Your YouTube Marketing Strategy for 2020
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Your YouTube Marketing Strategy for 2020: 12 Tips

Does your digital marketing strategy feature videos? If yes, then you absolutely need a YouTube channel to publish your videos. With over 2 billion active users on a monthly basis, the YouTube app has turned into an unquestionable leader in video sharing. However, creating a YouTube marketing strategy for your business for the very first time might be confusing as there are so many factors to take into consideration. To help out beginner social media marketers, we’ve put together this list of the top 12 tips for setting up your YouTube account for success.

Tip #1: Create and Optimize a YouTube Business Channel

The first step to start establishing your presence on the YouTube website is creating a business YouTube channel. As you can imagine though, with the 5 billion videos watched on this site every single day, it is not easy to stand out from the competition and attract viewers, not to mention subscribers. Similar to other social media sites, you have to make sure that your YouTube channel has all possible information and features for optimal performance.

Make sure to add a high-quality logo if you are a business or photo of you if you are a social media influencer as your profile picture. You should also add a background image which provides additional information about the nature of your business. It is important to have both these images fit the size requirements of the YouTube app.

In the About section of the YouTube website, write down a succinct, yet clear description of your company or yourself. This should show why you are on YouTube, what you hope to achieve on the platform, and how other YouTube users can benefit from your videos.

To build a solid online presence and demonstrate that you are active on other social media networks as well, you should add links to your website, Facebook account, Twitter account, and Instagram account. Connecting your accounts to one another is crucially important for achieving the goals of your social media marketing strategy.

Tip #2: Learn about Your Audience

YouTube marketing is not so different from marketing on other social media sites. That’s why the next thing you should do in order to succeed with marketing for YouTube is to study carefully your audience.

Your target YouTube audience should be the same as your ideal customer persona. The purpose of marketing your business on YouTube is to generate leads to drive to your website as well as to build trust in qualified leads to convert them into customers.

The most important things which you need to know about your target audience include the time when they are most active on their YouTube accounts in addition to the topics which they search on the website.

To succeed as a YouTube marketer, you should schedule your videos for the best time to post on this social media platform for your particular target users. Newly published YouTube videos are much more likely to be viewed right away than those published a few hours or a few days ago.

Tip #3: Study Your Competition

Knowing your competitors and what they are doing to attract leads and customers is important for creating any marketing strategy, including a strategy for marketing your business on YouTube.

That’s why you should take into consideration what your competition is up to when devising your YouTube marketing strategy.

While you should absolutely not bluntly steal the creative ideas of other companies in your industry, there’s no harm in borrowing some ideas from them and adapting them to your specific product or service.

The two most important factors you should pay attention to when watching the YouTube videos of your competitors include the topics which they cover and the keywords which they use in their scripts. Other significant factors to pay attention to are also the descriptions and the hashtags for YouTube which they use.

Tip #4: Watch a Lot of YouTube Videos

The best way to learn how to do things right in YouTube marketing is to subscribe to some of the most popular YouTube channels and watch a ton of videos. These don’t have to be channels from the same industry as yours. After all, the best practices for YouTube videos related to finance are the same as the best practices for YouTube videos for fashion.

Don’t just sit and watch videos, though. You should pay attention to what the best social media influencers do on their YouTube channels so that you can replicate some of their practices. Even if you read a hundred guides on how to create the perfect social media strategy for YouTube, you won’t be able to learn as much as by watching a few top-performing videos each day.

Tip #5: Research the Best Keywords

Similar to content marketing, the success of a YouTube marketing strategy is all about using the right keywords for your industry and for your audience. Just like with SEO for your website, that’s the way to get your YouTube videos to rank high on user searches and to ultimately drive traffic to them.

You need to use keyword search tools which have features for YouTube, such as Ahrefs, for example. Knowing the most popular keywords for YouTube videos in your industry will give you a good idea of what topics your target audience is looking for. Then you just have to create high-quality videos using these keywords to start driving views on your videos.

Tip #6: Create Unique Videos

Regardless of your specific business sphere, there are probably billions of videos on the YouTube app on topics of interest to your target viewers and subscribers. That means that you should create really excellent videos with content which no one else offers in order to get ahead of the competition.

The way to do that is to choose a specific niche where your expertise is unbeatable. As a beginner YouTube marketer, it’s much better to try to conquer a smaller audience where you have close to zero competition than a larger audience where you’ll be competing with millions of established social media influencers.

Once you’ve grown enough in your YouTube marketing process, you can expand your sphere and expertise to attract even more views and subscriptions.

Tip #7: Optimize Your Video Descriptions

As a matter of fact, very few YouTube users read the video descriptions. The biggest part of them is not even visible unless you purposefully open it. Nevertheless, it is important to write lengthy descriptions for your YouTube videos which include keywords densely.

The reason for this is that descriptions are crucial for the ranking of your videos on searches.

In addition, you should include 2-3 of your most important tags on the first line of your video description as that’s the way to get these tags to show as clickable hashtags right below the title of your video.

For a YouTube marketing strategy to be successful and to achieve its targets, the videos on your channel should be easy to find and navigate to. If you use the same tags consistently, users will be able to view multiple videos of yours after they land on just one.

Tip #8: Use Relevant Tags

Like any other social media platform, performance on YouTube is optimized by making use of the right tags. Once again, the first step is to conduct diligent research to find out the best tags for YouTube marketing within your industry. In each video, use a mix of 2-3 generic tags which are popular in your niche as well as 2-3 tags specific to the video. Don’t overdo it and limit your tags to 6-7 maximum.

Moreover, as mentioned above, you should choose the 2-3 best tags for each video and add them on top of the description.

Tip #9: Make Special Thumbnails

Another tip for creating the top YouTube marketing strategy in 2020 is not to use scenes from your video as thumbnails. Instead, it is much better to create a special image as a thumbnail for each of your YouTube videos.

This gives you the opportunity to use high-quality photos which are very relevant to the topic of the video and which are likely to attract users. Remember that the thumbnail is the first part of your video which users see, so it must be something that people would want to click on and open.

Tip #10: Share Your Videos on Other Social Media Networks Right Away

Another indispensable part of your YouTube marketing strategy is sharing your videos on other social media platforms. Crossposting is important in all types of social media marketing, including the YouTube website.

However, you should not simply post links to your YouTube videos on other channels but do that as soon as the videos get published. The first few hours of the performance of your videos is crucial for whether YouTube will push them in front of viewers in the medium and long run. A video which is able to generate a lot of views, likes, and comments as soon as it gets published will be given preferential treatment by the YouTube app.

Tip 11: Analyze the Performance of Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Just as with any other part of your digital marketing strategy, you have to track and analyze the performance of your YouTube channel in general and YouTube videos in specific. This will help you evaluate whether your current efforts and strategy are capable of reaching your targets or you’d need to readjust them.

Moreover, checking YouTube analytics for each of your videos allows you to find out which type of content, which keywords, what topics, what tags, and what day and time of scheduling videos on YouTube work the best for your audience.

Tip #12: Use Social Media Management Tools

Chances are that YouTube is not the only social media channel which you include in your digital marketing strategy. Managing multiple social media accounts on different platforms can be challenging, especially if that’s not your only job responsibility.

To streamline your social media processes and schedule social media posts quickly and efficiently, you should get access to the best social media management tools for 2020. These include a social media scheduler, a social media calendar, and analytics tools. These are available on Studiorific. With premium subscription to Studiorific, you can schedule videos for publication on one or more YouTube channels from a single platform as well as scheduling posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Reddit. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Studiorific now to optimize your social media strategy right away.

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With these 12 tips, your YouTube marketing strategy is set to succeed, from the very beginning.

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