can access individual user data and analytics for a timeframe specified by you.

You can search through all users that have been active during the specific time period and organize them in different groups. You can filter visitors based on:

  • Country
  • Screen resolution
  • Browser language
  • Operating system
  • Device
  • Browser

The filters available on our user behavior analytics tools allow you to focus your investigation and analysis on the exact type of visitors that you need. For example, you can choose to look at the sessions and pageviews of visitors who use an Android operating system on mobile devices. Once again, you can replay user session recordings for individual visitors who fall within this specific category.

4. Cumulative Historical User Behavior Analytics Tool

The three website user behavior analytics tools which we’ve discussed so far give you the opportunity to view and analyze the behavior of individual visitors. However, in order to make a decision on the best way to improve your website UX for the vast majority of visitors, you need cumulative data.

Discover the User Behavior Analytics Tools Available on Studiorific Analytics: Visitor Behavior Analytics
Studiorific Analytics Visitor Behavior Data Tool

With Studiorific Analytics, you gain access to an overview of historical data on user behavior. You can choose a timeframe for which to view cumulative figures on:

  • Pageviews
  • Sessions
  • Visitors
  • Pages
  • Referrers
  • Countries
  • UTMs
  • Screen resolutions
  • Browser languages
  • Operating systems
  • Devices
  • Browsers
  • Goals

With regards to goals, you have the option to set up and track your own goals related to clicking on specific links, visiting particular pages, signing up, registering, checking out, and any other event which will help you evaluate user behavior in the most meaningful way for your particular website.

Our user behavior analytics tools help you track the unique goals which matter the most to your business so that you can optimize your website’s user experience based on them as well.

5. Realtime Visitor Behavior Analytics Tool

Historical data on visitor behavior is great and very important, but sometimes it does not suffice. When you launch a new page or release a new product, you want to immediately understand and evaluate its impact on the customer experience on your website.

What you need in this case is realtime user behavior data, and Studiorific Analytics provides you with the relevant tool once again.

Discover the User Behavior Analytics Tools Available on Studiorific Analytics: Realtime Analytics
Studiorific Analytics Realtime User Behavior Analytics

At any point in time, you can see how many active users there are on your website, from which countries they come, what devices they are using, and what pages they are visiting.

Having access to visitor behavior in real time allows you to detect any emerging issues in customer experience and act upon them before their effect has become too damaging.

6. Multiple Websites Analytics Tool

Making use of user behavior analytics tools on a single website is great. But what about connecting multiple websites to a single visitor behavior analytics software platform? That’s even better, right?

With Standard and Premium subscription to Studiorific Analytics you get this. You can add a number of different sites and check their performance with regards to user experience from a single dashboard.

7. Team Collaboration Tool

Providing the ultimate customer experience on a website is the duty and responsibility of many different people within a team. It cannot be achieved by a single person, no matter his/her expertise and level of skills.

We at Studiorific realize this, and that’s why our user behavior analytics tools allow and facilitate team collaboration. Invite your team members including executives, product managers, project managers, software developers, digital marketers, salespeople, and others to join Studiorific and work together on tracking and analyzing visitor behavior on your website. Capitalize on everyone’s knowhow and proficiency to create the best website UX as a team.

These are the 7 user behavior analytics tool available on Studiorific Analytics. With our software, you and your team are one step closer to optimizing customer experience on your website in the most efficient and effective manner.

To improve your website user experience, sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific Analytics now.

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