Automate Social Media Marketing from Our All-Inclusive Platform

Angie Donaldson

Streamline your social media marketing processes from an intuitive, one-stop management platform

You’re juggling multiple social media accounts on different networks, remembering several usernames and passwords, copying and pasting links and images time after time… struggling to catch the best time for posting to capture the attention of your target audience. There goes your full energy and enthusiasm before you even start creating new content to share with your social media followers. Sounds familiar? What you need is an all-in-one social media management platform that will optimize and automate social media marketing for you. In other words, you need Studiorific Social.

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In brief, with Studiorific Social you can:

  • Build your brand’s online presence with simplified social media posting tools
  • Enhance user engagement and save time when scheduling posts on multiple networks
  • Alternative to: Buffer and ContentStudio
  • Best for: Digital marketing agencies, social media marketers, and businesses looking for optimizing social media scheduling

Studiorific Social is an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform which hosts all must-have social media management tools for scheduling engaging posts, efficiently and authentically.

Connect multiple social media accounts to your dashboard

Social Media Automation - Social Media Accounts

The first step to streamlining your social media processes is bringing all accounts that you manage under the same roof. Studiorific Social has eliminated the need to work in several browser tabs and reenter different account usernames and passwords. Add all your social media accounts to your Studiorific Social account manager just once to start scheduling posts on several networks at the same time from a single dashboard. Save time and energy for focusing on the creation of engaging digital content rather than posting it on social media.

Post content on all must-have social media networks

Social Media Automation - Social Media Networks

Posting on each social media website provides access to different audiences and users. To maximize exposure and attract the largest possible number of customers, a brand needs to schedule social media posts on all platforms. Studiorific Social enables you to post on all major networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked, YouTube, Google My Business, Tumblr, and Reddit. You can connect multiple accounts for each network to cover the entire social media marketing needs of your own business or your clients’ businesses. Repurposing content has never been so easy.

Schedule posts on multiple social media accounts on various networks simultaneously, ahead of time

Social Media Automation - Social Media Scheduler

Posting content at the best time is crucial for maximizing user engagement. However, this doesn’t have to mean staying online 24/7 to post when your social media users are most active. With Studiorific’s social media scheduler tool you can prepare and schedule your social media posts for publication at the best time for your target audiences across the globe ahead of time. Additionally, it is no longer needed to upload the same images or videos and to copy and paste the same captions over and over again. You can schedule posts on several different accounts and platforms simultaneously. Optimize social media post scheduling to preserve your creativity and vigor for enhancing your strategy and creating new content.

Automate and redefine your Instagram marketing activities

Social Media Automation - Instagram Marketing

A successful Instagram marketing strategy does not end with scheduling photo and video posts at the optimal time. There’s much more that goes into it. Track your Instagram accounts and posts performance and the engagement which they attract from users in real time. Use Instagram analytics to optimize your marketing plan. Send and receive direct messages from Instagram users right from your Studiorific Social dashboard.

Optimize your photos and showcase your brand

Social Media Automation - Watermark Tool

Edit your photo files directly into your file manager with Studiorific Social’s image editor. Comply with the image size requirements of all social media networks. Crop, flip, and rotate images. Enhance your photos for social media posts with drawings, shapes, icons, and text. Optimize user’s experience with the best color schemes. Branding digital content amplifies lead generation and customer conversion. Add a customized watermark with your logo to all photos published in your social media posts automatically.

Design and reiterate captivating social media captions

Social Media Automation - Captions

Posting mesmerizing photos is not enough to attract the desired engagement on social media. Completing your posts with the right captions is equally important. Once you’ve created powerful messages to accompany media files in your posts, you can save them in your Studiorific Social account for reusing them in the future. Design captions with the best hashtags for your industry and niche before saving them for future use to avoid tedious chores. Save precious time and avoid repetitive activities by inserting your saved captions and editing them as needed to fit your consecutive social media posts.

Collaborate with your team and clients

Social Media Automation - Team Manager

Putting together and executing a successful social media marketing strategy cannot be a one-man show. Creating attractive and effective content and publishing it on various social media channels at the best time for audience engagement requires the efforts of multiple team members. With Studiorific Social’s team manager you can invite your entire team as well as your clients to contribute to implement your brand’s social media marketing plan or give the final sign-off. Capitalize on the strengths of each team member to win the social media marketing game.

Visualize your social media strategy in an easy-to-read calendar

Social Media Automation - Social Media Schedule

You should keep revising, evaluating, and updating your social media marketing strategy for maximum results. Having access to a visual representation of your social media schedule helps you assess if you are posting with the optimal frequency and at the best time for your target audiences. Studiorific’ Socials tools provide you with a color-coded calendar of your published and scheduled posts on all social media platforms. Use the Studiorific social media post schedule to track the implementation of your social media marketing plan.

Get Started for Just $15

You’ve got billions of ideas to turn into digital content to share with your social media followers. Don’t waste time on mundane tasks such as scheduling posts on social media the traditional way. Automate, streamline, and optimize your processes. Sign up for Studiorific Social now! P.S. Learn how to optimize your social media strategy performance with our social media management tools here:

Plans and Features

Plan Terms

  • This is a recurring subscription. Depending on your plan, you will be charged on a monthly or annual basis for as long as you don’t cancel your subscription.
  • Studiorific Social plans offer three different levels of access to available tools and features: Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can upgrade your plan anytime online from your account.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime online from your account.

Features Included in All Plans

  • Your own dashboard for automating social media processes
  • Connecting multiple social media accounts on different networks
  • Scheduling posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr ahead of time
  • Posting on social media accounts through RSS feeds
  • Scheduling social media posts on several platforms simultaneously
  • Automating social media reposting at customized intervals until a preset deadline
  • Tools for branding and image editing
  • Editing scheduled posts before publication
  • Visually appealing social media schedule
  • Tools for tracking and analyzing the performance of your Instagram account and posts
Best for Individuals
$25/Month $19/Month
Best for Businesses and Freelancers
$49/Month $39/Month
Best for Agencies and Corporations
$129/Month $99/Month
Best for Individuals
$19/Month $15/Month
Best for Businesses and Freelancers
$39/Month $27/Month
Best for Agencies and Corporations
$99/Month $69/Month


  • How much does Studiorific Social cost?

We have 3 different plans which offer access to different features, with options for monthly or annual subscription.

    • Studiorific Social monthly basic plan: $15/month
    • Studiorific Social monthly standard plan: $39/month
    • Studiorific Social monthly premium plan: $99/month
    • Studiorific Social annual basic plan: $120/year
    • Studiorific Social annual standard plan: $324/year
    • Studiorific Social annual premium plan: $828/year
  • Is this a monthly or annual payment?

We offer both monthly and annual subscription plans.

  • Is there a free trial period?

Yes, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial here.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with a credit card or via PayPal.

  • If I sign up for the Basic or Standard plan now, can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription plan anytime online from your account.

  • How many social media accounts can I add?

It depends on your plan.

    • Basic plan: up to 12 accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr
    • Standard plan: up to 30 accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit
    • Premium plan: up to 77 accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business
  • Is there a mobile app?

No, there’s no mobile app at the moment. However, Studiorific works equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

  • How do I add my social media accounts?

You can read this article to learn how to add your social media accounts to Studiorific.

  • Can I add my personal Facebook profile?

No, that’s no longer allowed by Facebook’s terms and conditions. You can add and post on Facebook groups and pages.

  • Can I post on a Facebook group where I am a member?

No, you can use Studiorific only for posting on Facebook groups where you are an admin.

  • Can I add and post on a LinkedIn company page?

Yes, you can add and post on both your LinkedIn personal profile and company page.

  • How do I add my Facebook group account?

Watch our tutorial video to learn how to add your Facebook group account to Studiorific.

  • How do I schedule posts?

Watch our tutorial video to learn how to schedule posts on one or multiple social media accounts from Studiorific. You can also read this article.

  • What is Interval per Post (Minute)?

When scheduling posts on multiple social media accounts simultaneously, you can choose whether to have all of them published at the same moment or some time apart from each other. To have the post published on all networks at the same time, set the Interval per Post (Minute) to 0. To have the post published on different networks subsequently rather than simultaneously, set the desired interval in the Interval per Post (Minute) field as the number of minutes.

  • Will my posts scheduled through Studiorific say “Published by Studiorific” on my social media accounts?

Only you as an admin of your social media accounts will be able to see this message. Your users and followers will not see it. Posts scheduled through Studiorific look exactly like posts published directly on each social media platform.

  • Do I need to schedule each post manually?

You can schedule posts on multiple accounts on different social media platforms simultaneously. You can also post from RSS feeds. We are currently developing a feature for bulk posts. Once released, it will be automatically added to all lifetime accounts as relevant.

  • How do I add an Instagram account?

You can watch this tutorial video to learn how to connect your Instagram account(s) to Studiorific.

  • Do I need an Instagram proxy?

No, you don’t need an Instagram proxy. You can connect your Instagram account(s) without this.

  • Does Studiorific autopost on Instagram through API or does it send push notifications to my mobile and I can to post manually from there?

Studiorific posts directly on Instagram through API. Once you schedule your post on our platform, you don’t have to do anything else when the publication time comes.

  • Can I add multiple images or videos in a single Instagram post?

Yes, you absolutely can. You can add multiple photos and/or videos in a regular Instagram Photo Post, Instagram Story Post, and Instagram Carousel Post (up to 10 files as per Instagram’s terms and conditions).

  • Can I autopost on Instagram IGTV?

Yes, this feature is available.

  • Can I use RSS feed to post content through Studiorific?

Yes, we have recently released this feature.

  • Can I use RSS feed to post through Studiorific?

Yes, we have recently released this feature.

  • Can I save drafts of my posts before scheduling them?

No, this feature is not available at the moment. However, you can edit the publication time of your scheduled posts before they go live.

  • Can I tag other accounts when scheduling posts?

No, this feature is not available at the moment. It is currently under development. Any new updates will be automatically added to lifetime accounts as relevant.

  • What is the Watermark feature?

The Watermark feature allows you to brand all your image content with your company’s logo. Just go to the Watermark tab in the left-hand side menu of your Studiorific dashboard. Choose to add a Default Watermark or choose the account to which you want to add a watermark. Upload your logo or other image that you want use as a watermark. Adjust the position, size, and transparency. This watermark will be automatically added to all your photos posted or scheduled through Studiorific. The Watermark feature is customizable per social media account.

  • How do I upload images and videos to the File Manager?

Go to the File Manager tab in the left-hand side of your Studiorific dashboard. Choose whether to upload files from your device, import from Google Drive, or import from a link. Then you can add these files directly from the File Manager once you start scheduling posts.

  • What formats do you support for photo and video files?

For photos we support jpg, jpeg, png, and gif. For video files we support mp4.

  • Can I connect my Google Drive or Dropbox to the File Manager?

You can connect your Google Drive, but you can’t connect Dropbox at the moment. However, adding this feature is in the pipeline.

  • Can I rename and reorder the files in my File Manager?

No, this is not possible at the moment. However, you can still search for files based on words in the names with which you uploaded them to your File Manager.

  • What is the Group Manager?

The Group Manager allows you to organize the social media accounts connected to your Studiorific account into groups. For example, you can organize the accounts into client groups (all accounts of a single client in one group) or into social media platform (all your Facebook pages and groups in one group). Then when scheduling posts, you can choose to schedule on a specific group or groups of accounts instead of selecting all accounts where you want to publish manually.

Studiorific has permanently shut down its services on June 1st 2021. A notice has been sent to customers explaining the situation and their rights. Please refrain from signing up for new trials or attempting to make a purchase. This website will remain running until all customer concerns have been addressed. For any questions, reach out to us via the chat box or through