How to Vary Your Visual Marketing Strategy
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How to Vary Your Visual Marketing Strategy

Creating a diverse and varied social marketing strategy is key to business success. When you are using visual techniques, it helps you figure out your target audience and draw in customers daily. But how do you do it? We are here to show you exactly how to diversify your visual social marketing strategy.

A Striking Logo

Your logo is how your target audience will recognize your brand and your business. A poor logo will put people off. Why should they trust you if you can’t sell them on your logo? Many businesses rebrand, using different colors and styles on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. Specific colors can be used to show people information about your business, depending on what other businesses are using, what colors are trending that year, and how people in different countries relate culturally.

For example, a vegetarian business in the UK would probably use the color green somewhere on their logo. We relate to that, and expect that if we see the color green advertising a business, it is somehow health related.

In Vietnam, vegetarian businesses use brown as this is often related to Buddhism and monks who eat vegetarian on special days and wear brown robes. Check out this free logo design tool, and rebrand your business today.

What Is Trending?

Always research what is trending and use it in your visual marketing strategy. Why do all the hard work yourself? If other businesses are pumping money into advertising something, then use it for your images too.

This year, the color yellow is proving a big hit and is all over the place. Yellow fashion, home décor, and business logos are all over the place.

On Instagram, this year, it is popular for people to use no filters and use striking colors in their original photographs. Influencers are ditching even their most beloved filters and going bare. So should you.

Minimalist meets ornate, and fancy is the home décor trend this year: marble countertops and wooden furniture, patterned wallpaper, and gold trims on everything. Home décor is a massive visual influence on business marketing. Make sure your product photographs mimic it for maximum sales. Placing your products on a wooden or marble desk in all your photos will make for a happy target audience.

Change Your Voice

Alter your business voice to be more fun and friendly. People want to feel that they are helping out a small business this year. There have been so many struggles, and people don’t have a lot of money to spend. Make sure they spend it with your business by creating an approachable vibe. Let people know how your business is doing and celebrate with them when you have achievements. Thank your loyal customers, and always answer questions with a smile or friendly comment.


Create movement in every visual you create. Be it an actual video, a gif, or a picture that pops. People want to see life and excitement this year. Get them engaged with your content, and the more you do this, the more customers you will convert to sales.

Create as many short videos as you can in one day on as many different topics or products as possible. They don’t all have to be advertisements. You can produce personal vlogs. People will start engaging more with your content, and you will see big improvements in your analytics.

Having a varied visual social media marketing strategy can be great for business. People love to see something different and are more likely to follow your pages if you are producing content that they want to look at. Posting the same images every day will quickly get boring for your customers, so spice it up and keep it varied!

This guest post has been contributed by Silvia Nash, a marketing expert supporting solo entrepreneurs and venture capital backed startups.

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