Grow Your Business with Our One-Stop Management Automation

Angie Donaldson

Streamline your operations management processes from our intuitive, one-stop business management platform

You have great product ideas but are still unable to manage your team, processes, and customers in the most efficient way to turn your ideas into reality and sell them. Every day passes in a struggle to structure projects, assign tasks, study finances, check up on employees and contractors, and communicate with clients and leads through multiple channels and on numerous platforms. All your energy and enthusiasm are gone before you even get to work on your new ideas and putting them into action.

Sounds familiar?

What you need is an all-in-one business management software platform where you can easily and comfortably optimize and automate all processes related to your business operations. In other words, you need Studiorific Manager.

In brief, with Studiorific Manager you can:

  • Complete projects in a more time- and cost-efficient manner
  • Develop new products at an unimaginable pace and affordable cost
  • Enhance lead conversion and customer retention through systematic, real-time communication and updates
  • Alternative to: Hubspot and JIRA
  • Best for: Entrepreneurs, small business owners, product managers, project managers, program managers, financial managers, accountants, and freelance agencies

Studiorific Manager is an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform which hosts all must-have tools for managing your business operations that you need in order to optimize your business performance and team productivity to an unprecedented level.

Organize the workflow of your team and track their performance in real time

Best Business Management Software Monthly Subscription - Studiorific Manager Team

Building the right team and using everyone’s strengths in the optimal way is at the core of the success of any business. The Studiorific Manager HR software tools have eliminated the guesswork from what projects and tasks your full-time employees and contractors are working on and how far they’ve got. Organize your staff based on departments, designations, roles, and skills. Assign specific project tasks with specified deadlines based on client needs and priorities to both full-time employees and part-time contractors. Track progress through an easy-to-comprehend task dashboard. Have constant access to employees completed work as well as attendance, holidays, and leaves. Focus your time and creative energy on hiring the best employees and building a strong team rather than on micro-managing each staff member individually.

Streamline all aspects of project management from project conception to project close

Best Business Management Software Monthly Subscription - Studiorific Manager Project

Managing a project is typically a complicated process which requires efforts from multiple staff and coordination on various software platforms. Studiorific Manager brings all the tools which you need to manage numerous projects for a number of clients under the same roof. Use our project management tools to estimate the necessary budget for completing a project and getting the client approval on the expected cost. Throughout the project lifecycle, keep track of costs to be sure that they are maintained within the estimated levels. Meanwhile, assign the most appropriate members of your full-time team and add contractors specific to the project. Delegate project-related tasks to staff based on priorities and needs and set up specific deadlines for completion. Provide regular updates to clients. Track employees’ progress to assure that projects are ready and delivered to clients within the agreed upon final date.

Keep your leads and clients in the know to enhance conversions and eliminate churn

Best Business Management Software Monthly Subscription - Studiorific Manager Clients and Leads

Having a professional team made up of the right experts and developing outstanding products does not suffice to succeed in the competitive business world. You need to build strong relations with leads and customers through ongoing, well-structured, and reliable communication. The CRM tools available on Studiorific Manager keep you informed about the status of the project of each customer in real time to ensure that all deliverables are ready and received before the deadline. In addition, you get to communicate with your customers in the most convenient way for both parties throughout the project lifecycle and beyond. Clients will know that their business needs are well-taken care of and will definitely come back to your company when a future opportunity arises.

Put your finances in order

Best Business Management Software Monthly Subscription - Studiorific Manager Finances

Keeping track of your finances and making sure that they are always in order is yet another obligatory aspect of running a successful business. The Studiorific Manager software has made accounting easier and more straightforward than ever before. Estimate project costs based on human and other resources needs and ensure that your expenses stay within budget. Send invoices and receive payments. Automate tax rates and payments based on your location, industry, and company type. Ensure that you walk out of each month with a positive cash flow business.

Communicate with your entire team as well as your clients from the same platform

Efficient and timely communication is key in business management, with regards to both your employees and your customers. Studiorific Manager helps you automate the communication process to save time and energy while not missing on anything going on with your business. The bulk of communication with your team members has been streamlined through tasks, tickets, time tracking, and holiday and leave reports. For the rest of the communication, you can send and receive messages and notifications to and from managers, employees, clients, and leads while working on other aspects of your business.

Generate visually appealing and easy-to-comprehend reports with a few clicks of the mouse

Best Business Management Software Monthly Subscription - Studiorific Manager Task Report

Reporting is an integral part of business which should not distract you from other more important tasks. We at Studiorific Manager provide you with the tools to produce all must-use reports in business management related to tasks, finances, time log, attendance, and leaves within a couple of seconds. Share comprehensive reports with your team as well as clients to ensure that everyone is well-informed and up-to-date.

Get Started for Just $19

You’ve got dozens of once-in-a-lifetime ideas to turn into new products and services to grow and expand your business. Don’t waste your precious time on every-day tasks like organizing your team, making sure that projects are on track, and communicating with clients. Automate, streamline, and optimize your business management processes now to take your business to the next level. Get access to Studiorific Manager today!

Plans and Features

Plan Terms

  • This is a recurring subscription. Depending on your plan, you will be charged monthly or annually as long as you don’t cancel your subscription.
  • Studiorific Manager plans offer three different levels of access to available tools and features: Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can upgrade your plan anytime online from your account.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime online from your account.

Features Included in All Plans

  • Your own dashboard for automating HR and project management processes
  • Intuitive HR management tools
  • All-encompassing project management tools
  • One-stop CRM platform
  • Enhanced communication features
  • Access for your company’s entire team including executives, managers, employees, and contractors
Monthly Basic
Recurring monthly payment
$29/Month $19/Month
Monthly Standard
Recurring monthly payment
$49/Month $39/Month
Monthly Premium
Recurring monthly payment
$99/Month $79/Month
Annual Basic
Recurring annual payment
$25/Month $16/Month
Annual Standard
Recurring annual payment
$41/Month $32/Month
Annual Premium
Recurring annual payment
$83/Month $65/Month


  • How much does Studiorific Manager cost?

We have 3 different plans which offer access to different features, with options for monthly or annual subscription.

    • Monthly basic plan: $19/month
    • Monthly standard plan: $39/month
    • Monthly premium plan: $79/month
    • Annual basic plan: $189/year
    • Annual standard plan: $379/year
    • Annual premium plan: $777/year
  • Is this a monthly or annual payment? 

We offer both monthly and annual subscription plans.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with a credit card or via PayPal.

  • Is there a free trial period?

Yes, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial here. After the end of the free trial, you can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription plan.

  • If I sign up for the Basic or Standard plan now, can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade anytime online from your account.

  • How many users can I add?

It depends on your plan.

    • Basic plan: 10 users
    • Standard plan: 50 users
    • Premium plan: 200 users
  • What is the available storage size?

It depends on your plan.

    • Basic plan: 2 GB
    • Standard plan: 10 GB
    • Premium plan: 20 GB
  • Is there a mobile app?

No, there’s no mobile app at the moment. However, Studiorific Manager works equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime online from your account. You will have access to Studiorific Manager until the end of the period for which you have paid. You will not be charged on the expiration date of your subscription plan.